How to Update ANY Graphics Card on Windows 10

If you don’t have the latest drivers for your graphics card, your games or apps may not run smoothly. And what is more, you may
encounter blue screen issues! So in this video you are going to find out how to
easily update any graphics card on Windows 10. Now there are three ways of
doing this Windows Update, auto-detection or downloading the drivers yourself.
Alright now let us begin via Windows Update. Click the ‘Start’ button and then
type ‘device manager’ in the search field. and now select ‘Device Manager’ from the
search results. Once the device manager has opened,
double-click where it says ‘Display adapters.’ And now you should see your
graphics card and as a side note, now you know which graphics card you have. So
this also allows you to know which graphics card you have on your PC. Now
double-click your graphics card and now click the ‘Driver’ tab and now simply
click ‘Update driver’ and now you should see two options: you can search
automatically for updated driver software or you can browse your computer
for driver software. I’m going to choose the first option now Windows is going to
search and download graphics card drivers for your computer if it finds
them. Now if it wasn’t able to find anything, you might see this screen where
it says, “The best drivers for your device are already installed.” But sometimes
that’s not the case. The latest drivers are available online but it’s just that
there are some errors and Windows was not able to locate them. And that takes us to
the next step. And that next step is auto- detect. It makes sense! why not let the
company that makes your graphics card check to see if you have the latest
drivers or not? And happily the major manufacturers do this quite well. Intel
for its integrated graphics cards, and NVIDIA and AMD for their discrete
graphics cards. So in the video description I will include links to
these scanning tools. These scanning tools will scan your PC and
then download the latest drivers for you. and the last method is by downloading
the drivers yourself and this is much easier than it sounds —
trust me! All you will have to do is find out which graphics card you have and
then do a search and download the drivers for it! it’s that simple! Now, here
is another way to find out which graphics card you have. Simply
right-click an empty spot from the Task bar and then select ‘Task Manager.’ and if
it shows this small window, click ‘More details.’ And now click the ‘Performance’
tab. And now if you scroll down and go to the left, you should see which graphics
card you have from the GPU section. So as you can see, in my case, I have the NVIDIA
Quadro K600. And this piece of information is important. And we are
going to look for drivers for that specific graphics card. So now here is
what to do: open your browser and type the following, your graphics card and
then type ‘driver download’ So, since I have the NVIDIA Quadro K600, I am going
to type “NVIDIA Quadro K600 driver download.” And now i am going to click
search. and here you go! As you can see from the very first search results, I can
already see links directing me to the drivers for my specific graphics card.
Pretty simple! So this should definitely work for you as well. So overall, as you
can see, it’s pretty simple to update your drivers on Windows 10. So as you can
see, these tutorials are simple and easy to follow along. So for more videos like
this, please subscribe and thanks for watching!

98 thoughts on “How to Update ANY Graphics Card on Windows 10

  1. Hey man hows it going, i have a doubt, i got a new pc and been monitoring everything, i notice my gpu was at 0% unless i opened a game, but after auto update the windows manager (dwm) also (csrss) started using gpu, i rebuild to the previous version but this is still happening, i believe it was using only cpu before so is there a way to do that again? Also it is normal to use the gpu? Thanks, hugs from brazil

  2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the game I want to play apparently requires a Graphic Card Update and nothing I try is working, it just says everything is up to date.

  3. @Techddictive im not to smart on computers but all it says after I click that little arrow by Display adapters is AMD Radeon R7 Graphics I right clicked and updated the automatically and it said the same thing at 1:18
    I play WoW and sometimes the game crashes and before it restarts it says ''error ran into a problem need to restart'' or something like that my computer is up to date and everything but in character select screen theres a yellow triangle that says ''your computer is out-of-date'' and ''your graphics card driver is out of date'' would be nice if someone can give me a link if my graphics card driver is working or tell me something

  4. my computer wont show me the grafics card, for the manual thing, it just stops at the four basic things like CPU, MEMORY, DISK, and wifi

  5. What did he use to edit this video? Whenever the video zoomed, it looked super cool and was very helpful.

  6. I’ll tell you that is not so easy as you would like to seem , Mr. Know how ! I have a new eGPU RadeonRX Vega 64, Gaming connected to a new NUC8i7HVK. All,this drivers you are talking about were downloaded and the best software supposed installed. This did not stop the Screen go black and put me to reinstall Windows.
    Thunderbolt 3. Connection disappeared and all was lost. So please don’t brag that “ IT’S SO EASY “ because you choose only the strait forward scenario.

