I’m a PC & Console gamer. How do I use the EGAMERCHAT App?

If you play PC and Console games with other people, then this is exclusively for you. It’ll help you take control of your gaming lifestyle I’ll type in my password, and log in to the Egamerchat App What group chats have I made so far? Quite a few… Here’s my Rocket League group I’ll see if there’s anyone else we can invite to join in Two playing Rocket League in Manchester What if I take the group filters off? Looks like a lot of Overwatch players using the App We’ll put the filters back on Okay, what level are these guys? Xavier’s mid skill on Rocket League Looks like Vicky is noob skill I’ll invite him since he’s similar to my level What settings does this group have? We’re trying to form a team Who are the members? Maribel hasn’t been on in a while We’ll give her a chance People with the clock get kicked automatically after 24 hours Looks like she’s also an admin Chris only plays League of Legends and Rocket League What games are on my profile? So I can show 10 games but only have 9 so far I also play FIFA… My skill? Definitely pro. And that’s on Playstation 3 My skill on Rocket League could do with a boost And I play that one on the Xbox Other gamers should see that I’m interested in events … playing 2v2 … … forming a team … and Cosplay Why not! Let’s check out some events going on in the UK These LAN tournaments look good I’ll make a group chat for the EPIC event And then see who else is interested in going A few want to go to the EPIC event I think they’re doing an Overwatch tournament, So I’ll invite these guys to chat Maybe we can form a team! That reminds me! I’ve got to arrange a training session for my other League of Legends team. Chris already asking when we’re training… Don’t worry… I’ll swipe left to add a private event on the group at… 8pm There we go! And before the EPIC tournament opens… We’ll go as a group to meet up for coffee… Around… 10am. Right! Time to play some games!

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