Huawei Matebook X Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop: Battle of the laptop titans

100 thoughts on “Huawei Matebook X Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop: Battle of the laptop titans

  1. Keyboard, design, keyboard, touchpad, even the name aound like macbook. Huawei need some r&d for godsake

  2. Matebook x pro or Razer Blade Stealth (The razer 8th Generation Intel Quad Core i7-8550U, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) is now at sale for 1500 im having a hard time deciding between both…

  3. damn Huawei you just went beating everyone in everything
    Take a Break ,, And thanks for my magnificant Mate 10 pro

  4. Don't know how it is in the US, but at least here in Europe where I live, you can get the Surface Laptop starting from around €750 and the mid tier version for €999 from several places. I bet they are emptying their stocks for a new line with 8th generation Intel CPUs. The Matebook X pro starts from €1399, so the really aren't at the same price point here.

  5. Is it worth to spend an extra 550 dollars to get the MatebookX Pro i7 over i5?
    Intended for school use – so surfing online with multitasking (research and writing) and ofc streaming (Netflix).
    I hate when fans turn on while studying…

  6. Did anyone mention the light sensor is hidden on the bottom left corner of the screen? By bottom I mean actually the bottom, like under the logo on the bottom bezel.

  7. I’m struggling which one to buy as well, I’m a MacBook Pro user, want to get a secondary one, either Surface Pro LTE or Matebook X Pro

  8. I love the way the surface laptop looks compared to the Huawei. That shade of grey plus build quality! Not to mention that sick skin you've got on it. Of course, specs/performance wise Huawei wins hands down. And thinner bezels 👌

  9. How can the gov spy on somebody through an intel cpu and windows 10, both of them are US companies, to hack them is not easy and high cost. Android is open source, so it has possibility for setting a backdoor, but honestly, to those people trust the conspiracy, ask yourself, who are you ? are you worth for spying by a gov over the ocean?

  10. Been using Macbook as my primary machine for several years, but since the "Butterflop" keyboard, "Gimmic Bar" and "USB-C" only interface made me a customer they lost for ever. I handled the Matebook X at a Microsoft store and I was blown away by how beautiful and well built the machines is. Considered the Surface a while back but gave it a cold shoulder because the battery and SSD is sealed in and not user serviceable.

  11. ok the specs are good, everything looks good, but what about profesional stand of point especially matebook pro, will this be good for profesional photographers for photo editing.

  12. Can someone help me with something about Cortana? How can I change the loupe icon of cortana to the grey search bar?

  13. I'm looking for a 13-15 inch laptop for Music Production. As you may know it has to be very powerful. Do you guys have any picks specially under the 2000 dollar price tag?

  14. Can YT channels please stop reviewing laptops with stickers (“skins”) on them? The need to explain “this isn’t how it looks uhh I have a sticker on it” doesn’t help with people looking for how the device actually looks

  15. "Huawei claim most people don't use a webcam on their devices" This leads to 2 questions.
    1: Why would people not be using them? (possibly because people don't trust them?)
    2: How do they even know how many people are using their webcam??!!
    TBH i don't care much as i trust Chinese companies no less than what i trust US companies when it comes to my privacy. Both are data gatherers and i have nothing worth hiding anyway. I'm sure my fingerprint will be stored for Chinese government purposes on the Huawei but i don't intend to go to China and commit any crimes soon. So i don't see that as a problem either. I do have suspicions when a device like this stores the fingerprint on the Bios though. That's kinda pointing to their nefarious side however they justify it and however you look at it.

  16. So here is my problem with Huawei. If I was to pay top dollar for a product there many US made products with similar or less prices with better quality. I have owned Huawei and the reason was price, but other than that the product lacks taste really. XPS and Spectre are sold for similar prices and the quality and class are superior.

  17. The Matebook X Pro is a nice piece of kit but there are production issues with it and good luck getting support. Fortunately I managed to return mine within the retailer refund period. I had the following issues, which are not uncommon with this: horrendous coil whine on load, the kind that makes your head implode, occasional hissing sound through speakers, loose track pad which according to you tube is best fixed by unscrewing the back plate and inserting a piece of paper under it and inability to charge while plugged in, even after removing battery drivers and the usual attempts to fix this laptop issue. It's a shame as it's very aesthetically pleasing but until Huawei has a greater retail presence I would stay away from this laptop.

  18. Americans think Huawei may spy on themselves and they choose to ignore what is happening on their Mac LOL.

  19. I currently have the Surface Laptop 2 and will be returning it for the Matebook X Pro… even thought Huawei just announced a refresh for 2019. I mainly need the USB-C charging (and Thunderbolt 3 is nice for an eGPU). It was very stressful needing a wall outlet when traveling for 12+ hours when I could have been easily using a portable charger I already have on the Matebook.

  20. The problem with Huwaei is their ugly logos. Uhh do something about it Huwaei and NO WRITING HUWAEI at the back is NOT a good logo is not cool either

  21. The surface laptop looks amazing, but its just a bit lacking. Alcantara is susceptible to soiling. No usb-3 or thunderbolt. Not dealbreakers, but Microsoft can do better, or at least price it a bit lower. I still love the Surface Laptop, but I recon the Matebook has a better value to it.

  22. Can u review the new notebook 9 pen 2019 version? I need to know if it's good for the price (1599 dollars)

  23. i accidently touch trackpad on matebook x when i play csgo…that time was 1v1 im using awp….. i have book 2 but never use it……

  24. Wow. The skins on the Surface laptop caught my attention the second it appeared. Really nice colorway–wish the logo with color was an option during build. I'm over the silver mirror logos already in 2019.

  25. I'm surprised what you said. Concerning spying, you mean because MS is an american company so it will not spy on you? LMAO…

  26. The matebook picks up where the 2013 Macbooks left off after Steve Jobs passed away, and only started caring about money over innovation.

  27. Both are very nice laptops though one does have a bigger history of shady practice, which tends to be a big con for people building a laptop. I think the video would have been better though if you'd shot the scenes at the same time, instead of the laptops looking different between the different shots.

  28. Good review. I am forced to use a Surface at work. Horrible laptop. Virtually zero port and ugly furry cover over the body that is impossible to keep clean. Plus the power button is just a key in the keyboard so you often hit it by mistake, shutting down the laptop. Why on earth would you do that? The only plus the Surface has is that the keyboard is very comfortable to use and soft touch BUT it is has no right hand control button and some other keys are not in their standard place. Also, you can't open the Surface so ANY repair it has to go to the repair shop.

  29. Was interested in buying the MBXP. But all the controverys about it being banned in the US and stuff was a real deal breaker for me.

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