  7. I am having problems with the auto search for a update, I have the AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics but my computer is super slow so I needed to update it but when I clicked the search automatically button it is still searching and it has already been 30 minutes, and this tutorial is for windows 10 but I have windows 8.1 and the steps look exactly the same on my pc.

  8. I did all of these and it didn't work. I even did the manual and it said my drivers are up-to-date. and when I play a game it still says ''You're drivers are outdated!''. What do I do?

    Edit: it was glitched. I did factory reset and it worked so now I can play anything again without it telling me to upgrade.


  10. this def worked man thank you. I was getting fps drops and once i watched this vid i actually get more fps than i used to. Good Job!

  11. Hello to everyone, I was looking forward to update my amd graphics card but then found it didnt want to update so i uninstalled it and reinstalled but i cant remember which model. But i can remember its like a R5 M-Series so can anyone help???

  12. Please help me i have intel graphics card but i dont have anythink in front of it u have 4600 but i have nothink please help me

  13. ey matey just searched for Ati Mobility Radeon 4200 Series auto detect and nothing popped up,any help at all?

  14. Can someone help me out? when i go to the nvidia site download thingy it tells me i need to instal the latest version of java. I did but when refresh the link it still says i need the new version. Does someone know how to fix this?

  15. bought forza horizon 4 10 months ago and i cant still fcking launch it and i cant refund. I have uptated my drivers and everything but it still says update drivers. and i fcking want to kill everyone at microsoft. I even reset my whole fcking pc to be able to lauch microsoft store properly so i could download the game i already bought which means i lost everything i had on my pc just to be able to download Forza. now its downloaded and everything BUT I CANT FCKING PLAY IT!!!!! FUCK EVERYONE ON MICROSOFT AND FUCK THEIR MOTHERS TOO.

  16. Hey I have a question. I have a laptop and it's black screening but not while I m playng games. I tries this but it doesn't work for me. I have an Nvidia gtx 960m and an intel core 530. Please help me

  17. THANK YOU for making this video for dumb chics like me who arent as computer savy as i thought. Truly hope it works. Update complete.

  18. Hello guys, can someone tell me what series my graphics card is?, i have a asus x555qa with amd a12 9720p processor with integrated radeon r7.

  19. Thanks to your video I was able to update my GTX 1060 drivers and didn't even have to download them from the internet +1 like

  20. Thanks my bro the first step has worked. My graphic card started to fail and i was seeing green images during my games, looks like it just needed an update.

  21. I love my computer soo much so I don't want any similar problems to Mac updating when it keeps loading and stops and just restarts. I had that problem with my Mac and I was devastated since it took a pain in the balls to fix. And god knows I don't want this to happen to my Windows so I ask… Would I run into a similar problem? I really need it updated.

  22. why does it keep saying uninstall -_-
    I have windows 10 64 bit intel HD graphics and for some odd reason everytime I download and install the link you gave us, all it says is uninstall and close options

  23. Didn't work for me as when I try to install Win 10 I get black screen crashes. According to the AMD AND Microsoft my card is compatible with Win 10. Paid 150 for a factory direct copy of Win 10, that did the same thing. Windows splash logo pops up, then black screen. Was on phone with microsoft support for 6 hours and all the tech told me is that the copy of Win 10 I bought from Best Buy is corrupted. Since the packaging has been opened Best BUY will not return or exchange the software. currently running win 7 32 bit as it was the only physical install disc I have. Also, when booting Win 10 in safe mode, to try to install the graphics drivers I get an error message about digitally unsigned drivers and the application fails to auto detect or update my drivers.

  24. my laptop has nvidia geforce 820m on GPU 1 and has intel hd graphics family on GPU 0, is that normal/recomended on a laptop or should i change it and how?

  25. Please help
    I have an AMD Radeon HD graphics card and a fake windows 10 and I can't download it from internet how can I download it?

  26. Thanks for your help, You're not into the type of tutorials where there's annoying and loud electro music, Indians that have no idea about what they're talking about, or kids that are using notepad.

  27. Hi guys i have a question. So please be so good and answer my question it would mean a lot to me .
    I have installed the latest drivers from windows 10.
    but do i need to install geforce expirience drivers too ?
    what impact it would have to my performance?
    thanks a lot and have a great day 🙂

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