How to Install Fedora 25 and Review on VMware Workstation | SysAdmin [HD]

This video tutorial shows how to install Fedora 25 and review on VMware. Visit Fedora website and download Fedora 25 ISO Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player Choose “Linux” and “Fedora 64-bit” Browse to Fedora 25 ISO (Optional) Start Fedora 25 Installation Install to Hard Drive Choose the language you would like to use. You can customize Keyboard Layout here. Set Time Zone Select the hard drive for installation and choose partitioning method. Set hostname Begin Installation Set root password Create user Fedora 25 installation takes 5-10 minutes. Installation is complete. Quit and then Restart Fit Guest Now is grayed out! sudo bash rpm -qa | grep open-vm-tools Open-VM-Tools packages are already installed. systemctl status vmtoolsd VMware Tools service is running. Fit Guest Now does not work dnf install nano Configure VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on Fedora 25 nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf VMware Tools features does not work with Wayland. Disable Wayland for VMware Tools reboot Fit Guest Now is working Let’s test other VMware Tools features: Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing. Fedora 25 Review Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Rhythmbox LibreOffice 5 Settings Fedora 25 Review System Monitor Fedora 25 Review Current Linux Kernel information VMware Tools service is currently running on Fedora 25 systemd version In this video tutorial we’ve installed Fedora 25 on VMware Workstation. Thanks for watching.

17 thoughts on “How to Install Fedora 25 and Review on VMware Workstation | SysAdmin [HD]

  1. Can you make video how to do dual boot Mint 18 and Fedora 25?
    How to install Fedora boot loader to the desired partition?

  2. On openSUSE 42.2 under VMWare same problem. open-vm-tools installed but not working.
    If in the logon screen to select a different desktop and start it, and then logoff and choose the plasma, the Fit Geus Now becomes unavailable. How to fix this problem?

  3. i am facing some trouble in authentication storage disk.when i select automatic disk allocation.,a message pop up saying "failed automatic disk allocation "i am doing dual boot .having partition of 30 gb. installing fedora 25 kde me

  4. fedora server and workstation do not start to install on my vmware dont know why :/ but mint/w10/server2012 work perfectly :/ help

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