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Say what you want about the plot, but
when Sword Art Online came out way back when, I like many others wanted VRMMORPGs to be a real thing. I mean think about it it’s an expansive immersive
world filled with swords, monsters, and of course one of my favorites…
death, all in VR. Now Gun Gale Online, or GGO, brought guns into the VR world. And
with shooters and more specifically battle royale games dominating the
market right now, it made me wonder, “Would GGO actually be fun to play or should it
keep its job as the backdrop of an anime?” I’ll be taking what I know of GGO from Sword Art
Online and its spin-off and examining each of its features. Alright so I want
to take a few moments to explain what GGO is, but don’t worry I’m gonna be
quick. In the world of SAO there are full dive games, which are virtual reality
games where your mind directly links into the virtual world. So think the
Matrix, without all the human goo. That sounds bad.
Sword Art Online online had a focus on swords. Alfheim Online brought fairies
and flying to the table, and for all of you playing at home, Gun Gale Online is the
one with guns. And that’s basically what GGO is, a VRMMORPG-FPS, or “vermmorpuhgirfups” for those of you like me who would rather it sounds stupid than
physically say eleven whole last letters to describe a video game.
But is it something we’d want to play in real life? In the world of SAO a lot, if
not all, of the full dive games we’ve seen share the same engine, the seed. See,
I could have easily came up with an innuendo here, but I didn’t, so your
welcome. What’s great is that the games that use the seed allow you to transfer
character data. It’s not one-to-one, it’s kind of like when you finish the first
Mass Effect and you transfer your Commander Shepard into Mass Effect 2
through your save data. Same Shepard, different game. But unlike Mass Effect,
you don’t transfer aesthetics. Instead, Gun Gale Online limited you to relevant
stats. So your avatars look is completely randomized, and that doesn’t only apply
to transfers. When a player boots GGO for the first time, they get a choice of
gender, name, and race or species (when applicable). But then the RN-Jesus takes the wheel and does the rest. All right but
let me say this straight up, I’m not down with this mechanic at all. People put
hundreds upon hundreds of hours into MMO’s, so it’s fair that they’d want to be able
to customize their characters. All right now you might be thinking, “But Kurt,
Fortnite doesn’t allow you to pick your player character. What’s the big deal?”
And you’re right, Fortnite doesn’t let me pick my character, but Fortnite
isn’t stupid–– but Fortnite doesn’t stick you with the same character for too long.
You start a match, die, and bam new character. In Gun Gale, I gotta deal with
this character for essentially the whole game. Let’s look at the anime for a
second. SAO alternative star, Karen, or Llenn, only stayed in GGO because
she wrote a character who was clearly gonna be a protagonist. I mean look at
that cute little munchkin. On top of that Karen hates being tall IRL, so she is
only interested in playing characters that are like you know the opposite of
that. She stuck with GGO because of the luck of the draw. But if I wanted to play
GGO, I would want my character right off the bat. I’ve seen buff Rambo dudes,
Amazon women, androgynous soldiers–– like what if I wanted to be an
androgynous soldier. Sure I can buy clothes to cover myself up a bit, but I
want my beautiful face to shine, you know. If you want even more proof, racist memes
aside, you can look at VR Chat. It’s a virtual reality game where you can be
anyone from anything, so players have gone and done just that. Now I don’t
speak for everyone, but if this feature was implemented IRL, I guarantee you it
would cause players to leave the game. I want customization and making things
completely random makes that frustrating. But assuming you can get past spawning
as… okay well let’s be honest aside from the protagonists, most of the characters who
play video games are just average looking dudes. So the only risk is
feeling like you’re an average looking dude playing a video game… that’s
literally the best example. But anyways what’s waiting for you in the game, Gun
Gale Online isn’t just a video game though. It’s an entire sensory experience.
The full dive system doesn’t just allow you to move your character freely, but to
really feel like you’re inside the world. Food and drinks have taste, the air is
filled with smells and sounds, and firing a gun gives you recoil. Your character
isn’t just a model with a gun, but an avatar who has to pick up a gun, load it,
aim, and fire with each shot. Which sounds fine and dandy, until you realize you
have to perform every movement necessary to reload a gun, instead of you know just
like pressing a button. You would need to release the expended magazine,
fish a loaded magazine out of a pouch, properly load the magazine back into the
well, and chamber around. I didn’t even know those were things to do, like I
had to ask somebody in the office. Like has anyone ever played H3 VR? That is the
most similar thing I can think of and it’s not really that easy. Sure if you
were a trained professional or a hobbyist this would be a piece of cake.
But little old normie Kurt over here doesn’t know how to do that.
In the very first episode of
Sword Art Online Alternative, we already see the
advantage trained military personnel have in the game. In fact, they were just
using the game to train. So that might be another strike against GGO for some
players if you’re against really really steep learning curves. Luckily, not every
aspect of the game is this ultra realistic. Aiming and dodging has been
simplified for everyday gamers thanks to two features: the bullet line and the
bullet circle. On the defensive side, the bullet line appears when the enemy puts
their finger on the trigger. It’ll show a laser that highlights the predicted
trajectory of a bullet. They’re kind of like red dot sights, except way more
obvious. On the firing end, the bullet circle appears in the player’s vision and
