How To Get MORE Donations With Awesome New Face Masks!

What’s up guys, welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel, where we aim to teach you everything you need to know to make it as a streamer or a content creator in the gaming niche. Today’s video we’re going to be looking at a brand new feature in Streamlabs OBS. Something that they’ve had in the back end of Streamlabs OBS for a little while but they haven’t linked it to alerts until this latest release. That is face masks. What face masks are, they are ways that your viewers can donate and apply a special filter to your webcam like those silly snapchat filters, where they make you into a dog and things like that. They can choose one of these filters which will apply live to you in your stream within Streamlabs OBS. I’m going to teach you all about it, talk to you about all the different types of filters, and show you exactly how to set it up in this video, so let’s check it out. So I think the main reason that Streamlabs OBS have decided to add this feature is obviously to encourage donations. This is a massive incentive for your viewers to be able to have more of an impact on your stream by donating. Previously people have been able to write messages and maybe have text-to-speech converting their donation message, but this is a real way to interact and make other people that are watching your stream laugh. I think it’s a really great idea and I haven’t seen many people using it even though it came out in the latest version of Streamlabs OBS and maybe that’s because they don’t know about it yet. Hopefully I am going to be teaching everybody how to do it and encouraging more people to use it. But it’s definitely going to incentivize your viewers to donate to you more, because they can have more of an impact on the outcome of your stream. It is probably worth me mentioning that this is exclusive to Streamlabs OBS, so this functionality does not exist within regular OBS Studio. Obviously Streamlabs OBS are trying to create some features that differentiate themselves from the core OBS Studio package that they brought over when they first came out with the software. I think this really is one of the greater features and one of the reasons some people might start to transition over to Streamlabs OBS. So obviously if you haven’t yet downloaded Streamlabs OBS, I have a link at the top of the description where you can download it. We’re going to have a look at the 17 filters now that are included within the SLOBS face mask plugin, so as you can see Streamlabs OBS have come out with 17 different face masks on this release. I’m sure they’re going to add more over time and I don’t know if they’re going to open up for developers to add more and things like that. I’d imagine so, but for now we have 17 to choose from. You can see underneath each one that they have a rarity, so let’s just have a look through some of the ones that you can get. They have one called tea bag which seems to drop a tea bag on your head and sort of affect the shape of your face. Calculated, which is that one with all the maths equations running around your head. Hot dogs, call of God, make it rain, you can see some of the examples here but they also as you can see underneath have a rarity for each one. So the reason that the masks have a rarity comes down to how the actual face mask donation works. If you as a viewer go to donate to one of your streamers that have face masks enabled, how it works is you will roll a random mask to unlock it permanently. So to start you’ll roll a random mask and based on its rarity, you can see some of them will be more common to unlock than others. You’re randomly rolled masks will then appear on these streamers face. So the first time you donate you really have no choice as to what mask is going to appear, but you’re randomly rolled one will appear along with your donation message. Since you have unlocked this mask, you can use it in future donations or you can choose to randomly roll to unlock a different one. So if you’re donating often to a streamer then you’re going to have lots of choices as to which face mask gets used, but if you are just looking to donate once then it’s going to be completely random and obviously the more rare ones are more rare. They’re going to be appearing above the streamers face. Okay so I’ve convinced you and you’ve decided that you want to enable these face alerts into your stream to encourage more donations from your viewers. How do you actually go about doing it? Well it’s very simple. You come across to your Streamlabs OBS software, go across to the dashboard and you should see an option down here that says face masks. If you click that, you’ll see an example of some of the face masks being used and all you have to do is click here to enable face masks and you get the choice of which device you want to add face masks too. Here is where you’re going to be selecting your webcam, your camera if you have a capture card or however you’re capturing your camera. This is where you need to select it so for me I’ve got a mirrorless camera plugged into an elgato cam link, so I need to select that device here. If you have a webcam it will be the name of your webcam, really it’s whatever the source is called in Streamlabs OBS. So just click Save and you can see that we have a few different options here to play with. I’m sure more options are going to come around but for now it’s really just how long you want the face mask to last for, and how loud you want the alert volume to play for. So I personally would turn the volume down a bit just because of how I’ve got my stream set up and maybe I’d reduce the duration from 20 seconds but we can leave that default. Click save settings and then everything should be set up for you. Once you’ve done that you can come back across to the editor or where the stream setup section of Streamlabs OBS is, come down to the bottom right, click test widgets. You should see you’ve got this mask button now and if you click that you should see a test of what it would look like when somebody donates. So let’s see which one I get and there you go, I got the purple eyes I think they’re called or sparkly eyes. You can see where the donation message will come as well, so you can you keep on clicking through mask and see some of the variations that come up. This looks so silly with me talking whilst having these eyes and I really do think that this is going to be an amazing feature. One which honestly might make some people switch from regular OBS to Streamlabs OBS. I really can’t wait to see what they do in the future in terms of more face masks. I’d love to see a disco one where disco lights are going on and maybe you get like a big afro with an 80s wig type thing. I think there’s so many options here to really spice up your stream and make donating a real incentive for your viewers. Hopefully you found this quick guide very helpful and you now have face masks set up within Streamlabs OBS for your stream. I really would like to see some of your twitch clips of people donating to you using this function, I’d love to see some examples of this being used in the wild, so do send them to me on Twitter, send them to me on discord, however you need to get in touch. I would love to see them, I’ll probably tweet some of my favorites. As always I would like to give a massive thanks to my patrons, if you have not yet checked out my patreon page these are the people that are helping support Gaming Careers month to month, enabling me to do this full time and keep creating tutorials. Also I want to say that it is a couple of weeks away from Twitchcon now, which I’ll be flying over to the United States to go and be a part of Twitchcon. I’m going to be at a lot of the different talks and presentations and things like that as well as just hanging out so if you are heading to Twitchcon also, do get in touch, I’d love to meet up with some of you and have a beer or have a coffee or whatever it ends up being. Thank you very much for watching, subscribers I will see you in the next video. Peace!

