How to Upgrade Drivers for a Video Card on a Mac

How to Upgrade Drivers for a Video Card on
a Mac. If you’re using a third-party video card — one
that didn’t come with your Mac when you bought it — you might need to upgrade the drivers. You should also check to make sure your video
card drivers are up to date before installing a new version of a Mac operating system. You will need Video card manufacturer’s website
and video card’s website. Step 1. Go to the video card manufacturer’s website
to check for updates to the card’s software or firmware. Make sure it works with your version of the
Mac operating system. Unlike audio drivers, video card drivers are
updated often. Step 2. Visit the video card’s website directly to
look for the latest driver updates. Step 3. Install the updated drivers and restart your
computer. Most problems with updates occur from not
restarting the computer. Step 4. Reinstall the original video card temporarily
if the screen is dark when you start up the computer. Install the updated driver, and then put the
third-party video card back in the computer. Step 5. Update drivers for a Mac’s default video card
by clicking on the Apple icon and selecting Software Update. This feature automatically updates all your
Mac software. Did you know In early 1974, Apple co-founder
and CEO Steve Jobs worked at Atari, Inc. as a video game designer.

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    Apple is so "GOOD" becouse it's a lot in the media.
    but there are better things than apple (ex. Linux, zuneHD, ..)

  2. @encisoification Old macs, riiight… that's why it said "Mac OS X 10.5.6" in the video. That's not exactly an old operating system.

  3. @encisoification If your PC comes with Windows 2000, then your xomputer probably can't take Windows 7. No, relax, just joking with you.

  4. Please reply, I just bought Portal 2 and I just updated everything on my laptop, but it is just the the video card that is I need to update, can someone give me some links to a new video card for my laptop? Cheap maybe?

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