How To Get All Steam Games Free 2017

how’s everybody doing im meltynet and im gonna be showing you how to install green them and get all Steam games free so first you go to your internet browser or just go to the link in the description to download green Noma and should bring it to a page right here and just roll down to you see attachments were right here and say green luma the version of it steams 006 divert our steam 006 is the creator of it so he gets all the profit her I don’t know what you want to say about a just click that and it should download grandma once it’s downloaded just open it and you can just minimize your water your internet browser so now you’re going to click start computer local disk program files steam so we’re just trying to find our steam folder so we can drag these folders these files into them so to show you that i don’t have any games yet so i was just open up by steam okay see this error if you ever do get this in the process of you having green Numa where all the steam games the hallway to fixes that are you make it already made a tutorial is it will be in the description if you need it but to get back into your steam you go to your taskbar and then steam you’re right Chloe you go to library that’s how you get back into so as you can see it on my account and none of these games I don’t have all the games as you can see only 27 so yeah so now we’re going to steam and exit which engine exhaust steam fully and you’re going to drag going to highlight GLS GL se-dol to clean them a txt you’re going to drag them right into your steam folder and then once you do that if you do get an error about it couldn’t load ms vcp 110 dl or msvc are 110 deal she’s dragged these two fold these two files into their but you don’t need them but if you do get those arrows dragon riding so you pretty much just exit other are and when you’re in the folder from the green luima application and right click it and send to desktop so now it’s on the desktop and you just open you double click that and open it to get your all Steam games but for now i’m going to open up it from here there’s really no difference so this should open in a second i usually like personally just had to double click it again it opens you see and then we wait and they’re all the steam games as he 2145 games instead of 27 it’s a lot better and before i go i’m just gonna install a random game so airline taiking to so when you install games most of you are getting this error an error occurred while installing airline or whatever game no license okay now this is perfectly normal issues meaning that green Numa for the dev has not crack this game at and you cannot download or install so this game is out of your league a lot of a lot of these games are going to give you that error but a if you want to see the games that won’t give you that error mostly games i will give you there i’ll leave a link in the description for a list of games that you can pearl it probably pretty much down and if you’re looking downloading the ecology games i’m pretty sure you can download them just going to check pressure you can download mw3 so now you can I whatever you can still download a lot of beans though and the supreme which I got you can trick friends or something like that and before i go i’m going to show you how to remove it here and click steam exit and go back to your steam folder if you’re not already in it and just delete GLS GL sedl to green numa the text file and then you just click delete and then pretty much just open up your steam again and there you go steam games well not nasty lips just our regular games against Ramsey and that’s how you get all Steam games for free so see you next time remember

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  1. I cant download Green luma if your gonna put a link then it should work otherwise your are just trolling people

  2. love how all these people in the videos sound like their family is asleep, so they have to be quite and shit. Like SPEAK UP

  3. i can download 7 days to die DETICATED SERVER then it opens but i cant becouse it opens control manager why does it do that?

  4. omg it workd so god tanks man i liek dis tutorial man i got every gaem on steam omg dis workd so god tanks maaan i luve dis thans man i plau gta fife evry day now thamks man

  5. could someone please send me a code for call of duty black ops 3 the survey never works for me and if you could that would be greatly appreciated

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