Illuminated Effect using Distress Ink Resist Video Card Making Tutorial

hi and welcome to hedgehog hollow my name
is Alexandra and today I’m here with Mei Mei made it to show you how to create a
gorgeous Christmas card we’re going to be creating a nativity scene using the
resist technique and distress inks I’ve lots of tips and techniques for you to
make your card-making successful as well so let’s get started so we’re going to be using the celebrate
the season set from Maemo major which I made another card with a couple of weeks
ago and a coordinating envelope as well now to be linked in the top right hand
corner of your screen you’ll be able to see a link to that if you would like to
view that video afterwards as well so first of all I have a piece of Neenah
solar white that I have cut down to a bit smaller than card front size so this
one is three and three quarters by five inches which makes a perfect layer with
another piece of card stock and then your card front as well I’ve grabbed
some colors of distress inks which we’ll go through in a moment
we need a Versamark we have some Ranger blendy tools I also have my powder tool
to remove static when we heat embossing Versamark which is our glue ink and to
embossing powders now I’ve chosen to use the Ranger super fine white detail which
I love and I’m going to also be using some lawn fawn gold as well maybe later
on for some stars we’re going to start off with that
white first of all so to do that I’m going to hold my cardstock in place and
we’re going to put on a tivity seen on here so I’m going to centralize this as
best as I can it’s a right of a quarter of an inch gap here at the bottom and
then I’m going to be using my verse above I said and this area is going to
be quite dark by the time we finished so we’re going to start off like this and
we’re going to pick up our cardstock now if you pick out your cardstock and it
and pick out your stamps with your Misti and it picks up your cardstock my
cardstock was already in this bottom groove here so I just put it straight
back in there I know it’s exactly the same place I’m going to use the powder
tool to remove any static that might be on here like this and now I’m going to
ink those stamps with the Versamark pad and you can also get them in a small
cube size I also do like to use those sometimes but this is the larger size
I’ll link both the options below for you in the supply list now I’m going to give
this a nice firm press because this is quite a solid stamp and
so the verse is quite detailed I’m going to stamp it twice because I just find
that that gives me a better effect I’m less likely to have any areas that
haven’t caught the ink in any way so again I’m going to do the same thing and
I use sort of the heel I think is the right term of my hand here so imagine
you are needing a piece of dough that will give you the best results
now if you then pick this up it may be hard to see on camera but I can see if
I’ve caught all of those areas correctly I’m also going to grab this is called a
tiny tray it’s perfect for embossing it’s going to clean out a little bit of
red powder that was left in there now I’m going to add that white embossing
powder and the same on the sentiment and then going to heat this with my Vagner
heat tool that is my preferred heat hall now currently it’s just white on white
and you will be able to see when it sets because it will turn from powder to
gloss and we’re going to be adding ink over the top of this and this embossing
powder is going to resist that ink which is how we’re going to end up seeing it
so we’ve ended up with a really good image but to firm it up I’m going to do
a second layer so again I’m going to pop my card stock in that groove that L here
and I’m going to ink up my stamp with my Versamark again and what this does is it
gives you an even more solid image and particularly doing this resist technique
you’ll be really thankful for that’s the beefier image I guess is a good way to
describe it I’m going to do this thing again stamp once and stamp twice and I’m
going to apply that white embossing powder again again it’s another reason
to use that superfine by using this technique of stamping on your heat
embossing twice it’s beefier and we don’t want to use too lose rather any of
that detail that’s in that gorgeous verse that we’ve used there’s lots of
verses in the stamp set and depending on what your card is who your recipient is
all those things are in thought of in there
so now that I’ve applied that embossing powder I’m gonna do the same thing and
I’m gonna heat it again with my bag and a heat tool
so once you’ve set that you’ll have this lovely solid image and I appreciate a
little bit difficult to see just because we have that white on white at the
moment and I’m going to start with some squeezed lemonade and I’m going to be
using the Ranger blending tool this is the same craft sheet that I had in my
Misti I cut them down because then I find it’s much easier to clean out I
misty I don’t use up all that paper although I do have some of the grid
paper laminated and I’m going to start by just creating that bright yellow on
the inside of the nativity scene I’m going to add that in first then I’m
going to move on to mustard seed so again I’m going to pick it up on my tool
and I fade out a little bit on here and now I’m going to start just on the edges
of my Nativity and now we’re going to work into that fossilized amber and I’m
going to use one blender for those too some people have them and they put
little velcro dot on the bottom and then you could have one for each color I
prefer to just do it in blending groups and fun during a video I tend to start a
new one anyway so I’m going to hold here and I’m just
going to start bringing that into those edges there I always start off really
