Instalação do Waterblock na Placa de video 1080ti – Watercooler Vlog 09

What’s up everyone… today I’ll finally install the waterblock on my video card after wanting to do it for a long time. I’ll also change the 45 degree fittings for 90’s To the system flushing… so that we can change the fittings and also “blend” some pipes And we’ll also bend some pipes! Let’s go! Since the late 980ti You can check the video on the card on the top right I’ve purchased this Gigabyte 1080ti But because of the shortage of video boards due to mining… I was not able to find the one I wanted… So I bought the Gigabytes’s G1 Gaming But at the time of purchase, there was not any EKWB blocks. or chinese or whatever… So… I searched for a while and found a Phanteks waterblock. I’ve sent them one email asking if the waterblock would really work on the Gigabyte 1080ti G1 Gaming So they’ve repplied saying it would! And I bought it! I had been just released And the block is really nice Really nice, take a look at it. The sides are black That kinda matches with the theme And it also has LEDs The LEDs are AURA compatible Which matches my Asus motherboard. I’ll be able to integrate the light’s movement. And should be pretty nice! I’m quite happy (terrified actually) First part of the video will be to install the waterblock to the video board Be carefull not to blow up the video board (like I did in the past) And I don’t want to blow another one! So… Use the manual! The manual is very thorough It will tell you what to disassemble and assemble The manual tell us to unscrew some screws 7 to be precise As you can see, the video board (doesn’t it look small?) is disassembled. And this is the fan shroud AKA lots of fans It’s shinning… so it’s done! Clean it perfectly! you can use a cotton cue with 95%+ alcohol also try cleanning the sides of the GPU You can start with a paper towel And you can finalise giving that extra sparkle with a microfiber cloth Manual states this crazy amount of thermal paste… Now place the screws in a cross pattern Be carefull… So you don’t damage and blow it up (like i did with the 980ti) It’s done All screws are where they should be And this is how it looks! Let’s drain the system New block is in place Now let’s drain the system As you can see… I have a drain valve right here I remove the end cap I gotta turn the knob Usually I use these drain pipe That I can fix in the drain valve I usually use it when not filming Because I’m filming… I’ll do like this Just place this here Full system has around 700ml So it will take some runs to empty it So I’ll control using the valve I turn it… Nothing happens… why? Since the loop is closed It requires air into the system To get air in the system, I’ll open the reservoir cap Just put everything back together Finished bending some pipes I was able to use the pipes benbed last time I just had to bend these two. This one looks nice! What should you do to put water in the system? You should use a ATX Jumper It will fool the PSU saying it’s connected to the motherboard So you have the get the PSU cable OK, it’s connected let me do a final check… All of them have o’ring and are closed… VGA and MOBO are disconnected ATX jumper in place Now just need to turn it on Always make sure there’s water in the pump Never run it dry! Let’s check if this time I’ll run into trouble! There’s not a lot of difference in the order of the waterblocks In my case, the pump goes to the CPU, then to the radiator and the VGA, then back to the pump. When the temperature stabilizes All components have the same temperature… It’s basically for aesthetics! 😀 I’ll make couple of videos… next week I’m going to Argentine To watch the All Blacks Rugby game, so I’ll make a travel vlog. And I should build a a HTPC computer It should be pretty straigh forward… a friend saw these videos (water cooler and a cheap gaming computer) And he asked me if I could build one for him mini ITX system and so on… I’ll wait for his confirmation So I’ll buy the stuff and put it together… I hope you guys liked the video… please hit the like button Sign up! Lot’s of fun stuff are coming along! Thanks! See ya!

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