How to know when your iPhone motherboard is dead ? [RED SCREEN]

How to know when the iPhone motherboard is dead? When your iPhone is stuck on reboot , and shows a Red Screen as in the video your motherboard/logicboard is probably broken. You can try to put the iPhone in DFU mode and restore it with iTunes. For me it doesn’t work and shows an error 9, or 4013… To be sure, you have to open the phone, disconnect and reconnect the battery You also may have to disconnect the front camera and the sensor and let only the display connected, and see if it boots normally. If not, then you can thank Apple

11 thoughts on “How to know when your iPhone motherboard is dead ? [RED SCREEN]

  1. Boa noite pessoal quem tiver com problema de tela rede só entrar no link que vocês vão resolver seu problema

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  3. My 7 plus suddenly turn off and I give phone store he say total board short and he changed the inside WiFi and some board and I useing before 5 days suddenly off and wouldn't turn on I put charge I press side button 3 times show apple logo and close after then wouldn't on what I do plz help anyone can I change to better mother board ? 🙁🙁

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