How to Use PS4 Controller On PC (Windows 10)

What’s going on guys today I’m gonna show
how to use your PS4 controller on your pc, for modern games such as assassins creed origins,
they will natively support PS4 controller on the PC version. for example, just connect
your DS4 to your PC using a USB cable while playing the game, and as you can see, it’s
directly identified the controller as a native one. We think it because the game is cross-platform
and it released for both PS4 and PC so I think it contains the navie support for the DS4
as well. But what if you use the PS4 controller to play a game from a different time period
before the ps4 even exist, for example, let play FarCry 2 released in 2008, way before
ps4 even exists, as you can see it does not seem working for the game natively. So let
me show you a way to do that. It will allow you to use the ps4 controller literally on
any pc games. So let’s start. First, you need to go to DS4 and
download this tool called DS4, you have to click on this green button and it will redirect you to this
page, now click on the link and start the download.
Once it finished, go the download location, right click on the file and
choose extract here option, Now copy the DS4Updater and DS4 windows file. Now go to your c drive,
program files, and create a new folder called DS4. And simply past the files.
Before we running the tool, I recommend you to uninstall the SCP tools if you have used
any in the past Now if you want you can simply drag the “DS4
Windows” file and drop it your taskbar, which will work for you as a shortcut for quick
access whenever you need. Now simply plug in your DS4 to your PC using a micro
USB cable you can use the one that came along with it, or use a decent Bluetooth dongle to connect your
DS4 Wirelessly and of cause it needs pairing, Your DS4 device name will be “wireless controller”
and if its ask for any code to pair, simply type in 0000. it’s 4 zeros, Anyway I prefer the USB connection
over Bluetooth because most of us are using very cheap Bluetooth dongles or cards which
causes latency and it’s become a big problem for gaming. So connect the way as you Prefer
and once you do that, click on the ‘DS4 Windows shortcut, or you can run it from the
folder as well if you prefer the harder way. Now let me show you how this works on a real
game which is not from the ps4 era. For testing purpose, we are using the same game as we
used previously. And if this game works with your ps4 controller, you can expect it work
with any other games you throw in, Because this game doesn’t support any controller input
expect the mouse and keyboard. Now enjoy. As far as my experience is concerned, by doing
this method you can use your PS4 controller to play a wide range of games
Now, whenever you want to play something on your pc using your ps4 controller just connect it
and click on the DS4 shortcut, then simply launch the game and play it as long as want.
As well as if you are worried about the repairing with the ps4 each time you use the controller
on pc, there is no need for it. Once you finished playing the game on pc, just unplug your controller
and press the ps button, and there we go! it will connect seamlessly to PS4 just as before. So that’s
all for today, leave a like if you liked it, subs if you loved. See soon with another,
have a nice day!

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