I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

89 thoughts on “I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

  1. HAPPY 2018 Y'ALL! happy new year! i don't know why i did this, but i did. can't wait for another great year with all of y'all! xo, Saf

  2. how is that a knock off? maybe if you are clueless output what you buy, but… you know what makes you guys happy. just buy products from a country that kills his citizens. because its cheep!

  3. ok the smart watch only works with att-sprint towers wont work with cdma or verizon i have one
    and using consumer wireless and it works fine…..

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  5. Buzz doesn't know what to do huh?
    Al these mediocre jobless white people want to be rich fast by advertising and bullshitting without working hard.

  6. It says "Wish", you wish you had those in their original form. But you buy a knock off to just feel what it is to have the real deal. Buying electronics knockoffs is incredibly stupid.

  7. These are all china junk…. that is why trump is trying to put a stop to this garbage coming to our countries…. ya i said countries because i am in Canada.

  8. A video about how to buy garbage online. I don't think anyone needs that lesson. You should try to make videos that are actually worth watching. Hint, this one isn't one.

  9. 1:26,…. againt at 5:40 how the F is that an apple watch knockoff!!!! do you even internet bro?
    this video is even worse than wish itself,… and yes your gopro is overpriced,… guten morgen

  10. The watch should work. You have to find the spectrum of the watch and server for the spectrum. Even with the same i phone, different i phone for different service providers has different spectrum and needs different SIM card. (frequencies or band width). Need talk to a REAL tech guy, NOT those BEST buy boys. It is simple concept, but how many American boys scored A or even B+ in their high school physics class. The sunglass also should work.

  11. She didn’t get the right SIM card, she didn’t use the sunglasses properly, the wish video looked better than the GoPro, and I don’t think they knew how to use the drone. Overall I can’t judge because she doesn’t know how to use basic electronics!!

  12. Hi Safiya, with the Apple look alike watch, you have to go to the Chinese site and download software from there. You need a bit of patience. Once the software is downloaded you can then use it as intended. The watch does not keep accurate time, and the battery will last only about a day.

  13. i bought that exact smartwatch in Greece and it saw my sim card without issues. I was even able to make a phonecall. Exact same model.

  14. that smartwatch. i had the same with this one https://www.bol.com/nl/p/parya-smart-watch-model-6/9200000083068283/?suggestionType=browse&bltgh=t5-KUf0Ti-sPZKaWMaBGMw.pheloFYOMS8ffHepXrRGwA_0.12.ProductTitle the parya model 6 that is. it seems to have the same operating system with a few tweaks only. i had the very very same it is the case with all these knockoff smartwatches below 60$ the simcard will not be recognized, the microsd card also will not be found. – i tried a 4gb 8gb 16gb and 32gb microsd on all formats formatted fat32/fat16/exfat/ntfs/exntfs/ext4 nothing. you know also that camera? it has a resolution of 140×140! hahayea you know more ? i tried to alter that resolution guess what ? a120x120 resolution is the lowest a 140×140 is the highest. now that is a cheap watch. even back in the 80s they would not try to pull of a cheap scam like this. it is wat we call a ¨kermishorloge¨ in the netherlands in dutch – a fancyfair – factory rejected – watch. (i must tell i returned the smartwatch and demanded refund and i DID get a full refund)

  15. Wow the GoPro is a fish-eye champ. Gotta love all those warped bowed lines from fish-eye… or a GoPro owner would say "wide angle" I guess we are still using a fisheye lens for wide screen. Panoramavision lmao.

  16. try to set date and time on the spy glasses.thats ussually is first thing in manual on that spy items
    you have to craete some text file and copy to sd.and check for compatible sd cards for this device and maximum capacity.no more then 8gb i think.

  17. doesnt look at all like an crApple watch. this is what happens when ppl think they know stuff in a field but they are clueless. they try to look informed and smart but they only look like it, hardly.

  18. I bought lingerie for my wife from wish. when it arrived it looked like it was made for a child's doll. no normal sized woman could fit in their medium size.

  19. I brought a knife off wish for a silly price and was shocked that it was actually quite good – took a month to arrive though

  20. You might find the Sunglasses video if you put the SD card in a Windows PC. Some cheap gadgets don't work with iOS, something to do with the filesystem IIRC.

  21. That smartwatch isn't a knockoff iWatch in the least. It's a DZ09, or one of its clones, but the nifty thing about it, is that it actually functions far better than advertised. For starters, you can load up a micro SD card with video files and actually watch up to a full length movie on it (a feature I've yet to see replicated in other cheap smart watches).

  22. You have to activate your watch on the SIM issuer's website (pairing it with the IMEI serial number). It's also a 3G phone, so you will need to get a 3G compatible phone plan to use it.

  23. I gotta give you a huge thumbs up because this was one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen! Geez, you're hilarious!

  24. I bought a cop cam clone and after deciphering the semi English instructions, purchasing a SIM and charging then ( pant pant) pairing to my notebook. Was brought to tears by the SIM card remaining in recognized. I did a format of the sim and my problem resolved. For the price, I have to say the device is a couple of ticks above adequate.
    Could you do a formation your SIM cards and try again? I was rooting for the Apple Watch nock off, and would like to see it redeem itself. ; )

  25. The camera glasses do work. My boyfriend has had 2 pairs of that brand. You have to hold down the button for 3 seconds to turn it on and then press it again for another 3 seconds to record. If YouTube lets me post it, he has a review of it. You can also buy them on Amazon. https://youtu.be/5WYPweSLmJw

  26. Im going to go out on a limb and say it was user error that stopped the watch working. There are tonnes of variations to this cheap watch but they all use the same internals and they do work

  27. I used had a Wish account but after two purchases I deleted my account forever and thanks for this experimental video it was very useful I feel better now LOL

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