How To Replace a Getac S400-G2 Motherboard

Hi, this is Tom at Bob Johnson’s
Computer Stuff and today we’re going to be replacing the motherboard and a Getac
S400 G2. Start off by shutting your computer off, removing your battery and
your hard drive if you’ve not done so already. The battery and the hard drive are
located on the bottom of the computer, underneath the door. You just open the
door, pull up the tab, pull it backward and up and the hard drive caddy comes
out. The battery is on the side and you just open the door, pull the battery out. Set
them both to the side. Go ahead and get a screwdriver. You can start by
removing the memory door cover. Sit it to the side, keep the screws with
it. Go ahead and start removing the screws
for the bottom bezel. Keep track of where the screws go. Make sure not to lose any
screws. Most of the screws are on the bottom and are the same. There are one or two
that are different. Just keep track of the screws that are different and
sit them to the side. The one in the back by the port covers is actually a
different size and so just keep track of those those screws. It’s a little bit
longer. And then there’s one screw in the center
towards the back that is longer than all the others. It actually screws in and
holds in the strip above the keyboard which you will need to remove. So you need to
take that screw off it either way. The one by the dock is a different size
as well, looks like it’s a little bit smaller. Once you have those screws off, you need
to also in the back, to take the cover off the dummy cover in the back. Sitting to the side. Open up off port covers. You do need to remove the threaded
screws in the back for the VGA and for the serial port. It’s just a socket you can find
in your average socket set. Once you have those off as well, you
should be able to carefully lift the bottom bezel off. Sit it down at the bottom just to the side. Then you can get ready to remove the
whole motherboard unit. Start removing the screws. Keep track of
the screws. Set them to the side make sure not to lose any. Make sure to disconnect the cables on
the bottom. And to lift up the neck as you go. You
can carefully lift up the motherboard. Just to see, make sure you didn’t miss
any screws. There is a couple of cables. You will need to disconnect from the
topside. You will also need to remove the battery connector. It blocks the
motherboard in the bottom so that to the side. Once you have the motherboard loose and
ready to come out, if you’ve not already done so already, remove the PCMCIA card
dummy cards. Once you have it loose, there’s a couple of cables on the top
side that you will need to disconnect. The keyboard, the string cable and a
couple of antenna cables. They need to be disconnected from the top. So you go
ahead and flip the computer over. Open the screen up and remove the bezel cover
above the keyboard that has the power button and the function key buttons
built into it. Keep track of
the screws. Don’t lose any. There’s two screws in the back of each
of the hinge covers that’s also part of that same bezel. So you’ll need to remove
those as well. Those screw in the back of the hinge covers. It is a different size
than the screws on the bezel the top, side of the bezel so separate those and
don’t lose any. Then, once you have all the screws out
you can get under one of the corners and just slip the cover up. From there, you
will need to remove the keyboard. So you go ahead and remove the screws holding
the keyboard down. Flip the keyboard up. then you can go
ahead and remove the cover covering up the antenna wires, and you can start
pulling the antenna wires up and out of the way. Just disconnect the antenna wires from
the bottom. Disconnect the video cable in the front. Be careful with the video cable. Then get you can remove the cover for
the ribbon cable for the keyboard. just carefully lift it up the adhesive is stuck
to the back of the keyboard. The keyboard ribbon cable should come right out. Then the motherboard unit should lift up. If your replacement motherboard has all
the parts on it you can just leave the parts and then transfer the replacement
on. If you have a replacement motherboard
with all parts on it, you don’t need to transfer anything. If not, you may need to
transfer the RAM, the Wi-Fi card– all of those parts would need to be
transferred. If not, just go ahead and set your replacement back in place. Make sure
not to pinch any wires or cables or anything like that. Make sure it’s firmly
in place. Sit the NIC back in place. Go ahead and put your battery connector
back on. The connector just actually pushes down into a separate board and
then you screw it back down. You can go ahead and start screwing the
screws back in for the motherboard. Make sure to go ahead and reconnect your
cables. You should be able to put most of the
bottom screws back in. There’s one that you won’t be able to put back in
until you put the cover back on for the keyboard cover. That screw has to go back
and once you put that cover back on you can put the hard drive back in now,
or you can wait until the end. You can put the memory cover back on and screw
right back down. Go ahead and put your dummy cover back on in the back and
screw it down. You’ll need to go ahead and reconnect
the antenna wires for the Wi-Fi card. You’ll also need to reconnect your
keyboard. Be careful with the keyboard connector. Cover back up the ribbon cable for the
keyboard. Slide the keyboard into place and screw it back down. Go ahead and reconnect the screen cables. Be careful with both of them. Then go
ahead and put the cover back on that covers the hinges. It goes above the
keyboard and has the power button cover on it. Screw it back down. Put the screws back in. On the backside of
the hinge covers, the last screw on the bottom , you should be able to put back on.
Now that the cover above the keyboard is back on, the last thing you
have to do in the back is to put the mounting screws back
on for the VGA port and for the serial port. Those will just thread back in. Get
into it by finger or you can use a socket. Once you do that, you’re all done
reassembling it. You can put your battery back and your hard drive, if you’ve
not done so ready. You’re all done with the repair. So that’s about it. If you
have any questions or comments, please leave them below and don’t forget to
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