How to know if a GPU is Compatible with your system – The Ultimate Guide to GPU Compatibility

The gpu is a huge part of every computer build,
especially fi you are planning to do some gaming. But how do you make sure that it is going
to be compatible with the rest of your rig? Well, let’s take a look: First up, you need to make sure that you have
a slot where you can plug your gpu into your motherboard. Both amd and nVidia GPUs require you to plug
it into a 16x PCI slot, which looks like this. Every motherboard has at least one, but you
should check that yours is free, aka it doesn’t have anything plugged into it. While we are on the topic of PCI, it would
be a good idea to ensure that your CPU has sufficient PCI lanes. Now, if you are only going to plug one GPU
into your motherboard, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have several Graphics cards
or stuff like Network Cards, Sound Cards etc, you might want to make sure you have sufficient
PCI Lanes. But then again, if you are at that point,
you probably don’t need this video to teach you how to do it anyways. Next up, let’s make sure that your new GPU
will fit into your case. As an exapmple, let’s take the Fractal Design
Node 202 Case. It accepts GPUs up to 310mm in length. That means that, while this Zotac GTX 1080
Mini will fit with its 211mm of length, this Zotac GTX 1080 AMP Extreme won’t fit because
it is 15mm over the case’s limit at 325mm. Of course the Node 202 is an extreme example,
as it is well known for just how compact of a case it is and most mid tower cases will
be able to fit most GPUs, but it is worth checking nonetheless. BUT WAIT! We’re not done with the case. Even if your GPU fits length wise, it might
be too thick…. Wink Wink. Let’s use the Zotac’s GTX 1080 cards again. The AMP extreme is one big GPU. It takes up 2.5 slots in your case. And if you are now wondering what on earth
slots are, they are these things, usually located at the back of your case. So, getting back to it: It takes up 2.5 slots,
which you can basically round up to 3, because you can’t remove just half of a slot cover. So, check your case menufacturer’s webiste
and find out how many expansion slots it has. For example, the NZXT H440 has 7 slots, so
this huge GPU would fit in there, but something smaller, like the Node 202 only has 2 expansion
slots, so the card would be too big for that case. Now you have to figure out if your PSU is
able to provide enough power. I would advise going to PCPartPicker and checking
how much power your PC is likely to draw by telling the website exactly what components
it will be using. Now, if PCPartpicker says that you need a
260W power supply, don’t get too excited. That is the bare minimum that you need to
have. In fact you want to give yourself some wiggle
room by adding about 150W to that number. I knew that i was planning to overclock so
I went to 500W, which is almost double what that website recommended. That is, of course, slightly more that i would
have needed, but it gives me the possibility to upgrade parts without worrying too much
about my PSU’s capabilities. All in all, the lesson learned is that you
would be wise to get a few hundred watts more that what it advises. Another thing to keep in mind is multi-gpu
setup compatibility, such as nVidia SLI and AMD Radeon Crossfire. This has to do with the motherboard as well
as the GPU itsself. There are some cards which just don’t support
multi-gpu setups. For example, you can SLI nVidia GTX 1070 and
1080 cards, but other cards such as the 1060, 1050 Ti and 1050 do not have the connector
for the SLI Bridge. Moreover, not all motherboards support all
of these multi-gpu setups. While plenty of boards support Crossfire,
nVidia has some slightly harder to meet requirements for their SLI configurations, so if you are
planning to put multiple Graphics Cards in your system, check the motherboard manufacturer’s
website for Crossfire and SLI certifications. And it think that just about covers it. So, I really do hope you enjoyed this video
and if you want to see more you can click on the right to watch my latest video or on
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tech, and i’ll catch you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “How to know if a GPU is Compatible with your system – The Ultimate Guide to GPU Compatibility

  1. I've been playing with lag for my entire life then one of my friend got a monster gpu . he was about to sell his old one but he was very kind for me and gave it for free . i was the happiest person that day (it's not very good gpu but definetly better than mine). i plugged it in and there's no display . just a black screen . tried 100 methods but nothing . my dream broke down :'( my friend said that my gpu is not compatible with my trash motherboard. Which translate to BUY A F%%#ING NEW PC TO PLAY WITHOUT LAG i hate my life. 1 chance out if 1000 is lost and never going back

  2. This might be dumb question but if i buy a powerful PSU that has 8 pin for high end cards, will that go with any motherboards in the last years?(prime b250m-k)

  3. Graphics Cards GDDR5X to DDR5 to GDDR6 PCI Express work in the same motebord
    for example ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z work a gtx 1080 to GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
    GeForce RTX 2060

  4. So every gpu is compatible with any motherboard, it just needs a free pcie slot and enough space to put the gpu in. Am i getting this right?

