How to Upgrade Laptop — Adding Ram and Best SSD (solid state drive)

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  1. What's the advantage of this over the dell precision m4700. How does the graphics card handle so far? Do you work with premiere? Can you load it with windows 7?

  2. Does the laptop only have 2 ram slots? I couldn't make it out clearly in the video but I only noticed two sticks of RAM and I know you said it came with 12GB and you added an additional 4gb. If I'm correct, that means you have a 12GB stick? Never saw that before.

    Informative vids.

  3. I added a 4GB stick — It came with one open slot. I believe it has 4 slots total. check out a link to the FULL WRITE up in the description.

  4. Not sure about the dell. Graphics card performs great. Yes editing with CS6 … on windows 8 — but windows 7 64-bit should be fine. Check out the FIRST VIDEO and link to a full write up in the description.

  5. Thanks for your earlier video and for this one, Following your lead, I bought he same Qosmio laptop with the 2 7200 drives & added 4 GB of 3DDR Ram. Also made the 3 set recovery disks today. Bought & installed Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. When I click New Project, under General (Video Rendering and Playback) it has (grayed out) Mercury Playback Engine Software Only. Shawn (Shaun?), what must I do to get Adobe Premiere Pro to recognize the faster processing of the Mercury engine? Thanks! David

  6. OPERATING SYSTEM Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64Bit, English edit
    PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2013 edit
    MEMORY 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz – 4 DIMMs edit
    HARD DRIVE 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive + Intel® SRT 32GB SSD Cache
    SOUND CARD Creative Sound Blaster® Recon3D PCIe Audio Sound Card
    thoughts on the specs

  7. Can you do a video on external hard drives, exFAT NTFS and HFS file systems. I am thinking about formating all my external hard drives to exFAT becuase I am a PC guy while most work is done on a MAC at other studios that I contract for. Just want your opinion.

  8. My question is for photo editing with Lightroom. What would be the best laptop? and would dedicated graphic better than non dedicated. And would matte
    screen better than the normal one?

  9. Usually Intel's 4000 HD graphics card does pretty well. Same could be said for their more powerful ones that are coming out in their 4th Gen Processors. In a sense, it shouldn't have a problem. However, try to look for one that does have a dedicated GPU. RAM would play a good part editing as well. Matte screens don't normally have the brightness and gamma spectrum that a glossy finish would. In the sense, it would be better to hook up an external screen and use it since they are usually better.

  10. Or the Samsung 840 Pro. They actually have one of the highest results for speed, performance, and reliability.

  11. Do u know what ram the gosmio x70 abt2g22 needs and what disks did u use to move operating system? And do u know if u can use a 2gb stick of ram with a 4gb stick of ram together is the same system? Just bough gosmio x70 but only had 4gb of ram all I could afford:-(

  12. thank you 🙂 … i have a thoshiba quosmio f60 laptop with one hdd 5000rpm and can i install a steady state on it ??

  13. my memory is 4 GB of RAM which is: DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-14900, DDR3 (non-ECC) and i can also upgrade to 16 GB. Does anyone recommend what kind of RAM to get

  14. I am about to buy one of these from amazon, options for hard drives
    1).256GB SSD + 1TB Hybrid drive
    2)Dual 7200RPM, 500GB hard drives

    I see you are upgrading, so my guess is option 1? Thank you for your hard work! As a fellow youtube creator, I can appreciate what you are doing. If you ever have a check engine light on your car that you can't fix, check out my channel. 🙂

  15. hey, my laptop is useing DRR3L 8gb ram, and has a slot for one more, i want to buy one more of the same, does the lanes matter (is there a diffrence between slot1 and slot2?), because on the site to those who created it there are two types. w w w*adata-group*com/ index*php? action=product&cid=6&lan=fr&cid1=2 (*dot) link to the site, please help!

  16. I need help.. I bought this laptop, the hybrid drive, and the ram, and followed step by step everything you did but it is not working for me…I made the 3 recovery dvds and got the drive installed in my laptop and when I go to turn the laptop back on and hold f12, I get a blue screen that says "recovery, your pc needs to be repaired, a required device isnt connected or cant be acessed error code: 0xc000000f." please help I dont understand why it wont work and I am about to give up.

  17. When i turn on computer this is after i put the new hard drive in it says loading files which fine but then it errors. Saying a device is not connected or missing. Should i try to completely wiping the hard drive to so there is nothing on it. Then should i try it again. I made the backup disks and my model is the x70 abt2g22. It is a Toshiba qosmio. 

  18. You show how to replace one of the hard drives with the hybrid. I have ordered (but not yet received) the Qosmio with two 7200 rpm drives. There is space for the additional SSD which I did not buy but might want to add later. Is that blank spot I see on the left where that drive would go?

