How to Replace the Motherboard | HP ProDesk 400 G6, G5 and G4 Small Form Factor PC

Before you begin: Remove the access panel, the front bezel, the drives cage and the fan duct. Remove any expansion cards or the PS2 and serial port module if installed in the unit. Remove system memory, the wireless LAN board, the SD card reader if installed in the unit, the front EMI bracket, the heat sink and the CPU. Removal When removing the CPU, install a socket cover on the load plate window before replacing the load plate over the socket. Detach all remaining system connectors from the motherboard Remove the eight Torx T-15 screws that attach the motherboard to the PC Tip the front edge of the motherboard up and carefully pull the motherboard out of the unit Place the motherboard in an antistatic bag. Replacement To replace the motherboard, carefully tip the rear edge of the motherboard into the unit. Clear connectors away from the edge of the board as you press the motherboard down into place. Replace the eight Torx T-15 screws to secure the motherboard to the unit. Replace all connectors to the motherboard.

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