I was a Professional Rocket League Gamer

before I did youtube guys… I was a
pretty hardcore gamer. I used to play Hours on end
FIFA call duty you name it. I’ve played it. but today I am going to talk to you guys
about that one game that I got really hooked on for the last two years he does towards that far corner And Legends(my team mate) is going to put that off the cealing even right, in front of that net! AND A NICE SHOT THERE FROM SABER!!! as he puts it in and all of a sudden we have a tie game again rocket League the action-packed football
card game my god I love this game oh I remember the first time I got
introduced with this game was with my friend David we were looking for a game
that we could both play and he recommended a new game that was coming
out soon called rocket League so it’s just cars hitting applause that’s it
yeah do is just to only get this game like we should get it know the size I
don’t even have enough money right now oh here we go again missed three jobs
doesn’t have enough money right now ha you don’t never want to play you never
want to please never want to play roblox with me and you’re always gonna play
these freakin Call of Duty confetti this stuff you always oh oh oh I want you to
shut up and frickin listen for once I don’t care about you or what you want
all I want to do is play any game and if you can manage to that then you can’t
brick off to your roblox and play that like the little QR now give me 20 bucks
on combatives to the game of yours mm-hmm so Rockley got released me and
David started playing the game like a couple of inches in I was pretty much
look this game it’s so simple yes so addictive every pass every goal
every successful play just only leaves me wanting more and more and more it’s
also like the very little things that make me love this community as well
just saying what I say when someone totally missed the shot or just bumping
into them in the game and taking shots in or the all amazing last-second gulf
to bring you guys back into the game with overtime no yes and somehow I reach
2,000 hours on it and I got so confident I even started playing tournaments never
finished in first place though but it was really cool being live-streamed and
even having two commentators shouting your name as if you’re famous
I mean Yosemite of the balls Dexter and HP clear if he’s going to send it back
though our favor with a redirected it’s off the back wall and then you have big
throw the bathtubs that are dangerous if a brother shot on that it’s going to be
an amazing passing while on the go and that it could be three O is a minute
thirty left I’ve been at every game for legends in Sabre and that is my journey
on roughly thank you all for watching this was made in celebration for our
colleague second anniversary which has held this one today
on the same day a new Confederate season will start and I will lifestream and
play on the first night make sure to subscribe and turn on education on see
it don’t miss it that same day i will travel to the UK for a week and I might
flog it who knows but that’s all for me today thank you guys again and I’ll see
all of you on the next video – ciao I’m not really sure we’re going to see
you separately cows to be honest because they came out pretty weak offensively in
the last game so I guess it’s uh I mean it’s going to be there that one goal and
they came out pretty great on the shots but it’s not a strong offense and all
there is some same way as well but as not wrong savers I shut you welcome
potentially out of that right yeah you’re me go ahead even though you must
be able to do so saver with a nice play off a wall there and a good goalie plays

37 thoughts on “I was a Professional Rocket League Gamer

  1. The video was great. Makes me want to make a video too. I hope you're having fun still and i can't wait for more

  2. What a great video! I knew you played this game but 2000 hours already?! I am barely at 700 haha

    speaking of when was the last time we played together? we did like 2 matches a year ago? šŸ˜€

  3. Honestly why do drugs when you can watch Sabers videos
    Forking awesome video, definitely your best one (somehow)

  4. Ahhh this is amazing bro^^ I'm glad you're getting back into RL! Shutting that commentator up was hilarious XD Love this vid~

  5. This. Was. AMAZING. Besides you being a God level RL player compared to me, that brief anime moment when you turned into evil saber literally made we wunna go animate. 13/10 Inspiration achieved :3

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