How To Get Free Retro Games On Fire Stick| Gamers get the Girls | How to Load Games On Stream Device

anyone from the 80s can’t remember this
game how much fun it was when it first came out but did you know that on your
fire TV sticks and your Android boxes you can get this and many other retro
games on that for all you they have learned how to put Kodi it’s just that
simple to put these on your device and we’re going to cover how you can do that
and who can teach you how to do that quickly in this video if you follow me
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today’s life game getting you a great Christmas kill for game what’s up YouTube it’s your boy back in
the building bringing you another life games video I have someone who has been
on this channel before I call him mr. level by level gaming he thought highly
enough to bring his beautiful wife miss level by level gaming and we’re going to
talk about how to get free games and how gaming can get you girls but first
Tara’s got his plus sevens already miss level by level but you have some +7
we’re gonna put on all of our +7 glasses of sexy as hell because you know we’re
working on skilling up our craft bringing you a better YouTube experience
and something better to look at if you want to learn more about getting games
by level by level the link will be in description mr. t is what we’re going to
call you okay welcome back hey I’m glad to be here man what have you done in
your channel since the last video okay so something I noticed is you know I was
talking about like the handheld gaming and retro on handheld but you know these
fire sticks you talked a lot about streaming and Android boxes and fire
sticks on your channel these things were like dirt cheap a couple months ago yeah
Amazon Prime day today yeah Ronde so we picked up one and I thought to myself oh
if you didn’t have like an expensive computer or like a gaming computer or
anything connected to your TV to emulate I mean could you still do emulation and
play like your retro games on something that’s 19 bucks mm-hmm that a ton of
people all your viewers have these yeah a lot of people have these things and so
for 19 20 bucks and another 10 bucks for a controller and nothing else added am I
able to do Nintendo Super Nintendo Sega Atari all that same stuff that I’ve been
doing like on the handhelds and doing with I have a gaming computer connected
to my TV but not everybody does that not everybody’s want to build a eight
hundred twelve hundred dollar computer and have a connected TV you got a $19
device that you can you know do all your old school stuff
which is what we’re all about so if something when someone comes to
your channel and they want to you know get the games onto a fire stick about
how long do with that process take them if there’s someone who’s not technically
inclined by following your videos maybe half an hour that’s it yeah oh my good
is you know the tutorials that I make and I do I go through step by step and I
base a lot on request to run so as you know I try to take it
from the perspective of somebody that’s never emulated before and they got their
fire stick to watch Netflix exactly man I’d like to play some Super Nintendo
yeah you know stuff away from it yeah yeah so I take it from that base level
not like from the level of somebody that’s been doing this a long time or
somebody that’s that’s technically savvy exactly just ABCD how do you get like
you can have you can do everything you need to do to this thing as far as
putting emulators and the Kinect and controller you can do everything like I
say within half an hour so with the smartphone mm-hmm so you can connect
your smartphone to your fire stick same people some people use their smartphone
for their controller already right wrong so you could use their smartphone to
push those programs onto your fire stick you don’t even have to have a PC yeah no
I have a laptop that’s not everybody you know not everybody does so I mean people
are moving away from that stuff people are like tablets smartphones tablets a
lot of people don’t even have a personal computer anymore no you know all the
gaming you need yeah and so I also talked about gaming and you can get the
girls you can obviously see mister level by level has a high level by level wife
and we’re gonna talk about some of their union came about because they both have
a love of games so miss level by level is your turn to speak tell us a little
bit about how gaming brought you and mister level by level together well I
grew up in the household that we had the Nintendo
oh and mom would clay dad would play my brother would play I could play one of
our favorite pastimes when we were dating
when we were younger was to sit around and play video games what was some of
your favorites oh my personal favorite was Goldeneye you are going to kno love
Goldeneye actually being it probably a couple of times and we would sit down
and have marathons he would play beat it then I would turn it around and play
that whole game all the way through Wow now have you had a chance to play some
games on the fire stick since he’s been doing these I have not but he did learn
a personal favorite which is Castlevania Symphony of the Night so I’m looking
forward to that see fellas I told you when you can find
that lady that loves games when you can find that lady that loves game you will
never have to worry about divorce ever again it’s not even gonna be in your
vocabulary I’m sorry we uh we we got together when we were teenagers and very
young and even now so she helps me with my channel I do co-op gaming on like
Nintendo co-op gaming too you know or old-school retro co-op which
a lot of newer games really kind of fell away from the co-op thing they do I
don’t know why but anyways like local co-op so wheels you know if I put
together like we’re doing Bubble Bobble Chinese so Bubble Bobble Fernando and
it’s a horror game sounds fun yeah and then one of my Bubble Bobble
videos I accidentally left the microphone on and it’s me and her
talking and I’m like oh hey you need to do this oh I got your back oh I’ll get
behind you and I’ll shoot us there but we were totally talking through the
whole game or usually I go back and voice over in my videos and and it’s
more sound that’s like you know more scripted I said no I’m gonna go with
that video and so we did the video and I just left the original audio and you can
hear us strategize working together working
stuff like that so you know not only does it have a deeper goes back to when
we were teenagers and we were kids be but even now so she’s hell
a channel we’re having good time yeah we sit down instead of like one of us
sitting on one end of the couch you know they’re sitting on the other couch and
like she’s watching one her shows and I’m playing on a tablet or something or
playing some Nintendo that’s what’s a gaming has the impact of
keeping bonds together you’re not going to get in trouble you don’t have to
worry about the other spouse being out somewhere doing something who knows what
you’re there together now to get you guys closed down thank you for your time
and coming by what’s going to be the future what can people expect as the
future of your channel because you’re helping them learn how to get games on
their systems absolutely free I think you mentioned you might start going
through some tutorials or some of the best advices they can get on there they
can use for gaming or what may have so first of all I’m very budget minded
mm-hm so always go budget first okay so my subscribers a little bit what can you
do with them on a budget yes what can you do and not have to learn a whole lot
of stuff that’s like that’s that’s a lot of my goal oh and keep it keep it retro
but when I say retro everything ten years and over so that’s kind of like
the large bubble that the channel lives in but for the future
you know just bought the domain name level by level or lvl gaming comm so I’m
gonna build a website have like forums and stuff like that on there works more
resources than this the YouTube if you’re asking about the future of the
channel you know having some social media presence having cazuca Facebook
page now Claire just got one started because I don’t have anything on there
yet but I did start lvl gaming on Facebook a Facebook page so I do have
stuff like that that’s the future of where it’s going is giving more giving
people more Hallett so that they can contact me or we can I can move it into
what they need as far as the tutorials what devices to give that kind of
yeah well ladies in general I know my subscribers like things free and
chipboards close to cheap as possible do you want to get into retro gaming you
want to get it step-by-step nice and slow from one process to the
other one this is going to be your channel to go to thank you for coming by
thank you for coming don’t forget to like this video comment and subscribe go
check them out these things make great Christmas gifts
too if you want to do Christmas gifts on the cheap you can just go buy yourself a
streaming device watch this video put thousands of games on it it didn’t cost
you anything but the streaming device and we will check in with them next time
and we’ll continue to watch me grow and into the next sexes hell video we’ll see
you wave them say goodbye check out their channel

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  1. His reaction at 5:30 cracked me up. 😂😂😂

    I stumbled across this channel earlier today and I have watched 3 videos now. I have zero interest in video games, but your energy is great and I’m looking forward to seeing what other topics you discuss.

    Keep up the great work.

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