How to Use a Planer – Setup & Maintenance

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  1. Thank you, some good advice but isn’t that a Thicknesser, not a planer? I have a planer and I am on the lookout for a Thicknesser. Cheers

    I’m in the 🇬🇧 so maybe different name from where you are?

  2. I know you're sponsored by Ridgid, but any pros and cons to this planner vs the DeWalt one I see lots of people use?

  3. thanks for the video it was very helpful, i've been meaning to adjust my planer since i've had it for about a year and was starting to get a little bit of snipe.

  4. Another perfectly timed video as i just got a second hand planer thicknesser combo machine (which is standard in ireland) and i was really wondering how to set it up to be accurate and maintain it so thanks for the video

  5. Hi Brad, thanks for these great videos about planers. I'd like to see a video about different softwoods/hardwoods and how much you should take off at a time. I'd also like to see something about figured woods, like curly hardwoods, or birdseye in hardwoods and planing them. Thanks again for the videos!

  6. SuperNice great video just in time so I can set up my Ridgid planner, I purchased it for Christmas and I still haven't unboxed it been busy doing other things. But I'll be doing that this week. Thanks for sharing

  7. Great video Brad! Lots of really useful tips and tricks in there that I'm definitely going to have to use myself, especially the level one 🙂

  8. I figured put the level right in the middle would've been fine for the infeed and outfeed table. What should I look into when I buy a planer?

  9. Thanks for this video. Blade setup looks a bit easier than the big Hafco 15" i have at work.
    Have you had any experience with the Ryobi planers? They look similar to the Rigid but i haven't seen Rigid here in Australia.

  10. My planer has no dust shroud. It literally slings chips straight out of the front of it onto the piece. (Porter-Cable) Any suggestions for a homemade solution?

  11. Great video Brad, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. I have tried the level trick but my garage floors are not flat so it take shimming and fidgeting but I think I've finally got it dialled in. In the newer Ridgid planers, I'm finding the height adjustment knob wants to spin around freely even after I lock the carriage. I'm wondering if you can touch on that at all? Maybe not since mine is a newer model than yours. Anyone else please feel free to chime in down here!

  12. Would love for you to include how you would change the entire cutter head unit on your planer. I have the Rikon 13in planer, but it's essentially the exact same as the Rigid one you have and I'm thinking of upgrading to a higher end Spiral Cutter.

  13. first you should run the board on a Jointer before you run any wood on the planer, these are two wood machines that go together, any board has to be jointed first

  14. Bro! Just about a month ago. I bought that exact same planer second hand. The guy was so cool that he let me have the other planer he was using for parts (same model). But I was having trouble with boards having to be force fed in and pulled out. I haven’t used it since then for fear of injury. But I’m totally confident now with getting it back into working condition because of this video. Thanks for making it. Also, did you make the dust collection shroud or is that an aftermarket piece

  15. I have a planer just like that. I swapped out the cutterhead with a Shelix head. $400, but I'll be saving more than that in not replacing ror sharpening knives.

  16. I don‘t have a planer yet, but this is very interesting nonetheless. Looking forward to the other parts! 👍🏻

  17. Great tips thanks I never thought to take the time to do all that checking. I do the basics but that's it. I think I will go back and really give it and good looking over thanks for sharing.

  18. Ridgid use to be a top name in commercial contractor power tools, but not anymore. I hope they gave that one to you, I'd hate to think you paid for it.
    When I was looking for a good Thickness Planner, I found that Ridgid only had a 3 star rating because it shut down too much for over heating, but a cheaper Porter Cable planner doesn't have that problem, and ithas a 5 star rating. Maybe Ridgid should quit having them made in China.

  19. I clicked on your link to home Depot and bought a new Ridgid planer and some yard tools , Hope it helps, now to watch the 6 ways to reduce planer snipe

  20. Great video! I’m looking into getting a rigid planer, your videos helped make my decision! Subscribed!

  21. Excellent video Brad. Thank you for taking the time to make it and share it with us all. Take care Buddy all the best from London UK

  22. So should the outside ends of the infeed/outfeed tables be 100% level with the bed? My DeWalt has the tables slope slightly downward towards the cutting head, but a 4' level shows the outside table edges are higher than the bed.

  23. That looks like the pricer rigid of the two that I can find online. Could you elaborate on the differences of these two?

