How to Replace the Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 MK3 VGA/Docking/Audio/Serial Port Board

This is a CF-31 mark 3 VGA docking port
audio port and serial port port replacement. The first step is to remove
the bottom screws off the bottom plate. As you can see, it’s just the screws
along the outer edge and there’s six screws that are recessed into the
computer. The ones that are recessed in are slightly longer than the ones that
are around the outside. Once the screws are removed just open up
the bottom plate. If it’s the first time opening it, you might need to use a
flat head screwdriver to pry it open a little bit. Then you can start by lifting up the
cabling out of the way. Start with a slide, then copper cabling that runs to
the connector for the secondary battery. Then you can just lift that up and push
it to the side for now. You don’t have to completely disconnect it. Just move it
out of your way. Undo, unscrew the screws holding
the connector in place for the media drive. And get that and move that out of
your way. Then there’s a plate underneath of where
the media drive goes. You need to remove the screws holding that in place and
remove that. There’s two screws holding a
separator that goes between the two pieces of memory. So just remove the
top piece and unscrew the two screws holding that separator in place. Then
remove that separator so you can lift up that plate. That’s something that goes
underneath the media drive. Once that’s out of the way you should be
able to lift the cover up. Once that’s done you can move all these antenna
wires out of your way. Get this plastic cover that holds the antenna
wires in place unscrewed and out of the way as well. Make sure to keep track of where all the
wires go. If you’re careful, you can
lift up this plastic cover and move it out of the way without
having having to completely take the wires out. Save yourself some some time. You just lift them up out of the way
once they’re undone and pull it up at an angle. Now, you need to flip it over. Flip
it to the backside where you can access the back panel. There are four
screws around the VGA to around the serial port that require a five
millimeter socket to remove. And there are three screws around the docking port
that just use a Phillips head screwdriver. There’s smaller black screws
that are kind of hard to see on the camera. But, if you put the machine in front
of you’ll see it. And there’s two small silver screws on either side of the
audio ports. Just undo all of those and the board’s ready, will be ready to pull
out after disconnecting the cable. Once you have all the screws removed go
ahead and set the computer back down. Proceed to lift up the connector
and pull the wiring– the wires out, the ribbon cables out.
Once those are undone you can carefully lift up and wiggle out the old board.
Then slide in your replacement board and you can once you slide it in place you
can put the ribbon cables in right away or you can put the screws in on the back
and then put the ribbon cables in it. It seems to me to help hold the board in
place with the ribbon cables on first. So I always put those back on first
just to help hold the board in place. When you have it
upside down to put the screws back on it you just push the cables in until
they’re in position. Then you close the connector back down. It’s just a
little tab that lifts up and down. There’s two ribbon cables. Just make sure
they’re both plugged in. Then just put he four
silver screws back in that you need the five millimeter for. I usually just put
them in by a finger tight at first until I make sure everything’s lined up
properly to screw in and then I’ll tighten it down. And there’s the two
smaller silver screws on either side of the auto board. Those need to go back in.
The three smaller black screws that go around the docking port they need to
go back in as well. Then go ahead and put the plastic
covering back in underneath where the media drive goes.
Just separates the media drive from the motherboard. Put the screws in place
holding it down. Then go ahead and reconnect the media
drive cable and screw it down in place. Put the plastic cover back in place that
all the antennas antenna wires click into. Reconnect any antenna wires and
re-position the antenna wires as needed. Slide the wiring in place. Put the two screws in holding the
connector for the secondary battery in place. Then put the two screws
holding the cable down in place. Then put the memory separator in place. Then put them, screw it back down. Put the
screws back in and you screw it back down. If you had a second
stick of RAM in place just go ahead and put it back in. Then you can put your bottom
plate back on and put the screws in place for the bottom plate. Once the screws are in place you’re all
done. You can go ahead and turn the computer
on and continue to use your computer. If have any other questions, any comments
just let us know. If you have any suggestions for future videos just let
us know. You can leave it in a comment or send us an email to our tech support
email which is [email protected]

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