How to install video card

Hello with you channel”rowTech” Today I want to explain to you how to install the graphics card in detail Follow me, step by step let’s start First a very easy step Install Graphics card on the board When you put graphics card hold on the graphics card “Not as strong” So take a suitable place Now install the graphics card on computer To ensure that no vibration Now, place the power cord There are several openings for the graphics card The first “VGA” The second “DVi” And last “HDMi” At the end of the installation of graphics card Now you must define the graphics card Graphics card mainly two types AMD / Nvidia for “AMD” Go to Google and type “AMD auto detect” Log in to the first site For “nvidia” The same process go to Google Go to Google and type “Nvidia auto detect” and enter into the first site From here automatically find your card Your number Reload the “DRIVER” Turn it on and install After you install the program You will be asked the “windows” Restart the computer You have to agree if did not require you to restart the computer You do it Now everything is ready card screen was installed easily Do not forget to subscribe to the channel LIKE Share subscribe thanks FOr watching

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