How to Download Any File Faster on Windows 10

What’s going on guys welcome back, today
we gonna be show you, how to download any files faster on your Windows 10 PC! This video
is going on a step by step basis. In each step, you will learn a new tip to
boost your download speed. So let’s start. Step number, 1. CMD
In this step we gonna wanna go to your Command Prompt and find a little something, Just go
the start menu and search CMD, now right click on the result and choose ‘run as administrator’.
Now you will find this black box which is exactly what we are looking for. Now type
in ipconfig/all into the CMD and press enter, now it will show you the following details,
so I want you to look for a specific address, look for the IPv4 address, now select and
hit ctrl + c on your keyboard to copy the address. Now you can close your Command Prompt
and move to the start button and right click on it, now you will see this hidden menu,
from here choose run, now type in “ping space less than sign, now past the IPv4 Address
that you just copied from the Command Prompt, now type greater than, space -t” Now click
ok and you will see your CMD flashing, And that’s all you can do here. Step number, 2. Get a Better DNS
This step is super simple, but it will bring a great change to your download habit, also
it will help you get faster load times on WebPages. So let’s start, go to your start
menu and click on the settings gear icon, which will bring you to the windows settings,
from here navigate to network and internet, and choose Change adapter option, it will
open the network connections window, from here you need to go to your network adapter
and right click on it, from the right-click menu, choose properties and it will bring
you the internet properties, from here navigate to Internet protocol versions 4 or IPv4 and
double click on it, which will open the IPv4 properties so go ahead and choose the option
Use the following DNS server addresses, Which will reveal this fields to you, so type in in the preferred DNS server field, and type in in the Alternate DNS server
field. Now click ok and ok, and that’s all we can do here. Step number, 3. IDM tweak,
Before we begin the step I suggest you download this amazing download manager which is called
IDM or Internet download manager, which itself brings a better downloading experience but
we need to do a small teak in the settings to make it performs even better. Once you installed
the IDM Manager open it and head over to the downloads menu, from the menu choose option
and you will get to the IDM configuration, from here navigate to the connection tab and
look for the option connection type or speed, click on it and choose High-speed direct connection
option, now go the max connection number and choose 32, which is the highest connections
you can possibly get here. Now try to download something and see how
better it comes. So that’s it,
that how you can download any files faster on windows 10, hope it will
help you, leave a like if you liked, subs if you loved, see soon with another, have
a nice day.

100 thoughts on “How to Download Any File Faster on Windows 10

  1. No way dude i though this was not gonna work cause nothing works on my Pc but it actually did without restarting it! a 5 or 10 hours download to a instant download THANKS SO MUCH YOUR DESERVE SO MUCH SUBS

  2. I used method 3 to install Battlefield 5 which was like 43 GB. As soon as I was finished installing the internet thing the installation time went from 2 hours to 1 hour.

  3. the 3rd step took my download down from 3 hours to 1 hour. Still took a while but a definite improvement

  4. thanks! i just downloaded winxp ova virtualbox image and it downloaded in 50 seconds compared to 1m 25s

  5. thanks for the vid bro I downloaded Warcraft 3 frozen throne
    the download went from 6 hrs download to 40 mins download not lying liked and subbed dude:D

  6. i came here to speed up the windows 10 update speed
    but this helps too
    now i won't worry about installing a 2gb thing and wait 4 hours
    it's now only one hour
    thanks bro
    edit: now i will try to download something big 😀
    edit2: omg… this is the speed of light
    2gb in 18mins ?!
    you've earned a sub

  7. it did not work i followed all the steps and done all the things but it did not work i wanted to download pubg apk for new update oooooooooo mmmyyy ggoodd

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