shows an area where your bullet may randomly hit. Lowering your heart rate
and concentrating will reduce the size of the circle. Agility and dexterity stats can
also help with your accuracy. Each of these are similar to features
found in today’s shooters, and it’s interesting to see how they manage to
adapt some of them into a VR game. And while bullet lines seem like a good
compromise between realism and gameplay, bullet circles seem like the worst of
both worlds. While I get that hip firing is supposed to be imprecise, it doesn’t
really make too much sense to randomize the movement of the circle and where the
shots land. Shooters, third and first-person, like Gears of War, Destiny,
and Battlefield have their own rules in mechanics when it comes to hip firing,
But the shots aren’t that random. But enough about how guns work let’s talk
about the actual weapons. GGO has a lot of guns.
You’ve got the live ammo guns all based on real life firearms from around the
world, and optical guns which are these sci-fi, halo-esque,
energy weapons. Now optical guns are cool and all, but the show shoves live ammo
guns in your face and tells you they’re better. Which is great, but why are even
optical guns in the game, if they suck? Which is actually really personal for me,
it’s so stupid. Everyone in
the game uses live ammo rounds like why in the f–– Each type of weapon has
different properties and the combination of the weapons allows you to tackle or
approach enemies in different ways. With the weapon diversity you can find in GGO,
the possibilities seem endless. Kirito and Llenn both have scenes of them
shopping in stores and there’s like a sh*t ton of guns. Like they got, they got
big guns and small guns, I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I’m
definitely not a gun enthusiast. But Gun Gale Online seems to let you build the
load out of your dreams even if it’s just aesthetics. When you’re done shopping for
weapons, you can travel into the wild lands and play the actual game. Now the
world of GGO is dark and covered in oil and I kind of like that for real. Nature
reclaiming the streets, ruined armored vehicles, ancient ruins, and subways. It
makes you wonder how we got here. Now a large area to wander in seems like a
great gaming environment, but there’s one tiny likely plot-related problem: GGO
doesn’t have proper fast travel. It doesn’t allow you to warp to landmarks,
unless you’re logging in or being transported to an arena. And I know what
some of you are thinking, “So? I really want to feel like I’m in the world?
It’s immersive!” And to that I respond, “Are you fucking insane?” See I’m okay with
walking, actually in fact I’m okay with running I’m actually part of a track
team. Albeit, I’m a jumper which is 6% of running, look but that’s irrelevant. My
question is, “Why would I want to do that in a game?” Games are an escape from the
mundaneness of reality, so why would I want to do mundane things from reality
like walking all the time everywhere? Can you imagine having to
take the time to make your character hike a mile out of town, just to fight
some monsters? Like an actual physical seven-minute mile. Yeah yikes. And I know
what you’re gonna say, “Well what about Pokemon Go?” First of all, you’re asking a lot of
questions this episode. And second of all, Pokemons Go gratifies the player about
every 20 seconds or so with finding a new Pokemon. While in GGO you don’t have
that. Quests are spaced out and honestly, I ain’t got the time to walk 30
minutes to turn in a fetch quest, like I just can’t. But to be fair I’m sure the
developers wanted players to notice their world and environment. Which I
totally forgot to mention by the way is all destructible. In SAO Alternative we
see Team SHINC fire at and later destroy
the walls and floors of the cabin Team PM4 is holding out in. This is a pretty dope
feature because the only other game that’s done this well is Rainbow Six
Siege. In Siege each map has destructible walls, indestructible walls,
and semi destructible walls. These potential weak points add so much to the
first-person shooter genre because now you can actually use tactics. Walls
aren’t always a safe haven for you or your enemies when you realize too late
that you’re hiding hole is actually drywall. Which is cool and all but if we’re
being honest it still doesn’t make up for the fact that the game is a glorified
walking simulator. But it is what it is.
Outside of checking out the map and you know, doing what you normally do in MMOs,
there are other modes too. When I said battle royale games were dominating the
market, I wasn’t kidding. I’m sure you played, or at least heard of Fortnite
Battle Royale. GGO is pretty much the same thing SAO
proper brought us the blood of bullets, which is a solo match, while SAO
Alternative introduced squad jams or squad battles. But unlike most battle
royale games these matches are special events, meaning that they’re not always
available. The Bullet of Bullets and Squad Jam are recurring special tournaments that
happen irregularly. But when they do they’re pretty much like the World Cup
of Gun Gale Online. You can catch these matches on MMO streams or from
televisions with the game itself. And from what I’ve seen in the anime, it’s a
pretty big deal. So it’s got to be really fun to watch, let alone play. So I’ve
compared GGO to a lot of games we already have, but what would it look like
in real life? I see it as a mix of Destiny’s RPG elements with Rainbow Six
Siege’s destructible environments and just a dash of Fortnite. It’s also got
so much Second Life going on, with the way people interact through digital
avatars, the fact that you can watch streamed content within the game, and of course
the fact that you can meet your soulmate. That’s what happens in
Second Life right? And we can’t forget the frustrating realism of H3R. But their
powers combined, what do you get? Honestly a game I’d love to play, in a few years.
It’s hard to imagine a full dive on one of today’s rigs. You’d look pretty damn
silly trying to make it work. But if Ready Player One is a good indicator of
the future, and I fully believe that it is,
we’ll get there sooner than you think. I’m Kurt and this is Get In The Robot
your anime watch list. you

