How to Install Android Apps On PC or Computer?

How to Install Android Apps on Windows 7 PC?
Open your Favorite Browser. Search for ” Blue Stacks ” in Google.
Open the website. To Run android apps on our computer, we need
to install a software. You can download it from here.
If you are running on windows click this link to download.
If you are running on mac click this link. I am going to install it on windows 7 pc,
so i will click this link. Blue Stacks app player starts downloading
in few seconds. Once the download completes click on the file
to start the installation. Follow the onscreen procedures.
It will take few minutes to complete the installation. This is Home screen of app player.
Click on My Apps. This will list all the installed apps on your
pc. Click on Top Charts.
This will list all the popular apps on Blue stacks app player.
Click on 1 click synchronise button. To install apps on App Player you need to
Synchronise your google account with the app player.
Click on Continue button. Click the next button.
If you dont have google account click on create button.
If you already have a google account, click on sign in button.
Login to your google account with your user name and password.
Click on Sign in Button. Your Google account is now linked.
Click on “Finish setup” button. To complete the Synchronization process click
on continue button. Login to your google account again.
Click Finish Button. Click Continue to install apps from Google
play store to your computer. Click on the search button at the top of the
app player. Search for your favorite apps.
For demo purpose i will install whatsapp on my computer.
Click the install button. Your favorite app will be downloaded and installed
in few seconds. Click on My Apps.
As you can see whats app messenger has been installed on your computer.
Use it as you normally do in your mobile phone. You can also install games on your computer,
but you need to have Game Pad or joy stick to play those games.
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