  5. Can you answer me if this compatible
    Ram:12g ram
    Graphic card : 1070 gets msi
    Mother board : ASUS ROG stir b350-F
    Power supply : 600 w
    Monitor : midi full HD free sync gaming



  7. My setup. Is gigabyte h170m board, i5 6500, 650watt psu, gtx 750ti..going to replace 750ti with rx 570.. So rx 570 will. Work with my setup?

  8. Will my GPU (RX 580) works with the PCI x8 instead of x16 cuz i haven't PCIe x16. There aren't any difference between them excluding bus speed or anything else?

  9. thank you sooooo much i was so unsure about my upgrade but because of you i regained my confidence i am subing to you you deserve it

  10. sorry, can you confirm if my motherboard is COMPATIBLE with ?

  11. Can anyone please tell me what graphics card would fit into an Msi B350 gaming plus mother Lear’s please. I’ve been searching forever and can’t find anything

  12. Would anyone help me find out if these 2 are compatible please ? part picker&utm_medium=referral

    Nvm I did a bit research, it's compatible. Sorry

  13. So I understand that my AsRock x99 Taichi and Intel i7 6900k is compatiable with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, even with SLI. Yes? Please reply.

  14. Is A68HM-K compatible with GeForce GTX1050Ti Asus 4GB DDR5, HDMI/DVI-D/DP/128bit/PH-GTX1050TI-4G. Please help.

  15. Will it be ok if i use a gddr5 gpu with ddr4 cpu, ddr4 ram, and ddr4 motherboard

    Gpu – Nvidia gtx 1660 6gb GDDR5 (Duel Fan)
    Cpu – intel i5 8400 6 – Core 2.8ghz
    RAM – 8gb DDR4
    Storage (internal) – 512gb ssd
    Storage (external) – 1tb hdd
    Power supply- EVGA 750w
    Motherboard – EVGA 123-CS-KR
    Case – Phantek Eclipse P300 Ph-EC300PTG
    Monitor – MSI Optix MAG24OVC
    Keyboard – Razer Cynosa Chroma
    Mouse – Razer deathadder elite
    Headset – Corsair Void Pro

    Any recommendations?

  16. Hey, I have a doubt. I am building a makeshift machine using parts from my old PC and some new stuff like,
    I have an Asus ex-a320m gaming motherboard.(new)
    Athlon 200GE CPU(new)
    A 1gb zotak GPU.(old)
    WD 1tb HDD (old)
    My issue is, everything fits and starts in my new system except the display itself, which I connect to my gpu.
    When I put it back into my old motherboard, it works well. A technician (not from Asus) tells me that my graphic card isn't compatible with my motherboard. Is that possible? I mean it all fit perfectly and the Asus site doesn't say there are only specific GPU that it supports.
    Could you tell me what the issue here could be? I'm told to use an HDMI to connect the monitor to my motherboard since the pins are different. But do I really need to buy a new graphics card?

  17. My PC is dell Vostro 460, motherboard dell 0Y2MRG, I want to upgrade graphic card but I don't know which graphic card can support. I research and found few complains gtx 750 ti and Radeon AMD all have issue and gtx 1050 ti have no issue. But my budget can only reach gtx 750 and Radeon r9 370.

  18. I have Asus G41 motherboard but I have afox gt710 2gb ddr3 when I try to play medium graphics game it's crash why?? Without graphics card its run laggy

  19. if i wanted to get a rtx 2070 armor what power suply whould i need 750 watt?

    but will the rtx 2070 armor fit on a Asus PRIME A320M-K?

  20. Cant find my motherboard in that website.
    Colorful c.b250m-d pro v22 can I pair it with rtx 2060?

  21. I'm gonna go for GTX750ti and a Dell Optiplex, problem is all i can find is a slim tower and I don't know if it will fit

  22. i have a prime A320M-K Motherboard and don't know what graphics card i need, any help would

     be appreciated

  23. I have a thing that is worrying me to death
    my motherboard is an Asrock 970M pro3 here the link (
    and the video card I want to use is an RX590 Sapphire Radeon Nitro+

    I know for sure that I have enough space for the video card regarding the length
    also, thickness is not a problem and I know that the entrance is exactly the one I need
    but right where the video card has to pass there is this "panel 1" where a cable is attached
    and I'm afraid that the video card won't be able to pass on it but will instead squash it or break it as I push down to make the video card fit
    so I was wondering if anyone can reassure me that the video card will fit without problems and that "panel 1" won't break
    or stop the video card from fitting

    Thank's in Advance to everyone who will spend time trying to help me out!
    (if you have a question just ask me I will answer as fast as possible)

  24. But my pc has PCI x16, has enough power and enough space. When i put it into my pc. The screen goes blank whenever i put it into my pc. When i plug my gpu into my pc and enable integrated gpu and go to device manager nothing shows up. My friend put it into his pc and it fired right up

  25. Okay so it's basically all about physical compability? If i get any GPU with 16x pci and plug it in that socket, it will work?