  24. Great "walk though" in explaining the proper care of a planer, my exact planner matter of fact, thanks!

  25. I dont agree with you calling paint thinner mineral spirits. That seems a bit misleading and makes it sound like it is not a petroleum product with a known carcinogenic (benzene). I use paint thinner in a well ventilated garage, but I wouldn't recommend someone else use it while calling it mineral spirits because I think that could do that person harm as they might think that it is a "safe" product based on the name. Paint thinner has (justifiably) harmful connotations, and for that reason you might consider referring to it as such so as to not inadvertently harm one of your viewers.

  26. Good video ! I’m actually leaning towards the planers with A built in jointer so I’m Watching all the related You tube Videos your content, commentary and camera angles are very good sound quality is also good I will like, sub, and , share Whenever I can to help you out with your channel ! I was a commercial woodworker for almost 20 years that suffered a traumatic brain injury forcing A early retirement due to some Physical paralysis from the brain injuries ? My passion for woodworking has not declined although A lifestyle Change has me in between shops at this point But i hope to get back into it as life moves on !

  27. I have a TP13002. The inside edges of the infeed and outfeed are lower by about 1/16" than the center (cutter table). There doesn't appear to be any adjustment for this just an adjustment for the outside edges as you demonstrated. Do you have a way to correct this?

  28. I just took my new planer out on my balcony (that's my workshop) & checked the level of the wings with a ruler and noticed that the ruler caught on one corner. But wonder about the waxing trick, perhaps some of the wax might get onto the wood & cause unexpected results when staining?

  29. looking at getting my 1st thickness planer. so this video gave me a good starting point on how to set it up. Thank you

  30. I just bought a new RIDGID planer yesterday, and didn't know anything about planers… Thanks for the great info!

  31. Thanks, Brad! Super helpful. I especially like the tip about "clamping" the straight edge when doing the alignment.

  32. Thank you , Brad, for your setup video. I tried that method with the 4-foot level on my new Bauer brand planer. Didn't work. For a better Ridgid brand planer, perhaps. One might ask why I have a Harbor Freight planer… well, I had the 12-inch planer, which never had any snipe, but that one went bad, so they replaced it with the Bauer ''thing''. Nothing will solve snipe with the Bauer planer. I still have my Ridgid 13 1/2 inch planer but they stopped producing the infeed rollers and that machine is parked.

  33. Is is possible to put the blades in backwards?, I recently flipped the blades and now Im getting scoops and snipe like crazy…What can I do to fix this?

  34. Hey Brad. Do the boards you plane get pitting? When I pass boards in mine they get pitting no matter if it's pine or walnut? Do you have any tips or suggestions? I've cleaned the rollers and the blades are sharp. The bed is also polished but the problem persists. This is a brand new planer by the way.

  35. I have the same planer and when I lock down the cutter head and feed the board through I noticed the locking lever starts to back off and I have to keep pressue on it so the depth of cut doesnt change while the board is going through the planer. How do you fix that???!!!

  36. Just purchased a Ridgid planer and this video was a great help in setting it up.

    As a writer however I have to tell you the word "especially" doesn't have an x in it. It's not "expecially". Sorry I had to get that off my chest.

  37. I just purchased a Grizzly planer with the spiral cutting head and many of these tips are working well with the new planer! Thank you again for a great tips video! Thumbs up and sub for you.

  38. I have a Rigid TP13000 that had the infeed roller tore up because a friend got a little to husky in pushing the board in to the planer..  I have tried many different ways to get a replacement roller # 827692 (according to my manual) and have been told  by RIGID that this part is no longer available.  Is there some way I can make this unit usable and or get a roller that can be used in it ?

  39. Great tutorial. Thanks for the great instruction. Just picked up an older Ridgid planer used so now I know how to ensure that it's working properly. By the way, thanks you for all the great content on the Made for Profit podcast. Enjoying it very much.

  40. Hi there, I just purchased a King 13” planer to assist me in building wood projects. I am a little apprehensive in using it. I have read the Manual but i am more of a visual person. Do you have anything for beginners like me?


  42. Hi I just got my planer. When mounting my floor isn't level is that ok? I also seen the holes are not the same size .Just little snug.

  43. I have a thicknesser (planer) with a cutter head that isn't aligned with the bed. While you checked this, it would have been good to show how to actually adjust it (to be true to your title)…

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