100 thoughts on “I tried making a pumpkin pie, again!

  1. I love you and your kitchen videos but I literally had to run and unplug every Alexa because of the excessive Alexa demands 🤬🤣

  2. Really enjoyed this entertaining vid, even though pumpkin pie is not my fav. Tried not to laugh as every time you talked to your Alexa, it set off my Alexa echo dot, lololol My Alexa even put eggs on my shopping list which I had to ask her to take off, lolol Hope you had a good thanksgiving from 🇨🇦! 😊😎

  3. We’ve missed these videosssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. This turned out to be my morning video in bed
    I’m gonna think of you when i get a chance to use my imagination, iJustine.
    Love you, hottie!!

  5. aw i haven't seen u forever.. back when you were like the most popular haha.. all these other twerps takin over now😝

  6. So we're just going to breeze by iJustine taking a pumpkin dump in the blender??? Hahaha. This video brings me joy, great job!!!

  7. [0:53] LOL "It doesn't even freaking matter because I'm inside baking a pumpkin pie lol, you've always had a great sense of humor iJ 🙂

  8. Come on tech queen, can’t you put an Alexa blocker on your video? I can’t watch this video because there’s too many Alexa commands that are alerting my dot.

  9. Justine should make a Discord server for all of us female techies!!! I’m commenting on all the videos she posts from now on!

    Like or repost this comment so she can see!

  10. Jenna keeps a safe distance when justine operates a knife. She is ready to up the difficulty by making the crust from scratch!

  11. If you scrape a container like your mixer container with a spatula, you can get almost all of the contents out. Gives you more of what you've made to eat and helps with clean up :). Enjoyed the video and a video of DIY pie crust would be great. My mother always makes her own.

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