light so you’ll see that my colors particularly the lighter colors I’ll
give them a little bit more sort of real estate on the card then I will by the
time it’s finished but it’s much better to have it lighter than darker because
you can always add more of the dark onto the lighter areas but you will struggle
to add the light to any areas you’ve already made dark I’m going to keep that
because it’s a really nice transition color then for the rusty hinge in the
vintage photo I have another blendy here so I’m going to first of all start with
that rusty hinge and again we start on our sheet and then
we start blending out here I want to get that effect like a really red shepherd
shepherds delight kind of sunrise so I’m blending back towards the middle of that
sentiment trying to blend out and just dressings are great they’re really
forgiving for things like this and then I’m gonna take that vintage photo and
I’m really just going to start touching the edges first of all I’m going to
start here and you can see I’m just flicking around the edge and then I’m
just going to very gently you start touching it in because I don’t want too
much of that dark color until I’m ready this gorgeous color combination you can
see how rich and warm and things this is starting to become I’m gonna add a
little bit down here on the sides much though no leave the bottom fairly light
I think drag just a tiny bit through to give it some definition but I really
would like to try and keep those yellow tones down there at the bottom I’m going
to go back to that fossilized amber as I said it’s a really nice transition color
and I’m going to put more over that sentiment and just start kind of
dragging that down towards the Nativity inside that barn I want it to be really
those yellows and those bright colors as though there’s that illumination of a
light I’m gonna go back with the squeezed lemonade that’s our lightest
tone just blend out any lines that are in there okay okay just pop my lids back on again
and then I’m going to use my distress sprayer to add a little bit of texture
into this so I’m going to spritz it just to the side you might be able to hear
that I kind of just gives me an idea because I want some really light
spritzes what that does is it will just add some extra texture so I’m going to
leave that to dry this for a couple of minutes while I came out my workspace
and then we can add those finishing touches and mount it up into our card so
once your piece is dry you could either give it a helping hand with your heat
tool but be quite gentle with your heat tool or eternity you could give it a
helping hand with the Ranger heat it tool which is what I did on mine now I
also just grabbed a piece of paper towel a little bit of water on it and who also
was going to dry it anyway I ran it over all of these areas so these are nice and
white again nice and polished up so they’re lovely and clean and back to
that beautiful white color I also grabbed my lawn fawn black ink which is
a really nice black ink to work with and I grabbed one of the stars that come in
the packet there’s four different sizes of stars to choose from and I decided
I’m going to just stamp some stars around because it was a starry night and I’m also going to grab the smaller one
which is in the middle here so whenever I use a photopolymer I pop it down on my
table if I’m using a credit block and pick it up then I know it’s not going to
be walked and it’s not going to have moved around all those kinds of things just adds a little bit of extra detail
in there as well now I have pre-cut a matting layer for this one I cut down
some Kraft cardstock here and I already have my card base pre-cut as well half a
piece Neenah solar white cut in half lengthways plus we’re going to be
needing some tape and I like the tonic funky tape you have seen me use that
lots of times before you’ll see also how well the Nina has taken that distressing
as well I really am very impressed with Neenah card stock overall so I’m going
to pop this down on here and then I am going to use some foam tape I’m going to
use up some pieces from a previous project first so I tend to take a long
piece and this roll is huge when you first get it it’s lasted me months and
months and months and as you all know I can’t make almost every day so that will
give you an idea of how long one roll will last year and I’m going to use this
to give us some dimension on that card front so I’m going to open this up pop
that down and there you can see our gorgeous Christmas card love how it says
to celebrate the seasons joyous sounds and sights and embrace the miracle of
Jesus born that first Christmas night so gorgeous card love all those colors love
having the stars in the sky so many elements so simple perfect for a
beginner or maybe a quick and easy Christmas card and of course all that
water also adds some great dimension in there to do check out the blog post
where you can find all the pictures that you can see on your screen now and
they’re available to pinch your Pinterest boards we also have a full
supply list below the video and on the blog for you as well in visual format
thanks so much for joining me here today we’ve made it do give us a thumbs up if
you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit that subscribe button I’ll stamp
if you prefer and I’ll see you again very soon in another video tutorial
happy stamping bye

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  1. What a beautiful card! Personally, I preferred it before the spritzing (I'm not a fan of the spritzing look). But it is still gorgeous! I'll have to try your technique. The colors blend beautifully! I love Maymay's videos and have several of her stamp sets. Thanks for sharing!

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