How to Make a Butterfly Pop-Up Card | Pop-Up Cards

And now I am going to teach you how to make
a pop-up butterfly. Take a piece of card stock. I have cut this one in half for the base page. Fold it in half and match the edges and corners. Crease it and set it aside. For the butterfly piece, we are going to make
a 90-degree V-fold so cut the corner of the piece of paper off. We are going to fold it so we match this edge
to this edge and crease it really well. If the edges don’t quite line up, just trim
it so that they do. Now we have a V-fold. Take the base page of the V-fold and line
up the center points. Take down the edges. So now we have a V-fold. Next, take that yellow piece of card stock
and cut out a wing shape. Then flop it over and actually trace out another
wing shape and cut that out as well. Since the wings are actually going to cross
one another because we are going to tape one on like this and then tape the other on top
on it. We need to create slots so one piece we are
going to have a slot going this way and on this piece we are going to have a slot going
this way. We can mark where that center line is. I am going to cut that slide out. Also, I am going to put this guy back. Line up your wings where you want them and
you are going to mark the top of the first slot because now we are going to make the
slot like this so they will be able to interlock, like so. I have printed out templates for wings and
base page and these ones interlock just like that and create their own V. Interlock them
like this. Take a piece of double-stick tape and put
it underneath the bottom wing, which is also a tab. We are going to line up the edge of the fold
so it’s the center of the base page and also put double-stick tape on the bottom of the
second tab of the second wing. Now when we put these together, you are going
to slot them so that the wings are forward. You are going to line up the fold of the tab
with the base page. Now you have the wings of a butterfly. And if you feel so inclined, you can cut out
a little butterfly body and fold it in half. This is also from the template that I downloaded
online. Fold the wings forward so that he looks like
this. We are going to put a little bit of double-stick
tape on either side of his wings. We are going to line him up with his center
line in the center line of the wings and the base page. Crease him down, fold it shut and now there’s
a pop-up butterfly. And that’s how we make a pop-up butterfly.

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Butterfly Pop-Up Card | Pop-Up Cards

  1. Ok, she skipped something here. She went from cutting up the wings and all of a sudden she came out with this template that didn't explain how we got to the template.

  2. 3:10 What was that? Why did you explain one technic and then change the whole thing? That's truly confusing…
    And with that card/paper colour is hard to see what you're doing. It would be best if you use diferent colours so we can understand the technic.
    But it's a beautiful effect in the end. 🙂

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  6. not visible properly! you must use a dark coloured paper instead of an yellow paper…not that worth watching dis!!

  7. This is the most confusing tutorial I've ever seen. It just makes no sense, even when I was trying to do it whilst pausing the video…crazy

  8. อะไรเนี่ยกูงงนะ คือตอนกลางทำแบบใหม่ ????

  9. This is the first time I've left a derogatory comment on a youtube craft tutorial…this video tutorial was useless…utterly confusin. What on earth was the first part about?

  10. well maybe you should slow down and stop talking so fast and maybe be less supplies which means less money then this would be much easier

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  12. this tutorial made absolutely no sense.. makes you cut out the wings and then skips to a template with everything pre done

  13. my 9 year old granddaughter didn't need a template to make this. It was very easy to understand. If some are having trouble following along, try using the pause or play it again. you did great.

  14. Very confusing tutorial: first 3.09 min video didn't show any results (with closing/opening the card) and proceeded to the second version without any real warning. No wonder my kids gave up doing it, as thus didn't really make any sense.

  15. Come on! After cutting the wings, u get stuff from a template. The wings from the template are way different from the ones that were cut. Atleast put the link as to where to get a template like this :/

  16. Estuvo súper!!, me ayudaste muchisimo!!, necesitaba el mecanismo espero poder ponerlo en practica!!

  17. Expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert: I have printed out templates for wings and base page BECAUSE EVERYTHING BEFORE 3:10 DIDN'T WORK. Nice template btw

  18. Really, what is up with this video. Such a waste of time. Why would you even both posting this thing. Where's the template?!

  19. what a confusing video…I just don't get it…why did you start of instructing to create a pop up butterfly and then switch to template? talk about confusing your audience. My 4 year old just asked why there are two different video "taped" together…

  20. A clever but easy pop out card. Fast enough to do, so to make a bunch of them …for Valentine's Day. I hadn't seen this one before, thank you for sharing.

  21. Sorry, the filming is dull. The yellow butterfly doesn't stand out. We can't actually see it up close. It's just yellow 🙁

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