How To Keep Your Kids Safe When Online Gaming | Parenting Online | NSPCC

Hey, what are you playing? Road Blocks. What’s Road Blocks? Can I join in? -You’re selling pizzas?
-Yeah. Is it going well?
Have you made a lot of money? I’ve made ten pounds. Congratulations, I think I’ll be better
at selling pizza than you. -More experience.
-No. More knowledge. Ask your child what they’re doing online
and who they’re talking to. Does anyone ever contact you on this? Erm, my friends do.
I speak to them sometimes. And does anyone you don’t know contact you? Erm, no, not that I’m aware of. But if they did, and they asked you
any uncomfortable or difficult questions, -would you come and find me?
-Yes, or mummy. Okay, good girl. Wait, wait, wait.
Drive to the correct house. -Do we know…
-I don’t know where the house is. It might be up here.
Turn left. That’s not left. Make sure you set up privacy settings
with your child. Okay, we need to check the privacy settings
before you play on any more. -No.
-Yes. Fine. Right, so come out of the game. -No, it was… settings.
-Oh yeah. -No, there.
-Privacy. -Privacy settings.
-Right, okay. And who can message me? -No one.
-No one. -Who can chat with me in the app?
-No one. -Who can chat with me in the game?
-No one. -Are you happy with that?
-Yeah. Now we can go back to playing the game. -Okay?
-Yeah. I delivered pizzas when I was younger,
I know what I’m doing. I can bring some real world expertise to this. -You didn’t.
-I did, I did it on a scooter. What we do have to do, get a job? You’ve got to take a pizza. Oh no, no, no. -What do you do? What do you do?
-Wait. I made sure parental controls were on
by speaking to my internet provider. You can find out more by visiting our website. The link is in the bio. -Here we go, here we go.
-Oh, found the house. -Yay!
-Whoo! To find out more about what you can do
to keep your child safe when they’re gaming
online, visit the NSPCC. Oh, what’s going on…?

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