I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

100 thoughts on “I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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  2. I'm trying to find how to lock Ryzen on certain cores, like Linus did while playing BF5, but I cannot find how to do it. Can someone help me with that ?

  3. 7:32 "assigning the game to only 1 of the dies made the game a lot more stable and faster" – Thanks AMD, stability issues AGAIN…..

  4. Has always been? What about the early 2000’s when AMD was the best? It took a pentium overclocked to over 5Ghz to match an amd at 2.2 GHz.

  5. Yeah I love how people get upset when their favorite company gets some real competition I'm just like ???? That just means cheaper products for you and now that this new company is threatened they're gonna be working their hardest

  6. technically this is the first time ever when AMD has come ahead in the consumer CPU race cause in the Athlon vs Pentium 4 war Intel kinda hanged themselves with netburst; or maybe history is repeating itself

  7. I am running a ryzen 7 8 core CPU with 32 GB of DDR4 3000 Ram. Unfortunately i am also running an AMD Radeon 590. Truthfully this is an excellent editing PC. I have a macbook air and became so frustrated with final cut pro quickly . I love Mac but until they start releasing decent specs without spending thousands , PC is where im staying . Adobe Creative Cloud is also absolutely worth it especially if you are a student .

  8. AMD will always be my personal favorite

    Intel fanboys remember that Intel still licenses x64 architecture from AMD…
    AMD can KILL Intel if it wishes to

  9. Competition is good… but imagine, what Intel and AMD could achieve if they worked together on the best CPU design ever?

    Competition is a double-edged sword. Sometimes companies spend unreasonable amounts of resources to invent something that are being invented also by their competitors, and so lots of energy gets wasted. Also quality suffers while companies are testing their consumers patience to see, how cheap they can go before causing massive amount of returns and repairs.

  10. Isnt the real question if Intel will have a big comeback with next generation cpu`s? AMD might be back for a second but who knows if they can keep up the pace.

  11. who else watches Linus's PC builds and then goes on amazon to price it out……. knowing that your broke and can't afford a gaming PC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i do

  12. It only took amd over 10 years to catch up lol I like both amd and intel, but amd won't stay ahead forever 💀 two generations later, itll take 10 more years yet again…

  13. I got my 3900x 5 days ago. Only then for my 2070 to die less than 2 hours later. Still warranty, so no problem. Just more waiting time.

  14. The first Amd that I will have since I had sempron … it's a pity that again delivery to me moved to December, and I have been waiting since July: /

  15. I've got a pc question, when my computer goes into hybernation I cant get it to wake back up, when ever I try and wake it up all that happens is it sounds like my computer winds up and the keyboard comes on, but the lights in my mouse just flicker and the monitors never come on, so I have to restart the pc fully in order to get it back on fully, I dont know how to fix it

  16. Rhyzen 3 1200 has the same passmark score as an AMD FX 6300 from 2012… so yeah, not impressed. Am I suppose to be? Because I'm not. You can buy the guts (CPU/mobo/ram) for an FX 6300 system for about $100… the same guts for a Rhyzen 3 1200 would run you $500+ for the same level of performance. So where is the great value in Rhyzen? I see none.

  17. Love my ryzen 2600 and vega 64 they are rocking rocking my 1440p 144hz. gsync monitor. I bought these parts because I wanted to fuel competition. It worked! And to be fair I won't have to upgrade for a few more years. Guys just go ahead and buy AMD parts, one more year and they will have sodomized Nvidia and intel. forcing them to slash prices and actually advance in technology. AMD will leave them behind, this is a good thing as we have been sodimized by intel and Nvidia for to long. Just because they had no competition we got scammed for years… Fuck em!

  18. i just installed my 3700x last night, For some reason, the stock voltage is set to 1,4-1.45 and my idle temps is like 50c+. I then did a voltage offset of -.15, disabled PBO and CPB and now im finally sitting at 39c at idle. If you guys have any other tips please let me know as this is getting kinda frustrating

  19. <3 for all amd-ers
    fun fact i have a Amd phenom x6 1090T………………
    with a 1050 ti soooooooooooo nothing. ist frickin old

  20. Been Intel my entire life 4 builds later and my fifth is now AMD. I don't fan girl over brand I fan girl over performance. 🙂

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    Please help me I really need a PC I have been gaming on my laptop since last 3 years I don't even recieve 30 fps please giveaway a PC to me I can't afford because I m just 14 please help me

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  23. linus can you please make a follow up video to they made more additions and improvements since the last time you posted a video about it plus they introduced warp+ that's suppose to be more faster and secure. I want to know your take on it. Thanks, hope you see this.

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  25. My Threadripper 2990WX with 128GB ram works well for me. I can run Factorio in the background, have Lightroom open with a lot of photos, write some Scala code in IntelliJ and when I want t a break I just start Doom 2016 and it plays the same as on idle system.

  26. I'm going ryzen 9 with msi z390 godlike motherboard, and some badass 3600mhz ram. If only 2080 cards would come down in price… in canada their around 1,500$ for anything decent. But, when summer comes back around and nvidia drops new gen hopefully 2080 drops in price a bit and I can have my beast pc

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