How to Fix Laptop not powering on, good battery, power adapter and power jack.

okay so my neighbor brought this
computer she said it wasn’t turning on and had something to do with the power the first thing I try to do well check it and its connected right now
it’s connected to the outlet no lights here to indicate power so I press the power button nothing happens not even the lights come on so my first thought was either the power jack or
the power adapter was messed up so I went and got another adapter from ebay because I didn’t had any other one to test with so here unplug that plug the other one which is already plugged into the to the
outlet no lights either, nothing… I press it, nothing happens okay so then… if it is not the power adapter its gonna be the power Jack so now I turn it over it’s already pre… lets see.. hard to do this with one hand… okay so I take out first the battery maybe it’s the battery, if something’s wrong with the battery could be messing up with the power… okay lets turn it over try to turn it back on… okay still no lights.. nothing coming on… its powered in nothing’s happening so now I’m going to check the power jack on this computer it’s pretty easy you open this and this comes from the power jack red: positive
black: negative unplug it and I get my… my meter here since for laptops we know the power should be 19 volts when it comes in to the.. the battery… the laptop since this is a manual ranging meter I’m going to set it to 20 volts okay it’s gonna be hard to see here but I’m gonna set it here okay so here I’m gonna put the red test lead in one of the red wires the little windows here you can see
two for red.. and two for black so I’m gonna test that all of them are working first of all I’m gonna grab my leads which I have them here okay so.. put the red on one of the windows and the black on one of the other windows okay.. so like that so we said it was 19 volts we should be getting from the adapter…
so we’re getting them so right now I’m testing both of the end ones so right now I’m not gonna be showing
you the the rest of them but I’m gonna test them
and hopefully they work so now with that same red one I test the other window on the black
I get the 9.42 volts now… I switch the red lead and test with the other two ground ones the other two windows in there
so I get the same result so it’s working, power jack is working so we’re getting power from power… power adapter through this power jack to the motherboard… so right now it’s not the power adapter
it’s not the power jack so something’s going wrong
with the motherboard or something else in the computer okay so I’m gonna plug this back in but first I’m gonna un-plug from the power and I’m going to plug-in this to the motherboard and I put it down here
so it can close okay so another thing that could be
going wrong its the memory.. if sometimes when the memory is not good its not going to let the computer turn on I take out one memory…
I take out the other one okay.. so now its overthere and we have just a:
*CPU and no RAM right now we have the hard drive here
if it doesn’t work I’m gonna take it out and we’ll see… if it works so not battery… turn it off okay and this is the.. the power adapter I bought, which I know
its working. I plug it in open the computer.. the lid okay its plugged in.. Ho!!! guess what? I’m getting a light in there and that light indicates it is connected to the power. so at this point I’m thinking.. okay.. shure if I’m getting
an LED to turn on and it says it is connected, its
getting power maybe unplugging it, and connecting it
back in and taking out the memory did something so let’s try it, See if it turns on maybe it was just the memory nothing no response at all okay so it’s not the power
adapter, not the memory not the power jack. okay so its time to open the computer see what else we
can isolate and see what’s wrong with it since I am recording with one hand I
already pre… opened the laptop so its easier for me some I’m gonna get a screwdriver with a flat tip and I already took the… the… all the screws from the bottom right now make sure that… you… took out this one, the one that goes here because that is holding up the plastic on the
top here of the… keyboard since I took it off already… okay I take it out, put it aside okay and here you normally would see a screw here here here and here. I already took them out so I’m gonna lift this like that and this security lock here I’m gonna lift it pull the ribbon and put it aside so here you would also see several… screws which are marked, in there all those ones I took them out let me just un-plug this and I took out all the screws on the bottom and I put them in a
safe place so now the only things that are holding the lid… this top lid here are this which is for the… this, the mouse and the speaker so I’m gonna unplug them and this one also lift it like I did with the keyboard so now I’m gonna take this whole thing off put it aside okay so this is the inside of the… of the computer see so since nothing’s happening when I press the
power button my next thought is… let me take this out put the power back in so my next thought is well, since nothing’s happening maybe the
power switch is broken and it’s not sending the signal to the
