How to Install Video Card Drivers Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)

The video card is responsible for
delivering the best image possible for your PC. In our Driver Series videos, we provide the instructions for proper driver installation whether you want to install only the Video Card driver or you have reformatted your OS
and need to install multiple drivers; in which case, the Video Card is
the second driver on the list. To begin, identify the names of
the video drivers your computer has by opening the Device Manager
and expanding Display adapters. Next, go to Enter your service tag or use detect PC. On the Product support page, select Drivers and Downloads. Verify the correct operating system of your PC
within the operating system option. In the Category field, select Video. Locate the video card drivers with
the same name you checked previously and follow the steps to download
and install the video drivers. That’s it, now your Video Card Drivers are installed. If you are reformatting, move on to the next
video in the series on the list. Don’t forget that whenever you need help
or have questions you can always contact us through social media on
Facebook or Twitter. Check out all of our other
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6 thoughts on “How to Install Video Card Drivers Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)

  1. Mine goes BSOD when I download video card drivers.

    I hope Dell or someone reply to this comment on how to fix this. Dell doesnt even reply here but someone who's kind would reply here! Thank You!!

  2. Hi I would like to know how to update the video driver for a Dell Latitude E5540 that came with an Nvidia Geforce 720M GPU, the driver is out of date 389.08. The driver from your site does not work and manually downloading it from Nvidia doesn't help either. This laptop must be the worst implementation of GPU inside a laptop ever, not even the laptop display, HDMI, VGA, DP(on docking station) show that the video output is set on the GPU and not on the IGPU(from Intel). How can you build a device on which NO display outs have direct connection to the GPU? Back to the problem at hand how to install the latest drivers for my device, when not even on your website I can not find anything useful?

  3. I have Dell m2800 laptop and after all the safe installations of drivers, still it shows error some what like "amd firepro W4170M driver is not working properly"

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