How to transfer files using WinSCP

Once you are connected with WinSCP the
software will format itself in a way that it
displays two columns. The column on the left represents the files and
folders that are located on your local machine… …and the column on the right represents the files
and folders are located on your remote server. If we double-click on our public_html folder we will see the directory where our public files and folders
will be placed for our web site. to upload a file or a folder, we can do it one of
two ways. First of all, we can grab any file or folder from
our local machine and drag and drop it directly onto the right panel. Here I will just drag all of these files onto this panel. Drop them. The software will ask me to confirm this
procedure. Let’s say “yes” by pressing the Copy button. And after a short time, the files have transfered. another way to navigate your way around your
local files inside of WinSCP is to use the left hand
panel. Here I will double-click on the “MyWebsites”
folder. You can see that I have two different domain
names already set up. I will go into the “” folder and I will simply grab all these files and drag and drop them from the left hand side to
the right hand side. Once again, it’s asking me if I want to confirm the
transfer of these 19 files into the public_html
folder. We’re going to select a copy button to confirm
this operation. The software is also telling me now that some of the files already exist on the server. Since we already know this, and we are
perfectly fine overwriting these files, I’m going to
go ahead and select “Yes to All”. And after a few short seconds, all my files have
transferred to the remote server and are
available immediately on my public website. Congratulations, you now know how to transfer
files using WinSCP.

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