  19. In a very round about way, this was very helpful! The content was great, but I found it almost impossible to use any cloning software and actually have a usable disk (like you). For Toshiba computers (I was using a Qosmio x70-A), the recovery disks are KEY. I spent way too much time trying to clone and migrate when the best solution was to simply use the Toshiba recovery utility, essentially doing a clean install. Thanks for the tips.

  20. @THiNK Media TV Hi. Will This work on Windows 8 HP Laptop/Notebook? I have the same thing 4GB Ram (apparently its slow) but it has a ""Toshiba Disk Drive
    and the model is a Sata Disk Device"" (With Radeon HD Graphics etc..)" Please Reply Back Soon

  21. Please I have a question: I've opened mi Toshiba Qosmio the other day but I've got a surprise. The laptop comes with 12GB of RAM from factory and I can take it to 32GB max. But inside the laptop have only 2 slots and they are empty!? I was guessing that I will find 4 slots because the maximum available is 32GB (I was thinking maybe 4 modules of 8GB each one) but no, there are only 2 slots and they are free. My question is: where are the 12GB that my laptop already have installed and how can I take it to 32GB with this 2 slots? What kind of RAM Modules I need to install in it? I don't want to buy the wrong stuff. My model is the Toshiba Qosmio X75 – ASP7302KL

    Thank you in advice for your answer.

  22. Hello, Thanks For Useful Information. I Have Same Model, My Question Is "Is It Possible To Remove All RAM And Upgrade It With 32GB RAM? Thanks Again 🙂

  23. On a gaming computer, can you replace the ram you have with a "new" one? Just that easy?
    i have 16gb, and i am planning buying 32gb

  24. can my laptop dell N4030 Intel pentium P6200 2.13Ghz upgrade to Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz? because i cant handle my games.

  25. Hi, I am really excited to play GTA V on my laptop and have a question. I have an Acer Aspire V3-772G. Would it be worth it to upgrade the RAM from 2×4 GB to 4 x 4 GB? Because the biggest problem with my laptop is probably the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GT750M). What I'm basically asking is: would my gaming experience be improved if I upgrade my RAM or would it not matter because it is limited by the graphics card? Thanks in advance

  26. Thanks this really helped me. Im cobsidering upgrafing my hp laptop so your video was really informative.

    You seem awesome, this is the first of your videos i have watched, but i will definitively sub you and check out your older videos.

    Stay cool and sorry if my english was incorrect. Im from Norway, Europe which you probably haven't heard of anyways but yea…

  27. how did you get your windows to get activated?? I changed the drive the same way you did, but i get the message "windows not activated", but when i try to activate it i get the error "Cannot validate. Try again later"…. did that happened to you?

  28. Why didn't you replace the secondary with the sshd ? It wouldn't have the os and you wouldn't have to do all that stuff.
    And this is how you should have done it :
    Install the sshd where your secondary was then move your os files from your hhd to the sshd and turn it to your boot drive

  29. This was a good clip. Very informative. But, since he installed a 1TB SSHD, what happened to it? It seems to have lost some Gigs.

  30. So are laptop just as easy as towers to upgrade or what, Because I prefer the anywhere comfortabillity of a laptop vs a tower.

  31. I have a toshiba Qosmio G45 AV680 . I want to play this game online called players unknown's battle ground . The games minimum is
    Os: 64 bit windows 7,8.1,10
    Processor: intel core i3-4340 / amd fx-6300
    Memory: 6 gb Ram
    Graphics : Nvidia Geforce 660 2gb / AMD radeon HD 7850 2gb
    Direct x : version 11
    storage 30 gb
    I have on the computer right now
    OS: 32 bit windows vista . I have a new vista disc that has 64 bit . What I want to do is first change it from 32 to 64 bit using the new windows 64 bit cd because from what I have gathered If you want to upgrade from vista to 7 using a upgrade download it has to be the same bit . If thats correct let me know . Anyways lets say I can get it to windows 7 64 bit .If thats not possible let me know . I was going too a complete install and not keep anything I have loaded on the drives now . There is nothing on the drives I'm worried about keeping .
    Processor : Intel core 2 duo cpu T7300 @ 2.00 ghz 2.00 ghz
    Can I change the processor ?
    Memory Ram : 2047 mb
    Can I add more Ram once I change it to windows 7 64 bit ?
    Graphics : nvidia geforce 8600m GT
    Can I upgrade my graphics or do I need to ?
    Direct x : I don't know how to find out what direct x I have or how to make it 11 once I have windows 64 bit 7 installed .
    storage : I have 2 factory hard drives 150 gb each . Should I change them to the ones you installed in your video above or keep the ones I have ? Will changing them make the game run better ?

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