How To Find The PERFECT Controller Fortnite Sensitivity! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over how to find the controller fortnite sensitivity that works
best for you. Ever since the new sensitivity settings got
added into Fortnite a few weeks ago, finding the quote unquote perfect aiming sensitivity
is even more difficult than it was in the past. It’s difficult enough worrying about regular
X, Y, and ADS sensitivity but now if you play on the new settings, you also need to worry
about things like horizontal and vertical turning boosts, ADS turning boosts, look dampening
time, choosing a linear or exponential input curve….it’s definitely a lot to deal with. And that’s especially true if if you’re a
controller player that finds yourself constantly switching between the new sensitivity settings
and the old sensitivity settings. So this video isn’t really going to tell you
guys what I think the best sensitivity values are, because it’s going to be different from
player to player. But I will able to help you find your own
best sensitivity no matter if you’re planning on using legacy, linear, exponential or anything
else, and without further ado, let’s get right into it. Alright, so the first step that you should
take in the process of finding your ideal sensitivity, is to start with some kind of
baseline. And what I mean by that is fairly simple,
choose a starting sensitivity that you think feels pretty comfortable. Something that a lot of players will do is
pick their favorite controller player, and then copy their sensitivity values as a baseline,
and honestly that isn’t a bad idea at all. But just make sure that if plan on playing
with legacy sensitivity settings you choose a person who also does, and the same deal
if you’re playing on new sensitivity. But the actual way you choose your baseline
isn’t super important as long as the values you choose aren’t anything too crazy. Now once you’ve picked a base sensitivity
values to start on, your next step is to go into creative mode and place 1 sentry prop
with unlimited health on the ground. The sentry is one of the only props that gives
off aim assist on both legacy and new settings, so it’s perfect for what we’re gonna do here. The first thing we’re gonna do with this sentry
will help us adjust our X and Y sensitivity if you’re on legacy or your horizontal and
vertical look sensitivity if you’re on new. The most important use of X and Y/look sensitivity
in Fortnite, is the fact that it’s the primary sensitivity used for shotgun fights. So, what you wanna do once you’ve placed the
sentry is spawn in either a tac or pump shotgun with a ton of ammo. Then, as you should be seeing in the clip
on screen right now, you wanna stand a few meters away from the sentry and begin flick
shotting with your shotgun. Hitting flick shots with a shotgun even on
a totally stationary target is still one of the hardest things to do in all of Fortnite,
and that’s why it’s a great test for your sensitivity. You wanna make sure that you vary the direction
of your flicks, because that ensures you’re testing both your X and Y or horizontal and
vertical. If you’re just flick shoting left to right
every single time, you aren’t truly testing your entire sensitivity. Now, unless your some kind of Fortnite superhuman,
you’re gonna miss at least a few of these shotgun flick shots, and if you aren’t comfortable
with your baseline sensitivity, you may even miss a lot of them. What’s really important to pay close attention
to while doing this, is how you’re actually missing. And what I mean by that is, if you’re shooting
and missing before your crosshair reaches the target, then that’s an indication that
your sensitivity is too low. And on the flip side, if your crosshair is
traveling past the sentry and your shot is missing, it’s an indication that your sensitivity
is too high. Now as you’re doing this, you only want to
make small tweaks to your X and Y/look sensitivity, unless you chose baseline sensitivity values
that you just can’t control at all. I’d recommenced a process like this: shoot
about 2-3 clips of flick shots, determine whether your sensitivity is too high or too
low, and then move it up/down by about 05-.10 at a time if you’re using legacy sensitivity,
and maybe 1-2% at a time if you’re using new sensitivity. Speaking of new sensitivity, this is also
the perfect time to experiment with some of the more advanced aim settings. I know a lot of players will recommend using
0 for all the aim boosts and look dampening time so maybe you just wanna stick with that,
but if not this little drill a great way to test some of those other settings. Now the question some of you are probably
wondering is “How do I know when I should stop tweaking my sensitivity.” Although there definitely isn’t a set in stone
answer, you want to get to the point where you’re hitting the majority of your flick
shots. Obviously your own personal aiming skill is
gonna play a part in that, but once you’re hitting maybe 60-70+% of your flicks, that’s
probably a solid indication that you’ve found a sensitivity you’re really comfortable with. So that hopefully covers the best way to find
your ideal non-ADS/look sensitivity, now let’s discuss how to find targeting/ADS sensitivity. My recommendation for this is to go into creative
mode and load up the tile frenzy aim training course that I’ll put the code for on the screen
right now. What’s interesting about this specific course
is that it doesn’t give off aim assist, which I actually think is a positive for what we’re
trying to do here. Obviously, you never want to use a non-aim
assist giving course to practice your aim, but we aren’t using the course for that, we’re
using it to gauge how well we can control our ADS sensitivity. What you want to do is attempt to track and
hit the targets as they pop-up while staying ADS’d the entire time. Just like flick shotting with a shotgun, tracking
these small little targets without aim assist is going to be relatively difficult to do,
so don’t get discouraged if you’re missing a decent amount of shots. Plus just remember that it’s going to be much
easier in real situations because of aim assist, and also the fact that players are a lot larger
than these circles. Just like with the previous exercise, your
main focus here should be attempting to notice a pattern with how your shots are missing. Even with ADSing, the same theory applies
that if you’re missing your targets by overshooting them, your sensitivity is too high, and if
you’re missing them by undershooting them your sensitivity is too low. But another think you also want to pay attention
to is just generally how well you feel you’re controlling your sensitivity. When you’re moving your crosshair between
these targets it should feel controlled but also smooth. Even if you’re hitting most of your shots,
if it feels like you’re kinda dragging your crosshair instead of smoothly moving it, that’s
also an indication that your sensitivity is too low. You should also follow the same principle
while doing this of only making small adjustments to your targeting/look sensitivity. What’s interesting is that with legacy settings,
targeting sensitivity is only one number, and it controls both the left/right and up/down
movement of your ADS sensitivity. But with new settings, you have different
values for horizontal and vertical, so you can adjust those individually. Now once you’ve adjusted both your ADS and
non-ADS sensitivity values to your liking, that’s when you take your new values into
an actual game. Early in my Fortnite career as I was struggling
to find a sensitivity I liked, I heard an interesting tip from someone that really helped
me. I don’t remember who it was, but the person
said something along the lines of “once you think you have a good sensitivity, go into
a real game, and just take some short clips of gunfights you get into, and for fortnite
you can even use replay mode,” Then once you’ve done that, watch those clips back, and pay
attention to your crosshair positioning in those fights. Doing that in creative mode like I suggested
is a really great first step, but at the end of the day it isn’t 100% the same thing as
aiming at actual players in actual games. Now obviously, don’t make adjustments just
because you aren’t hitting every single shot you take. But if you see a pattern where you’re always
missing too high or too far to the left, that’s when you want to tweak some thing and see
if you can correct those issues. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Let me know what sensitivity you’re currently
using in Fortnite, and whether or not you plan on changing it in the near future. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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    *Build Mode Sens Mult: 1.4x
    *Edit Mode Sens Mult: 1.2x
    *Look Horiz : 70%
    *Look Vert : 70%
    *Turn Horiz Boost : 14%
    *Turn Vert Boost : 17%
    *Turn Boost Ramp Time : .20 Sec
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    *ADS Horiz Speed : 33%
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