motherboard to turn on since we are getting power from the adapter to the jack which is coming to the motherboard and it’s showing us our led that we’re getting power so my next step is I when and ordered a power button let me take that off well; first you should unplug this take it off and… that’s the original and here we have the replacement so I set it here and its kind of tricky with one hand set it there now plug the power back in we are getting the LED to come back on let’s try it so let’s turn… I press it nothing happens, so no
power either okay so… so far we know the power jack is fine the power adapter is fine the power button is fine memory is not affecting the… we don’t know if it’s ok or if it’s bad but it’s not affecting the
behavior so at least it’s not that that is preventing it from turning on okay… so right now if could be motherboard, CPU or what else do we have connected?… screen… or this board which is for the USB so let’s see let’s unplug this and let’s turn it on nothing is happening I press it nothing’s happening so… is it the screen? lets unplug it there so basically right now it’s the
motherboard and CPU that’s all we have in there connected we still have the power LED over here we go here try to turn it on nothing happens so at this point I’m thinking
motherboard is bad or CPU lets try unplugging and plugging back in and we get the LED back on this is still unplugged and… we go here Wait!!! we got something why was that we have… power LED here!!! so something was causing a short with this board and it was preventing it from turning on so right now we have that unplugged the screen pretty much everything unppluged so it’s not gonna P.O.S.T because it doesn’t have memory it doesn’t have pretty much anything okay, so either this or the screen is the culprit let’s unplug it so I can plug in the monitor let me use both hands because that is really delicate here it is plugged in so.. if it was that… cable or the monitor it’s not gonna turn on
again first lets try to connect it here… we got the LED so let’s go here… and press it YAY!!! still turning on we haven’t connected that board, to the motherboard and it should be??? still have power!? and that’s fine let me unplug it since when we saw the change that was what I concluded it was the cause so I went and ordered another one which was like 7 bucks ($7) the one with purple that’s the one we had and.. I got the one this one, which has the blue here, that plastic in there so I know which one is which and when I was troubleshooting this in the beginning I tested the cable the continuity test all the cable seemed fine so it must be the board, something so its set in there and now let me connect it okay so it’s connected now… lets put the power back in and turn it on so right now we are getting that it’s getting power and that it is on two LEDs nothing’s happening let me turn it off I took out the power now I’m gonna put the memory back in, see what happens so I put one stick and to put these ones we got to put them at an angle first like that, then press it down until you hear that “click” this one as well put it at an angle and then, there first you put the bottom one then the top one fairly obvious and just for good measure lets put the battery see what happens put the lock here so it doesn’t bend or come out flip it put power and… lets open this kind of hard to do with one hand let me open it ho!! guess what now we are getting another LED which sais its charging the battery lets go here press the button hey!! yay!! we are getting something on the screen so, basically right now its reading the hard drive reading the hard drive, this is for the hard drive that’s charging the battery power this is that it is powered on and that’s power from the… the wall and this other one I don’t know what it is ho!! that the wi-fi when it loaded to windows its indicating that we have wi-fi its off right now it is orange ok so basically it wasn’t that not that memory was OK motherboard is OK CPU that was the bad part, something happened to the USB USB board, which is that one right now we know that that power button is fine the power supply is fine and we are in there right now i don’t have the the keyboard, the trackpad connected so I’m going to have to do a… like just unplug it so I can turn it off hopefully that doesn’t mess up the hard drive and then I’m gonna plug everything back in, and put all the screws back and see if it works so, I put all the screws back together and everything where it should go plugged in the power sometimes when you put everything back together, stuff doesn’t work again. so let’s see we got power we got a image over there okay, so its saying windows did not shut… OK so start normally and that’s because I didn’t had the keyboard connected or the trackpad so I had to shut it down by the… with the power button pressing it keeping it pressed until it turned off and that’s why it gave me that error and now we are here yay!! lets see if I connected this correctly, yep working I move it over here and go to shut down shut down, press the button its working now charging power coming in and that’s it just gonna give it a little clean up call my friend and give it to her thank you I will be adding more videos like
this hopefully so please subscribe like it
and thank you

