How to Use Graphic Card in Adobe Premiere Pro GPU Acceleration | VLOG #20

Welcome guys to another edition of SAHD Nico! This is a quick video tutorial since I upgraded my graphics card which you can see in our VLOG #15. However after making 4 videos with my card installed I’m not yet satisfied with the results. I researched and found out that I wasn’t maximizing the capability of my graphics card to create videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. If your Graphics card wasn’t set in Adobe Premiere It will look a lot like this! Instead of this! So that’s what I’ll teach you today. But before that if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel click the red button below as well as the notification bell for more videos like these! So first try to find out whats the name of your graphics card you’ll be needing this to manually encode with Adobe’s file. In my case my graphics card is Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. If you can’t remember yours Your can download this file which is GPU-Z so that you can see the exact name of your Graphics Card. I’ll put the link on the description below. After that go to your “Program Files” and look for “Adobe” click “Adobe Premiere Pro” in my case CS6 and look for the file “CUDA Supported Cards” Click and look if your card is included in its default list. If not congratulations we’ll be typing it manually! Lol! After typing, it won’t save due to security features. Instead, click save as and put it on your desktop or in any folder that will be easily seen. Go back to your desktop and copy the notepad file that we manually inputted the name of your graphics card. Go to Adobe Premiere file and replace the Cuda Supported Cards with the one you saved in your desktop. You can also do this in Adobe After Effects but the file name you’ll be replacing is “Raytracer Supported Cards” After that go back and open your Adobe Premiere Pro. Go to Project Project Settings then go to General Go to video rendering and playback and change the drop down to Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) In this way you can maximize the functions and capability of your graphics card with your Adobe Premiere Pro. And that’s that! This is a quick tutorial Thank you so much for watching this video. Hopefully you learned something today. If you love the video please Like and Share. If I helped you you can also help me by clicking the subscribe button for more videos Thank you guys again and see you again next week God bless. . . Peace!

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