How to Install a Motherboard : How to Install a Motherboard on a PC

Hey! My name is Kyle Hodge and today I am
going to be explaining to you how to un-install and install motherboards. We are going to
place the new motherboard into the case. Make sure that all of the screw holes, all 9, are
aligned to the fittings inside the case.
Okay. Now once you have the new motherboard secure into the case with all 9 screws filled
in, you can begin going back to the processes that you use to take the motherboard out in
the opposite order. So we begin by placing the processor back into the motherboard. Now
remember this little metal latch has to be unlocked before we can put the processor and
seat it into the socket 939 pin which is this case for this motherboard.

5 thoughts on “How to Install a Motherboard : How to Install a Motherboard on a PC

  1. hmm not putting the cpu in first ain't a really big deal, most cases have enough room to do such a little thing and fans are usualy ok, but this has to be the worst vid on yt to put a mobo in, i mean atleast put the pc on its side to put the cpu in, alls we bascally got told was to screw the mobo in, and if you don't know how to do that right of the bat the rest i think will be lost on you aswell

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