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  1. my problem : it turns on with battery inserted but plug in AC adapter doesnt working( no light indicate also) .and when i turn it off then put in the adapter no lights (power and charging indicator)… ; battery removed AC adapter plug in and if i push the power button it will not turn on (no light also of both indicators)…>>power output/input<< maybe the adapter or female jack is the problem of not charging? @carpio01

  2. Very Good Movie! Thank You Sir. Very Good At explaining Everything! Nice and Slow And You Show Us STEP BY STEP! GREAT VIDEO! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL!

  3. Today i booted my laptop and it booted fine but the battery was low so the moment i plugged in the charger, the display went off. Now it dosent power on and also when charger is connected, the charger led is not glowing, basically its dead. My laptop is HP r-203tx. Any suggestions or fix. I tried taking out the charger and basic stuff. Thanks

  4. I pulled out the screen cable while the Laptop was running. Now it doesn't not turn on. I followed your video . Thr first light turns on but after that nothing happens. Any help?

  5. my laptop when I power button on laptop on & then go to back and again on and then go to back continuously…………

  6. We were trying to find tutorials to fix our laptop, but then we realised the Power Adaptor wasn't on. This video was helpful though!! x,D

  7. Thanks a ton!!!!! I have the same issue. I had it turned on for a about 10 mins before it shut off again after unplugging and replugging the USB. But with that unplugged it turned on and was working.

  8. Please watch the video i posted, my laptop cant turned on it just blink a moment when i press the power button, dont know whats the problem come from

  9. My problem the battery is dead but when i plug it in it stays on when its unplugged not on but i had it on unplugged it plugged it back on but the charging light is on but the computer wont come on

  10. Post a video, or fix a talkative friend’s problem… suddenly you are crushed with “friends” wanting free troubleshooting & fixes.. computers…tv’s…autos…plumbing…been there, done it, but now using “tough love”… no more “freebies”.
    Don’t ruin a friendship or acquaintance by being cheap. Taking a financial ‘hit’ on our part too often only lasts
    so long. At least up front, offer some money, or baked goods, or dog walking (you get the idea) if low on cash to help you out. It WILL be appreciated & keep the friendship door open.
    I hope that helps….

  11. Subscribed. Great step by step tutorial. I wish all tutorials are like yours. Unlike others who speaks too fast or no talkies. You have to guess what's being done. Keep it up.

  12. This is very informative, specially, the systematic diagnosis that walks you through everything that could have gone wrong. Thank you sir!

  13. My laptop dell n5110 is not booting up with battery inside, even when Adaptor plugged in. It "boots up only" when I remove the battery… And plug "only the Adaptor" !

    What's the issue, Anyone please ?

  14. Bro need ur help my HP laptop is same having problem. I gave to hp centre they told me 17k cost will come for repair.

  15. When i saw the toshiba boot logo i remembered the old times when i was young and had a toshiba sattelite laptop that it's laying around for 4 yrs dead but when i plug it in the led for charge lights up so it means that it got power and it doesn't turn on

  16. In every situation, it is different, it could be a capacitor, or a ram stick that it shorts everything, even the hard drive is the suspect

  17. my lenovo think pad t 36 is having a problem not turning on and everything works i just don't know why.i tried no battery pack and held power button for 30 seconds still nothing so now will try charger to see what it does.not sure how to fix this problem to get it running to play first was trying to get both hardrives in then no power happens all of a sudden.

  18. i have same problem with my toshiba satelite. removed every component except cpu. i found out that one ic gets very hot when i press the power button. not sure what chipset it is, maybe graphics. i think my laptop now is dead.

  19. Good.. Can anyone help me here. Mine problem is that when i insert the battery and plug inn AC it wont come on but when i remove the battery and plug AC on then it comes on…What is the problem plss help me… Toshiba Satellite c850

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  21. Having issues with the exact same laptop, so I hope disconnecting the USB connection will solve my issue too! 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to make this, as someone studying cinematography (say the book :P), get a freaking TRIPOD man! lol

  22. Hello i have problem with my TOSHIBA WINDOWS 10 SATELLITE L75

  23. I have a toshiba satellite l745 problem is that when i press the power button 1 or 2 sec later it shuts down help plz

  24. Good info but where to buy internal specific laptop boards circuits ..coz without them to be replaced many times things can't be resolved and usually only service has them…not for sale these in laptop online shops so even if you want repair yourself you can't Bcz you need sometimes USB board … main board in some unfortunate cases ..or these new non removable battery boards with protection circuits. ..