80 thoughts on “How To Get MORE Donations With Awesome New Face Masks!

  1. Awesome video as always bro keep it up 🙂 but can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video on how to get in game chat using hd60 mobile version whilst streaming from a console and pc with streamlabs obs, with what leads to use and settings to adjust in streamlabs obs audio. Many thanks love the channel 🙂

  2. I relly love your content and have followed you for a really long time! (since you were in your old studio!) i also run a fb community in which I share your videos for other streamers and content creators. Love your content and hope alls well with you!!

  3. I tried to add this and it says that it is ready, but when testing, the sound plays and the image doesn't show on camera…. why is stream labs obs so bugged?

  4. They should let you put your own image/animation and have you set what parts are the eyes and the mouth to make tracing easy

  5. You're damn right, this makes me think about a switch! I've been rolling with OBS studio as most of the SLOBS features just didn't interest me as I could set all of it up on OBS Studio anyway. But this… I'm tempted. 🙂

  6. The functionallity here is very interesting, but the face masks being randomly awarded to donators is… kinda horrible.
    It's essentially loot boxes, pay money for a random chance at getting what you want, really rubs me the wrong way.

  7. I really like your channel, i applied the face masks before you made the video. Thanks for all your help with obs. Great channel 👍

  8. Great video as always! I'm from Brazil and in relation to the part of designer my channel on twitch evolved a lot! thank you! now only the equipment is missing, because everything here is very expensive ;-;

  9. @Gaming Careers i reinstalled obs but still no widgets are coming up on the live stream on youtube although they do work when i run a test : plss help widgets i am using are:-
    alertbox and chatbox

  10. Hey I’m new and loving the channel looking forward to more gaming/ streaming related videos and I’m also trying to become a streamer so these videos are helping!

  11. i am not sure where to go with this issue, and was wondering if you could help. i stream in OBS and my streams would last 4+ hours. i record in mkv with 3 audio channels, then i remux into mp4. the problem i face is that not only do i crash any video editing program once in import that video, is that if i can get the video imported it messes up the audio. i dug and found out that the editing programs can't handle that large of video. i can recode it with handbreak, but then i face the audio glitching because the programs can't handle the 3 channels. so i face the issue to take the video extract the 3 audio through audacity, then recode through handbreak and try to stitch it all together. this means i will take about 6 hours to get the video usable before i can even start editing it. i haven't started editing videos because of this and now have a back-up of nearly 200 streams that i am unable to edit to start posting online. how would i go about trying to edit video. i've tried lightworks, hitfilm, DaVinci and i think a few more.

  12. I set this up and when I got a donation nothing happened. I had to do a mask test to get it to happen. Anything else I’m supposed to do? Anyone else have this problem?

  13. Thanks Pete – the main thing stopping me switching to SLOBS is the studio view in OBS Studio – have SLOBS implemented that yet? I much prefer the twin screen of studio mode for setting up the scene prior to transitioning to it.

  14. Great video, Stream Labs OBS has lagged for me when I used it in the past. It's definitely worth another shot to get these added. I just wish I could add my own. That would be a game changer.

  15. Hello, can u make video how to use YouTube video editor.
    And if is possible to split streaming video to more than one video. Ty! 👍

  16. I honestly considered using slOBS, but after downloading and running it, I was a little blown away by the fact that it was using 400-600mb whereas regular OBS hardly ever goes over 100mb.

    I wish there was a way to use the overlays without using slOBS though.

  17. I personally think they are more annoying and tacky and some cover your actual facial reaction during gameplay but I can see it being good for "just chatting" streamers

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  20. if it were something besides a carrot on a stick, i'd play…other than that…i'm all for someone getting paid for their work…but sell it to me outright…don't boggle me down with some impossible to complete mission in the hopes i get that one rare…whatever…just because i can get it for free…total bs…nice feature…poorly marketed. and i just remembered…it only comes on as an alert? not feeling it…now if you could use it for the entirety of your show? you bet.

  21. twitch wont allow me to click manage permissions to give it permission to my sub and donation list i have everythiing else installed and its not working

  22. Im having trouble connecting it to my twitch even though I have it enabled its saying its disabled. Do you know the fix?

  23. I've got mine working. Unfortunately it only allows me to set it for tier 2 and 3 subscriptions and not tier 1 :/ what gives!?

  24. Hi, I have a problem with payment facemasks, writes that "something went wrong." My URL:НиколайСафонов/masks

  25. does this not work with OBS Studio? I was really hoping it would because my computer can't handle SLOBS at the moment of me writing this question/comment

  26. You’re using a DSLR with cam link in streamlabs. Did you have any problems with interlacing? Mine does and I can’t figure out how to fix this. At least on regular OBS, there a filter for deinterlacing. Any help would be much appreciated

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