How to Replace the Motherboard | HP All-in-One PC 22-c0000 Series

To remove the motherboard, first remove the hinge cover, the stand, the speaker cover, and partially separate the rear cover and LCD panel assemblies. Remove the fan, the wireless LAN board, system memory, the SSD bracket and SSD module if installed in the unit, the heat sink, and the GPU if installed in the unit. Detach all system connectors to the motherboard. Pull the hard drive cable and other connectors routed in cable guides on the motherboard shielding out of their guides and away from the motherboard area. Remove the six remaining Philips #2 screws securing the motherboard to the PC. Pull the motherboard carefully out of the unit. Doing so may be difficult – if so, you may press from the outside of the rear cover on the power-in port to help release the motherboard. Place the motherboard in an antistatic bag. To replace the motherboard, align the screw holes on the motherboard with the standoffs on the rear cover and the rear panel connectors into their rear cover cutouts. Replace the six Philips #2 screws to secure the motherboard to the motherboard shielding. Tuck the hard drive cables and other connectors into their cable guides at the sides of the motherboard shielding. Reattach all system connectors to the board.

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