  25. Help!help! My laptop isn't turning on.since I restarted it and there was an electricity failure in our house so it couldn't finish the process,it only reached 66% after fixing the power in the ro,on turning on it went to 1% and never finished.since that moment my laptop never turned only starts but after like 20seconds it turns off and on again and again.I even decided to install an OS disc(windiws7 disc)I went ahead and tried the f12(booting) procedure but it couldn't do just couldn't boot… What's the issue and help me fix it

  26. Dude you are awesome!! I know your video is like 6 years ago but figured the same issue out. Ended up replacing the entire motherboard as it wasn't a usb issue. Thanks sooo much
    Lol hugs virtually

  27. Carey I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that when powered up only shows Automatic Repair and a constant beeping. Why

  28. I have acer 4750g that only has blue led light and black screen. I'm trying to flash it by using a bootable flash drive but it doesnt work. Im wondering if I have wrong file for the bios or file name. Please help 🙁

  29. hey everyone listens I was also facing the same issue…it cost me 2000 rs in repairing shop…you just need to open ur laptop and on the green board there will be a chip of black colour…you just need to clean that with the help of petrol …that's it


  31. My laptop was not turning on, I connected the power jack and no lights were on.

    As I have seen in this video, I just removed my battery and directly connected to the laptop and it worked!

  32. Checked the voltage and wasn’t getting 19V until I started moving the cable around on my laptop. The 19V kept coming in and out and then I noticed some fraying on the cable inside the laptop. Positioned the cable to where I was getting a solid 19V and then plugged it in and boom. Charge light came on and got a replacement part on the way. Thanks to this video.

  33. Carpio01 has an excellent step-by-step troubleshooting approach for this common problem. Many of us would simply order a new charger, then regret not looking further. I really upset me that many manufacturers use cheap DC connectors with expensive computers. Good job!

  34. Yo antes de ver este vídeo ya había hecho esas mismas pruebas, sólo que por lógica, lo primero que desconecté fueron los puertos USB. Sólo que mi problema es un componente de la "motherboard". Pero no sé cuál.

  35. My laptop was not turning on and also my adapter was blinking then
    I tried mentioned methods in lenovo forums
    I removed battery, removed Cmos connector, then held power button for one minute and then without connecting battery provided a direct power to laptop, it blinked for
    But it blinked for a second and then went dead. Then on youtube a guy showed a step "to remove keyboard connector flex and then turning it on by novo switch and it worked. So now keyboard is dead but laptop is working. Is there any way to solve the issue
    Kindly help

  36. I was working on an asus with the same issue. After process of elimination and literally at the exact same time you discovered the problem with yours, i pinpointed my issue… it was the exact same problem caused by the exact same part.

  37. Who would’ve ever thought it would be the port board. I thought for sure power button. It’s never that easy tho. Wish I saw more closely when you put the new port board in. Your pic cut off but I know with one hand it is hard. Maybe now you can use another laptop or iPad camera to do better filming. Great knowledge thanks

  38. My Strix Rog Hero GL503G shut off suddenly one day and won't turn back on and no lights come on when plugged in

    I held down the power button for over a minute to reset the battery – nothing
    tried another charger – nothing
    removed the ram – nothing
    removed the HDD – nothing
    removed the SSD – nothing
    removed the battery – nothing
    checked the volts on the DC Jack and it's pulling the correct amount so that's not the issue.

    Finally took it in for diagnosis and they said they believe it's the Motherboard


    This laptop is a little over a year old and the MOBO died on me already, I have another ASUS from 2013 that still works to this day. ASUS needs either better laptops or a longer Warranty.

    I have a choice now spend $300+ on a new MOBO and replace it myself or buy a new laptop for $799+


  39. My Laptops lights turn on briefly and so does the fan. However, it shuts of just as fast Can someone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. Thank you Joe

  40. My laptop charging light plinking I'm deskanakt a key bord but re time lights is blink that mother bord falt tips place help me

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