  26. we have i5 3470 and a hp motherboard i plug a gt730 but only black screen, what i need to do? btw is ddr3 or ddr5 had difference with its teeths or what do i call that?

  27. At 3:40 ur talking if we have a nvidia graphics card and a amd graphic card? I have a lot of space and power, i have pcie 3.0 x16 . Can i put a rx 580?

  28. Will a PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 card fit a Gamemax Gamer Series G527 with a Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard?

  29. i don't understand pls i have a pc ( 4 ram,DDR3,i3-4160,Nvidia Geforce GT 610) GTX 1050 ti 4go is Compatible with my pc tell me pls ???

  30. bro, I bought gt 1030 ddr4 on intel core 2 Duo e7400 motherboard. the system does not post. I tried for days and then I figured out that new GPU will have compatibility issues with old motherboard BIOs.

  31. i have pcie slot 1.0 with 16x can i run gtx 1650 bcauz it requires 3.0 port it is going to work for me

  32. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti in my current PC Tower (case) by CYBERPOWER and my concerns with making a Graphics Card Purchase is the Size available (Measured the space at about 12 inches), and that being said Graphics card Space and as well the needed Power Supply required if I say Purchase a 1060/1070 upgrade Graphics Card.  EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT GAMING, 8GB GDDR5, ACX 3.0 & RGB LED Graphics Card (is that the Socket or Plug in to my mother board?) I really want to be sure that my selection will actually run in my system.

    Can you advise?

  33. what about vga? i want to buy the msi gtx 1660 ventus oc but my motherboard´s (msi b450 tomahawk) compatibility list doesnt show the card in the vga section, but it shows the ti version…wtf

  34. Hello. I have a amd radeon hd 5770 . I want to put in my pc… But that gpu its gddr5 and my ram are 8gb ddr3. I can put that video card in my pc?

  35. I thinking in buy a gt 1030 for my DH61SA motherboard, do y'all think that will work? the gt 1030 has a 3.0 pci express port and my motherboard has a pci express 2.0 board

  36. What about bios compatibility?
    I have PCI 2.0 and the gpu im thinking about requires 3.0. It doesnt need any extra energy, but it looks like newest cards have issues with old bios, they require UEFI bios and i have an old one, there is some way to know if the gpu has retrocompatibility in bios or something?

  37. please help I know nothing about these things. My power supply is 300W I am wanting to buy an RX 460 graphics card and the motherboard is MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine) so I can 4K HDR for movies. Do you think this would be ok? This is the graphics card

  38. I have a gtx 1060 3gb at home I want to use it but my God father built redesigned a optiplex 780 for me and I clearly can’t fit it in because of the case size but anyways the motherboard as 12gb ram do you think I can stick my card in there.

  39. Remember guys if you have an old motherboard that doesn't support UEFI than you probably should buy a new motherboard and a processor for your new graphics card or buy a gtx 680 or an RX 460 cause it has legacy bios installed in it

  40. Will a zotac 1060 3gb work on my old 2012 gigabyte ultra durable mobo also rn I’m using a EVGA gtx 670 with a old 2012 i5 and a 750 watt psu?? I’m asking because I’m slowly upgrading my pc and I desperately need a new gpu

  41. Very Hard to Focus on what are you saying and looking to the Game same time, its Stupid to put a Game on Backround. make really no sense.

  42. My 475 watt PC power supply is way more flexible than I thought. I have 2 free 6 pin connectors and a 2 – pin connector to combine with one of the 6's for an 8 pin connector.

  43. I need help. I have an issue right now with my GPU. I've been using it for 6 months till it stopped working. There was no sign that it's going to fail, discolorations or blue screens. My pc just suddenly stopped booting. It just gives me an error on No signal found. There's a sign of life on the rig. All leds light up and fans spinning aside from the mrch keyboard's LED. The GPUs LED are working too. We've tried updatibg the BIOS, Reinstalling the drives clean, replacing CMOS, Changing hdmi cable and even buying a new 1000w PSU but still not working. We've tried it to other rigs. Majority of the time it worked, though there was a single intance that it didn't. Unfortunately, we can no longer get a new GPU that we can test on the mobo but the rig works fine with out the GPU installed. 😭😭😭

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