How to Enable GPU Acceleration (CUDA) in Premiere Pro and After Effects

Hey guys welcome to the Zettabit Network, and today I’ll be showing you how enable GPU acceleration in Adobe After
Effects and Premiere. Now natively Adobe does not support all Nvidia graphics cards.
They only support Quadro’s, one Tesla, a few GTX Brands. So I’m going to show you how to
enable it and Premiere. Now in most cases you’ll open up Premiere as I’m doing right now. We’ll create a new project you’ll notice that the render grayed out, which means that
your graphics card is not natively supported by Adobe. Now we can fix this. If you go to your programs folder As I’m doing right now Find Premiere Pro, whatever version using. You’re going to find a file called cuda_supported_cards.txt. Now it shows you list of cards that Adobe supports. You can basically copy and paste your card brand right into here.
Make sure its case sensitive appropriate, things like that. Save the
file and close it out. Open up Premiere again. You’ll notice tha now you can do the Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration (CUDA), which is nice because faster rendered times. The same goes for After Effects. Once after effects is open, if you go to Edit>Preferences>Previews you see GPU acceleration GPU information now if you
will be great if you do not have a sporty graphics card and could also be
created here you know you see if you available to research display driver
because it’s not natively supported by it open so we accept this program so
there will be after facts supported files and near the bottom vocal retraces supported kurds txt
somewhere copy paste occurred just like premier say if an open after fixing
occasionally you might notice that you will have an error just like this list
is not bad because it will not affect your workflow click OK to go to Edit
preferences previews you’ll notice you can change it to GPU intercooler fox
will not pop up saying your compatible graphics card and other information
about it thanks for watching make sure you subscribe like the video do you do
better share it with someone who you think would find this very useful hope
you enjoy your help you learn something and hope to see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “How to Enable GPU Acceleration (CUDA) in Premiere Pro and After Effects

  1. I suppose this wouldn't work for my AMD Radeon R9 395x? Adobe doesn't have this on there approval list of Graphic Cards, I didn't nor did the Apple Rep at the time. Three months ago, just purchased my new iMac wizbang computer for video editing as I have for almost 13 years to find out now I cannot not. Adobe needs to stop dragging there balls and get this problem fixed. My Apple Rep, knew exactly what I was/have been doing for years and should of recommended another graphics cards. I've been using FCP for years so I'd thought I would make the move over!! REGRETS NOW!

  2. works
    wrote GeForce GTX 970M and it works flawlessly, finally now I don't have to worry about my CPU risking to get fucked lol

  3. this doesnt work with that new Adobe AE 15.3 update…. the CUDA driver 7.5.30 isnt allowing AE to use the GPU for 3D rendering

  4. This method didn't work for my GTX 980. I downloaded NVIDIA Control Panel and through '3D settings added AF to the list of customizable apps and then set the CUDA – GPUs to 'ALL'

  5. Hi, i realy like how smooth your screencast. I use bandicam, but my screencast have fps less than 24 (CPU – AMD Athlon II X4 645, graphic card – NVIDIA GTX 750Ti). What soft did you use do make this screeencast, and what hardware do you use (cpu, graphic card, etc..)?

  6. Any suggestions for the 1060. When I add "GeForce GTX 1060" to the list it doesn't make it available in premiere pro or after effects.

  7. Can we change an already existing project to render using the GPU? I'd rather not lose my entire project :/

  8. hello, i have an amd radeoon r9 290 and do thid in opencl file and i cant use my gpu. Any of you can help me?

  9. This doesn't fix the "This project was last used with Mercury GPU Acceleration (CUDA), which is not available on this system."-error, does it?

  10. Hiye there…

    I have a Sapphire R7 370 (AMD Radeon) Graphics Card & packing box shows it has cuda cores but i'm not able to configure it with Premier Pro or After Effects.
    Text file in programe files doesn't even shows AMD Cards….
    Please help me out

  11. Hello there !
    Im doing just like you said, but whenever i want to save it, it said Access Denied ! Can you tell me why?

  12. I try to do that and everything i can see like you do but when i render it not render on GPU it render on CPU i use GeForce GTX TITAN X

  13. If anyone is having problems, like access denied, or it won't allow you to switch, this most likely should work. For access denied, copy the file onto your desktop, edit it and save it. Then delete the one in your folder and then bring the one from your desktop into that folder. Now, if you type your GPU in and it doesn't work, Nvidia users, right click on your desktop and go to the Nvidia control panel, the full name is in there. TI users, don't capitalize the "i" in TI. AMD users, probably the same steps for your catalyst. TItan users, just spell exactly what is in the Nvidia control panel. I hoped this helped.

  14. Quick note: I had to add the version of my card. Only "GeForce GTX 1060" did not work. Instead I had to write "GeForce GTX 1060 6GB". So this will probably also apply to 1080 TIs or other versions.

  15. Seems Adobe has rewritten everything yet again, and this solution, and the linked 2017 update, does not apply to Premiere Pro CC 2018. There's now a program in Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018/ called GPUSniffer.exe. Click it, and the magical handshake between Premiere and your graphics card allegedly happens. I've had to rerun it a couple of times, but things are better than before. I only wish Adobe would do better and hardware integration. A new 16-core workstation with a GTX 1080 isn't living up to my dreams as of yet.

  16. Nice tip thank you! I want to add a litle comment: If you pasted your GPU in the textfile, sometimes it doesnt give you the option in Primiere Pro. If you got this issue, just delete the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" (make sure to make a backup before delete it complete.. maybe just rename it) and the GPU option will show up after restarting Priemiere Pro

  17. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, worked for me. Of course as some have stated you have to get "control" via properties of the text file. I am anti Adobe-subscriptions because software conglomerates and giants are too eager to steal my hard earned money. CS6 works just great and keeps working great.

  18. para aquellos que tienen GE FORCE GTX 1050 Windows 10 Premiere CS6 , y no funciona, la solucion es reinstalar el Driver de la placa de video directo de la pagina de NVIDIA

  19. Great video. Only thing I might add is that you need to specify it the same way as seen under Device Manager; otherwise awesome video! Thanks for posting this.

  20. sorry..but i dont find previews under prefrences…help me.. i know its a dumb questions..but still

  21. hi. i am using a GTX Titan Z graphics card. I have tried this method but the GPU in After Effects is still disabled. Can you help me figure it out please?

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