How to Download a Graphics Card for Free

by Matthew 98 you today will be showing
you click tutorial on how to download a graphics card for free so what a lot of
people don’t know is that graphics cards don’t actually have to be a physical
device they can be just a program that you installed on your computer and the
physical things are just hard drives export that stuff to your computer so if
I go right now to exit dialog you can see that I currently a Geforce GTX 580 well I want to upgrade that to a GTX 92
I but I do not have the money to disco spending $650 on a graphics card so
today me showing you how to download one for free from 10 videos on website for
you to get your free graphics card for free is to go into a Netscape Navigator
or Google Chrome whatever level you want to go to and what site go to second one
down because we don’t want to drivers who want the actual graphics card then go to shop issues with this so you’re going to is
going to click the GTX 780 I can this is the only one that I found that you can
download and click Add to Cart and once you get to your car is going to look
around and you can see that there’s no download button so what we gonna do in
order to change that so we’re gonna want to change this California privacy rights
to download graphics card and the way they do that is by changing it to the
us-led Virgin Islands one of the US’s territories and refresh this page
because they’re selling ok I think it’s 620 yes so as you can see right here
there’s a bunny call to download graphics card instead so scared I want
to lick on that so here we are says download 980 ti and as you can see they
should not spend a lot of time on this website thing probably cuz I never
expected anyone to click on it so as you can see it’s just a blank page of the
click here to download so you just go ahead and click on that alright so if
there’s a Dropbox thing so yes he until they definitely did not spend a lot of
time on this if it’s just a drop box but you know what it’s totally okay because
now I can download any graphics cards are you going to do is click download I
can assure you is entirely safe and then just don’t want to set up here’s the
setup to do is just click straighter it’s not a very fancy looking setup is
click Install and boom just like that it updated the graphics card so you can see
you tonight take very long graphics cards are not very big things
to install a computer that’s why when you install a new graphics card much
damage to the hard drive because it didn’t install very many files onto your
computer so we just downloaded it and now we can just check to see that we’re
together like going windows are ya diag orderlies and then just click on display
guests right here as you can see it says GTX
980 ti and the ship date is a GTX 19 UTI and the drivers didn’t change at all
which is kinda bizarre but you know what it doesn’t matter because now you can
get much faster performance in your games because they have a better
graphics card so I hope this tutorial work and if it did make sure to like it
and if it didn’t tell me where you in wrong cuz I’d like to know why

100 thoughts on “How to Download a Graphics Card for Free

  1. Buy a graphics card normal brain
    How to download a graphics card
    Albert Einstein (hopefully spelt it right)

  2. I Already Had A rtx 2080ti I Just Followed Your Method 10 Times And Now The Name Of My Gpu Is Changed To rtx 20800tti and it has 110 gb of graphics memory does anybody need some graphics memory

  3. This is bullshit.

    The setup = virus or Windows Config change (Changing the string of your Graphic Card from intel to nvidia)

    The webpage: C'mon we aren't stupid.

    You: thinking you're doing good today?

  4. Thanks dude now i can download my eyes and ears. Love you. But i want my eye to be with high pixels can u tell me from where i can download my eyes with 8k quality. Someone send me a link.

  5. Dude i watched a film that there is a human was trying to download a graphics card i think the he is you 😂😂😂

  6. the amount of dislikes makes me lose faith in humanity do people actually think you can download a fucking graphics card

  7. Waitttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youuuuuuuuuuu won't believe i downloaded a donald trump for cleaning my toilet…….And now my Solitare is running so so so so so so so so so fast that when i make a move and after returning from job at night i see it still in the same place………..thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx maaaaaaaaannnnnnn really really really appreciate wasting your precious time in such awful job and wasting our time tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why don't you clean my toilet instead ………………………………………………..

  8. This is sad, really sad when seeing computer retard baiting users download a software that just change the name of the card on bios. Also you would need a anti-virus too, i can see how retard you changed the text down there using f12 good job on making deadass clips.

  9. It dos not work for meee! Does this still work? there is no buton for the download 🙁 You have very cool channel btw 🙂 i liked and share with my friends 🙂

  10. hai guys plz tel me how 2 dounlod a procesor plz help my gaming pc lagggg becoz of minecraft it run at 60 fps 🙁

    sry i hav 2 brush my teeth and go 2 bed

    (laughing mah f*cking ass off trying to imagine a noob doing this for real XD)

  11. Thanks man you helped alot my new downloaded ssd makes my computer so much faster and adds storage so I can finally play minesweeper at 10 fps

  12. Thanks man 👍 now I'm able to play GTA 6 in my PC 😂😂😂😂

    Nivida MSI and gigabyte has left the chart🤣

    Really nigga😂😂

  13. it totally works fine for me, just run it as admin and you are golden guys 🙂

    PS: rtx 2080 ti is currently not available for download, you should choose the 2080 super for now

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