How to Install a Motherboard : Tools for Motherboard Installation

Hi! My name is Kyle Hodge and today I am going
to be explaining to you how to un-install and install motherboards. The number one thing
you are going to need is a Phillips head screwdriver, much like the one that I am holding here.
You want to make sure that this screwdriver is not magnetic whatsoever. There are some
screwdriver manufacturers out there who produce these magnetic screwdrivers that might help
in certain situations, but you don’t want anything magnetic inside your machine. So
stick to the regular screwdrivers for now. Another thing that you will want to have handy
are some anti-static bags. You will need these to place any Ram or AGP or PCI Express or
PCI cards into when you remove them from the old motherboard while you are waiting to install
the new motherboard. It is always good to have these close by to reduce the risk of
damaging any of your equipment during the transition phase.

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