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How to Program Macro Keys on OMEN Keyboards and Laptops Program the macro keys on your OMEN keyboard or laptop to perform automated tasks or keypresses. From Start – or the Windows taskbar – open OMEN Command Center. Under the name of the OMEN product you want to customize, select Macros. If the Macros tab is not displayed, the detected OMEN product does not support this feature. If this is the first time you’re opening
the Macros tab, select Let’s get started! If your keyboard or laptop has multiple areas of programmable keys, select the macro key grouping you want to modify. Next to the Macro key you want to program, select the drop-down menu, and then select Create new. Enter a macro name, and then choose a delay option. Select Recorded Delay to time the macro actions to be the same as your actions when recording. Select Fixed Delay to set a static amount
of time in between each macro action. Or, select No Delay to have the macro run
all at once in sequential order. Select Record to start recording the macro actions. On your keyboard, press the keys you want to automate, in the order you want them to execute. Select Stop to end recording the sequence. Edit any keypresses or delays that need adjusting. With the sequence edited the way you want it, select Save and the macro is saved and assigned to the selected key. If desired, repeat these steps to create macros for any of the remaining programmable keys. As you create new macros, they are added to a list stored next to the macro key list. Edit an existing macro by selecting the penand paper icon next to the macro name, or delete it by selecting the X, and then
selecting Yes. With the macro keys assigned, get back to gaming with speed and style using your custom macro keys.

3 thoughts on “How to Program Macro Keys on OMEN Keyboards and Laptops | OMEN Gaming | HP

  1. Please please please allow me to bind a program key to a freakin another key. You guys had it on previous omens programs but not this one????

  2. update the program to record mouse click events for the macro plz, i have an Omen sequencer KB and a Corsair Harpoon mouse

  3. so, I cant copy and paste commands into this software so that clicking that key will perform functions from a macro someone else made?

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