How to Sit at Your Computer Without Getting Back Pain

– Hey, I’m Dr. Gregg with
Align Wellness Center, a chiropractor here in Northbrook. And, today I wanna go over some quick tips on desk positioning to
help with lower back pain. So, I see many people who come to us having problems with their lower back. Disk injuries, lumbar spine injuries, pain going down their
legs, sciatic issues, and a lot of them ask me,
“What should my desk be like “to help so that it won’t wind up “causing me as much pain?” So, today, I’m enlisting a
team member of ours, Sarah, to help with going over
proper desk position, particularly in the lower back. Sarah, say hi. – Hi! – Now, Sarah takes care of
welcoming all of our patients, she answers a lot of our phones, she takes care of a lot of insurance and billing questions as well. So, a lot of the work that
she does is at her desk. So, she’s a perfect person
for us to work with on this. Now, on her chair, we’ve
taken several steps to help her with making
sure that the desk is right. So, the first step we
did was make sure that, when she’s sitting in her chair, her feet are touching the floor and her knees are really
close to 90 degrees. Her hip, as well, is at 90
degrees up to her torso. Now, we made an odd addition
and modification to her chair. ‘Cause the support for her lower back wasn’t in the right spot. What we want is something
to provide a cushion and a bend to the curve
of your lower back. So, we don’t want it to hit your tush, and that’s what happens with many chairs. So, we look for the
cushion on your lower back to support the arch of your lower back, so you can scooch your butt all the way back into the chair. And, what magically happens
when you do that, actually, is your head goes up over your shoulders so that the muscles on
your back and on your neck have to work less. This one step has helped
many of our patients prevent from having lower back pain. Now, I wanna let you know
that that’s a quick tip on how to manage your desk. If you’d like more info on
how to manage your desk, feel free to write for
questions in the bottom below. Also, if you like this, or know someone who could use this video,
please feel free to share them and like the video so
we know you’re watching. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center and thank you, Sarah, for
letting us use you today. – You’re welcome (laughs). – Have a great day! (calming music)

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