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  1. The entire reason for the "random starting character" thing was so that Kirito could be an androgonis soldier in the first episode. Thats it. Its literally nothing more than a plot point.
    Theres no way its a canon feature. Just…nu-uh. Forget it.

  2. Personally when im older, id love to make a game based off of ggo with all of the same elements(but it aint no walking sim)

  3. Dude if you pay close attention in GGO you should know that optical guns are used mostly for killing monsters or having a very accurate gun with the draw back of if the enemy has there shield up it does half the damage

  4. I mean… player speed in-game is far greater than than a regular human's speed lol. A nice agility stat or an in-game vehicle would make traveling sweet tbh

  5. optical guns are used in ggo as a weapon to fight PvE, unlike live ammo witch are used for PvP its the more common on in ggo cause you dont wanna kill a tentacle monster every 5 minutes

  6. Rust is the only game that I can think of that sticks you with a randomly generated character. And it sorta works because it's more about survival than an MMO.

    GGO would probably only appeal to those who are interested / already into guns, much like H3VR. In a world with Full Dive VR, I feel like a game more like SAO would be more popular.

  7. With the progress of understanding the brain, I too believe it's going to be possible, though it may be years to decades from now. I'd at least consider playing the game myelf if it's available, though the required hardware would likely be quite expensive at first, especially the headset.

