How to Recover Data After Resetting Windows 10, Resetting a Laptop to Factory Settings 📁🔥⚕️

Hello everybody! This video will show you how to recover data
after resetting Windows 10, resetting a laptop to factory settings, or reinstalling Windows. In one of the previous videos we have already
shown you how to reset Windows 10, 8 or 7 to its original state of factory settings. Often it takes users some time after resetting
or reinstalling their operating system to realize that the files which they need right
now are missing. So, here is a computer containing files, documents
and images… In order to demonstrate data recovery after
resetting the system, let us reset the test computer. In a similar way, you can recover user files
after resetting a laptop to factory settings or reinstalling Windows. To do it:
• Go to Settings •
Update and Security • Recovery
• Click on “Get started” in the submenu “Reset this PC.” • Select the option “Remove everything”
in the window that appears. • “Just remove my files”
• Next. • The system will be reset automatically. In the process, the computer will restart
several times. It will take some time. • To complete the reset, some additional
settings are required. They are similar to those used when reinstalling
Windows. Watch one of the videos in our channel to
see it; find the link in the description. • The system has been reset, and the files
stored in this computer are lost. After reinstalling Windows or resetting a
laptop to factory settings you will have the same situation. In order to restore files lost after system
resetting, reinstalling Windows or resetting a laptop to factory settings do the following:
• Download, install and launch Hetman Partition Recovery. To do it, go to the developer’s website
and download it for free. Find the link in the description. • Scan the hard disk of your computer with
the tools that this program offers. • Click on drive C, choose “Full analysis”
and click Next. Remember that in Windows 8/10, the default
location to save all documents and user files is the folder “Documents” which can be
found in disk C:, images and photos go to “Pictures” folder, downloaded files to
“Downloads” folder and desktop files to “Desktop” folder. You should start looking for lost user files
in these directories. The paths to them will be given in the description
for this video. The folder “Documents” is actually located
in disk C: following this path: C:UsersUserNameDocuments
“Pictures” folder: C:UsersUserNamePictures
Files downloaded from the Internet go to this folder:
C:UsersUserNameDownloads Desktop files are stored here:
C:Users UserName Desktop • When the process of scanning the hard
disk is over, use the program to go to the folder with the files that you need to recover. Lost files can also be located in the program’s
folder “Lost and Found” or “Content-Aware Analysis.” The folder “Lost and Found” contains the
files and folders the location of which could not be determined. Make sure you check this directory if you
can’t find the files in their original location. The program searches for deleted files not
only from file tables but based on their contents as well. Using a complex analysis of the disk contents,
the utility finds signatures that identify the beginning and end of a file. Files found in such manner are placed in the
folder “Content-Aware Analysis” and sorted into folders by file type. • Drag the necessary files to the Recovery
List and click “Recovery” • Choose the method to save files. I will choose “Save to hard disk.” I strongly recommend saving the recovered
files to another disk or media to make sure they won’t be erased. That is why I choose disk E, and create a
folder for the recovered files. OK. • Recovery. • Ready. • Go to the folder created on disk E to
see the files have been recovered. In a similar way, you can use Hetman Partition
Recovery to restore data after formatting the hard disk, operating system or hard disk
failures, file system damage, recover data from damaged or inaccessible disk partitions,
as well as after emptying the Recycle Bin or accidental deleting of files. If you lost more than just a system partition
as a result of resetting or reinstalling Windows, in this case you can use this program to analyze
the entire hard disk. To do it, click on the necessary element in
the section Physical Disks and start the scan. As a result, the program will recover data
of all lost partitions in the analyzed hard disk. We will show it in one of our next videos. If you liked this video, click the Like button
below and subscribe to our channel to see more. If you have any questions, leave a comment
to ask one. Thank you for watching and good luck!

63 thoughts on “How to Recover Data After Resetting Windows 10, Resetting a Laptop to Factory Settings 📁🔥⚕️

  1. Hi, I have reset my laptop, and my personal files were kept in a folder under c drive, will this folder be deleted? If so, do u know how I can recover this folder? Many thanks.

  2. Watch how to recover data after resetting Windows 10. Did you like the video? Click Like button and subscribe to Hetman Software channel. We will be glad to answer any questions in comments.

  3. My system is fully format but I want to recover some important data like image and another important video sir please suggest me ;what I can do for it

  4. After reseting my pc I found it removed my Intel HD graphics
    No my pc has no graphics card .
    Can I backup it?

  5. IF I do this would I be able to get my moms old photos off her account? She passed away and cant access her profile and would like the photos and videos on her profile, She was the admin on the computer when she passed so all i have is my local account

  6. i have file in c drive and now i cant open my pc it ask for reset and my question is :will remove my file from c drive if i do reset(keep my file) ?

  7. If the product is not free, don't say it's free to download. If it works and you're straight forward, people will pay for it.

  8. I reset my window now one of my partition is not there and I lost my data can this method will bring that back plzz tell me urgent 😭😭😭

  9. Thanks for not bothering to tell me you have to pay for this software in order to actually do anything with it. You just wasted like, four hours of my time sifting through every tiny little unorganized thing on my disk. Fuck you.

  10. Sir i have use Windows 7 and i changed to window 10 but my data drive D and drive E has been lost pleas tell me how i can find my lost data please sir help me

  11. I change my laptop in windows 10 version into windows 7 and my all videos will deleted how to i recover it..

  12. Hey bro i know this is long time ago but i seem to have a similair problem i once downloaded a program then the program stated to me that i already havd the program when i opened the program then i replaced it to desktop then it says u need to unistall this program then once i did that i also lost all my personal important files with my pictures in it and it hurts me alot i didnt know from unistalling a program it can delete personal files and pictures with it from the same location desktop now ive tried previous versions it said no version available ive tried multiple software programs wich left me with no results no picture that ive lost from the desktop is seen in any of those programs only some old trash pictures that are not mine anyway so please can you help me for a solution im very sad desperate and hopeless now also the files didnt even go in the recycle bin either they were just gone with the program that i unistalled also when trying to open the folders that got deleted with all the pictures in it it said error you canot open this file its not in the same location etc and i cant drag them or remove them or open them please help me if u can

  13. I reset my pc and now I lost all my Office applications, PhotoShop, etc. how can I get them back? The video didn't really help much.

  14. I don't want to recover anything. But I want to know why my "old files" show up after doing a complete factory reset. Where is the video showing how to do all this with a Microsoft account?
    I do a factory reset on my laptop, then go through the process of filing out all the start up information. Then it asks me for my phone number or email address. I do this then when all said and done, I'm looking at the desktop with copies of copies of copies of Microsoft edge and when I go to User Profile it shows my folders and it has "OLD". I want to completely start over. What gives?

  15. uh wasting my time to buy one of your apps thatallow me to recover my files and let u have acces to my pc folders at the same time
    what a genius

  16. Or go to C:Windows.old in file explorer and recover a good portion of programs and stuff without having to pay. Worked for me when recovering some of my FL studio songs and big projects.

    Edit: I just copied my link, that's why it said program files before. You really just have to open windows explorer, and change the directory at the top to


    It should take you to the directory of which the files were moved to.

  17. I'm using the free verious and when i try do it it pretty much gets to the end but then freezes and goes into does not respond and never recovers then it would drive my cpu up and i'm crashing? i dunno if thats related

  18. I hope this works for me my mom accidentally deleted everything off the computer including all of my music if I cannot get this back this really going to hurt I'm about to have a heart attack as we speak

  19. Nice, lost all my music projects from 2015 to now and thought this would help, but it seems as I just can't be happy anymore. Thanks!

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