77 thoughts on “How to Remove Credit Card from Xbox

  1. ok no l sure that no help why my xbox 360 is piss shot right now l just want have DIC map pack COD BO1 and what's go wrong payment
    l ps3 ever get wrong xbox 360 let's me down so l going to something this is 2018

  2. youtube needs more people like you, such a simple easy to follow guide with no bullshit filling the video

  3. Thanks u so much u helped me I appreciate u I gave my friends my account and forgot to take of credit card so they don’t charge the said they accidentally bought something and I took it off tysm 😁

  4. I only have one card set to my account and its going to keep renewing itself, how to I remove my card before it renews itself ? I dont have any another card to replace it

  5. Hi . I removed my gold membership outo renew but it still goes off but i dont even get the membership. Should i just remove account with card or wipe xbox and just put everything on a again

  6. Quicker and easier way (with an Xbox One at least). Click the Xbox home button on your Xbox controller, go to settings. Select the account tab. Here you’ll see several options, click “Payment & billing”. It will prompt you to enter your account’s password. Afterwards, any cards will give you the option of the info of the card or to remove it. That’s all!

  7. 2 things number one im trading my xbox one x for a Ps4 because all my friends play on Ps4 so my question is will I have to remove my credit info before trading it ??

  8. Hi when im going to remove the credit card it says i have to pick another way to pay

    Edit: Nvm it works man thank you so much i hope u have a great day! New subscriber here

  9. there’s an easier way tbh

    you go to settings, account, and click on “Manage Payment Options”
    then click on “Remove payment option”

  10. Excuse me, help me please
    It say "In order for your subscription to continue processing, switch to another payment option. We will redirect you so you can do that. When you're done, come back here.

  11. When I try to remove my previous credit card I get a huge list of all the things that I purchased and the credit card stays in my account. I have a second already in my account but I’m still not able to remove my original one.

  12. It says I have to add a payment method on my account to remove it but I don’t want to add one and just want to remove the card ???

  13. My mum let me pre order a controller with her credit card and now it’s linked to my account if I unlink it will it cancel my purchase?

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