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  1. hello people yesterday i spilt lucazde allover my laptop should i take it to get repaired or checked as you can see im on it now meaning it works, but i have to use a spare keyboard witch its real crapy… any suggestions please????

  2. Was carrying a half opened can of pepsi sat down at laptop where else would it hit but my laptop and if uve ever saw the explosion it makes u know how bad it would be and now no keys or my mouse pad works D:

  3. What about netbooks and MacBooks? You can't remove the batteries on those laptops (i'm using a MacBook Pro πŸ™ )

  4. How to fix a wet laptop

    You will need:

    Confidence and;
    a laptop case


    Step 2: If you are drinking near a laptop, be careful and put a case on it.

    Did you know, MacBook computers have a higher failure rate when there is water damage compared to other laptops with removable batteries because the battery is inside the laptop.

  5. @Craigyasable i spilt tea on my Β£400 dell netbook laptop and i cried. (how very british of me) and now it won't switch on after i removed the battery & charger and dried it for like 10 mins with a hairdryer on full heat D:
    any help anyone?

  6. @ultramander exactly. People who have Macs show off about the features about the laptop. "Ohhhh, my MacBook is fancier than your shitty Dell". Well, wait till' they spill water on their laptop.

  7. @MegaMaster456 Yeah… Then my "Shitty-Dell-(well, actually pretty good)-gay-laptop still works while yours don't..

  8. oh darn i just got the idea that the laptop was a mirowavable water boiler so i tryed it and it came out as a unicorn……….no i'm not that stupid everyone knows that those come out as Llamas with hats

  9. oh darn i just got the idea that the laptop was a mirowavable water boiler so i tryed it and it came out as a unicorn……….no i'm not that stupid everyone knows that those come out as Llamas with hats……but seriously dumbasses don't microwave your laptop


  11. the keyboard of my laptop is wet and broken….when i type "b, go bt","tab,go capslock"etc.My keyboard go's ramdomise!!T_T…and last one,my space bar wont work so thats why i use my computer right now πŸ™

  12. Well my brother wet my moms laptop and the only problem is when I open my moms laptop the screen is black pls reply your info and thanks for the info howcast.

  13. I need help, i was using my labtop after washing my hands so they were a little wet. But my labtop was tilted back when i used it and the water trail went on the keyboard. It shut completely off and I have no screen it only turns on. It wasnt soaked just a little wet trail how long should i wait?

  14. My dad bought the new Macbook pro with retina display and my mum spilt coffee all over it and it won't turn on or anything! Help

  15. I spilled cereal on mine πŸ™ my cereal was on my bed rite next to my laptop. My dog jumped up and nocked it over!! My mom is going to KILL me! And yes I'm on my phone lol

  16. did u know… my fking 11year old IBM T40 laptop is far better water proof, has better battery life, runs faster, and has NEVER had even ONE SINGLE PROBLEM. Compared to my shitty ass Compaq Presario (2011) laptop that all of a sudden shutoff today and the fan compleatly stoped working? Guess what laptop im using to type this? IBM was built to last, all else is sh*t.

  17. I peed on my laptop…When I bought it to the toilet I accidently missed and got the keyboard…Please how to fix it

  18. ok so i've got this problem with it,i accidently poor a little bit of the spray u use to clean glass and my laptop is fixed but not the keyboard of it so we disassembled the keyboard(problem is when i press one button it presses another one next to it and i believe the water is acting like a cable so it connects the buttons) and my brother told me to use a hair dryer to remove the water that might be under the buttons please help my laptop is functioning well but not my keyboard,what should i do

  19. a few weeks ago i spilled coke on my laptop i cleaned it and let it dry for 2 hours but can someone tell me if it could still end up breaking from that its been weeks and its been working like it always did ever since that happened

  20. I need help the computer suddenly clicks off like CLICK and then off i waited it to get dry and doesnt work then its Still doin the same thing do i need a heater my comp is so cold

  21. Lol yeah when waterspills unplug it immediately blah blah… I was too busy cleaning up the mess to think about it lol maybe if you told me before I spilled it, it would've helped hehe I'm just kiddin πŸ˜›

  22. My act like but the screen is black but sound is going I spill milk y watching syndicate play Mianite if I dident. Freak out maybe it could still have a screen

  23. DAMMIT I SPILLED SODA ON MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠

  24. OMG THANK YOU MY COMPUTER IS SAVED! πŸ˜€ Instead of just leaving it upside down I just took of the keys on my laptop so it can drain more. THANK YOU!

  25. My computers destroyed. Maybe? After 1 and a half days, decided to try again. Charging my battery.. And waited for 1 hour, it can't be on.

  26. I got a big problem : MY LAPTOP WAS WASHED BY WATER and guess what? the water soaked inside my Laptop now its not wet but still broken. i charge it, and the lights are on but i can't open it. pls halp me πŸ™

  27. my cat spilled water on my computer keyboard, and I didn't notice until twenty minutes later. I'm screwed

  28. Either like or not, u will need to search how to disassemble your laptop at google..to completely dry everyting before turning on

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