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Hello eveyone, welcome to my channel Right now, in my hand is a custom backplate for GPU you can see this I’m made this backplate for sale But, this video I will show you DIY a custom backplate for your GPU like this one you need to prepare First You need a file for cut Acrylic, Link download in the description You need Corel X7 to open this file with… I convered it, so you don’t need to install any font The size of backplate is 25×10 cm you can take it in some Long GPU I use for EVGA GTX 1060 6GB FWT if your GPU is short, just edit a litte in the file After you cut Acrylic like this one, we need to assemble it’s really easy assemble 2 acrylic with super glue after we put LED in that you can use light Acrylic or clear acrylic this is clear acrylic but i sanding with sand paper you can see in the top right cuz, in this BP have some place like gold I use Gold Metal Decal to this site Like Gold 99,69% This’s joke

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