  8. Live ammo Guns are better in PvP and since Monsters are weak against optical guns, they are better for PvE

    Plus it wasnt team Shinc who shot through the walls i believe they are called MDMM

  9. as far as i know Quantum Super Computer will be Comercials in between 2020 or 2030 so maybe Full Dive tecnology Will be there at quantum PC Server Maybe Who Knows??

  10. Well im gonna answer you asked in the title. Yes I would cuz just for fun but without the possibility of getting killed irl by the headset😂

  11. Something you missed at the end, and is probably worth mentioning, is that full dive gear completely immobilizes you in the real world. So there's no looking stupid! Yay! I can't wait for full dive gear to become a reality!

  12. Remember that in Full-Dive VR you are limited by only your mental capacity, not physical. Plus AGI stats increase running speed, and there are skills related to running as well…… if you don't wanna take in the beauty of the surroundings and the effort it took to build it all. Also, a walk can be surprisingly calming…… haven't you taken some before?

  13. Mechwarrior series had the optical(Energy/laser) and live ammo(Ballistic) down pretty well, lasers werent limited in ammo but could overheat, many combinations and type of energy/pulse/laser as well as the mech could determine how quickly if at all it overheated…overheating could shut down the mech from power use, they were poor at range I believe(tho honestly Id think theyd be better) and had higher velocity but also had low DPS as the recycle time on the weapon was long. Meanwhile ballistic weapons had better damage output but were limited in ammo but had fast recycle time so can fire more, low heat output.

  14. It doesnt even need to be a VR game, if they would make a FPS MMORPG in the likes of a WoW, i would instantly buy it and play it!

  15. Theres a black mirror episode abt this I'd be the best game we could ever make the test phases would definitely kill alotta ppl nd what happens if it glitches do you loose your mind could it kill you prolly full dive gear would take alot to make viable idek if we'll see it this generation

  16. Apparently you've never played PUBG where being far from the zone is like playing a running simulator if you have no vehicle

  17. Am i the only one thinkning about how if you registered for bullet of bullets and in the end your friends, family, classmates would all be watching your "avatar" and tell you how dumb and wierd your avatar looks. Not to mention all of the little mistakes they critique when they see you after it ends.

  18. Fast travel breaks my immersion. I stopped using it in skyrim and now that i feel like ive seen everything there is to see on the roads ive started using it again mostly because i dont play for immersion anymore.

  19. If you paid attention to the actual Season 2 you'd know that the "Plasma weapons" or whatever are easily countered by a belt that projects a circle around you that disperses the shots making it useless in PvP since that belt is pretty easy to get and everyone has it.
    Also these weapons don't cost money for every shot like live ammo guns… they are expensive… 😀

  20. If anyone can make it post progress vids and start a Kickstart or go fund me put a link in the descriptions and I will help fund it and I'm sure others will to and if you can make a amuh sphere I'd buy a few of them for me and friends and you don't near customizations or there would be like a bazillion of each character in the shows they all need to be unique

  21. Oh. Optical guns were explained as great weapons for PvE content because monsters didn’t have Energy shields, no bullet drop, no heavy ammo, etc. live ammunition weapons were better for PvP.

  22. 6:54 its kirito and sinon not kirito and llenn btw kirito and sinon never shows up in GGO (they show up in the game not the tv show GGO)

  23. so no developer in their right mind would include such things like randomly generated avatars and a massive world map without warp points so many of the problems posed by GGO would never actually happen in an actual game

  24. Don't forget that games like Pavlov are super popular and don't forget that ggo was originally made in American and remade in Japan so in America basically everyone probably knows how to use a gun plus you can buy vehicles and and and you can make money from ggo

  25. I wish GGO and SAO would come out now >:c plus I already know how to shoot a gun and I’m 11, my opinion it’s not that hard. ITS SO FUN!

  26. If you don’t want to walk use a vehicle, also the live amo guns are good against players and the laser guns are good against monsters

  27. me: every second i can get shot at
    me: oh YES
    everyone – ish: NO NO NO NO
    me: running YES, and guns have weight to them!
    me: P90 and VSS all day every day

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