Install Chrome OS On Your Old Laptop PC or Macbook CloudReady OS, Chromium Mini Lesson

Hello. I’m Selma Teacher7 also known as Mr.. Berry by my students today. I want to show you how to install Chrome os, which is just like the chrome os on to an older windows laptop now let’s say that you have an older windows laptop hanging around and it’s so slow you don’t want to use it [anymore] and This one here is very slow. It’s running windows 7 has [2] gigs of ram, and it is a dell latitude D630 Now once we install the chrome os, or the chromium os? It should make this machine much faster it still works with a Microsoft word document So that you can still [open] them even offline you can Store your files locally or save the menu to your Google drive or even into your Microsoft onedrive When you’re online use that one? so let’s go ahead and [get] started with showing you step by step on how to download the Operating system, and then actually install it on this machine, and I have to install it I’m going to run some tests to see how it actually performs in Benchmarking alrighty. [let’s] [get] started with the lesson [now] to find the chrome os from neverwhere. Just type in neverwhere calm Once you’re at the site. Just scroll down click On install Cloud ready home I’ll be using the 64-bit Cloud ready so I choose that And then [they] download the operating system It may take a few minutes – 30 min or so sitting on a fast you’re interesting to download Now want to finish [it] downloading You need to install the chrome recovery utility app which I’ll show you how to find right [now] at the chrome web store [just] click on launcher And find your [webstore] click it and then type in recovery in the box Hit enter and then go down the list to the apps and this is the one that you want to install it’s called Chromebook recovery utility you just click on add to chrome and then You’ll have it Once it’s downloaded go over here click [on] the start apps and you can type in recovery to find the recovery [os] offered by chrome And here it says create a recovery media for your chromebook and what we’re going to do here is click [on] the tools and Then right here. It says use local image. We just downloaded the chrome os image There we go And then click on the drive you want to use and then continue and create now Now this step involves it creating a recovery image right onto your uSb thumb drive [it] does take some time to complete You can use in an 8 or 16 gig size thumb drive Now once it’s created the recovery media is a success your recovery media is ready You can remove your recovery Media Okay now take out the uSb drive and boot up from that on the laptop I have to do the 630 Latitude plugged into power [more] I turn it on and then go into the bios [setup] by pressing the F2 key You know this is the bios setup In order to install the chrome os from neverwhere I? Have to do it up from a uSb flash drive So what we want to do is to boot up from a flash drive Within the bios settings, I’m going to scroll down by using the down arrow Key down To where we have the boot sequence And I hit the enter key once and there it is Usb storage device Now it says press up or down arrow keys to select U and d to move it some are go you To move that one up To the very top that [way] it will boot up from the USB storage device Once I’m done Press Escape, [it] says. Do you [want] to save? Yes save like and Now click on save and exit, but before I do I want to plug in the USB device So now I’ve plugged it in and we want to click on or hit save and exit Okay, and here. We’re booting up from the USB devices Cloud ready And we’re starting one takes Okay, already. It looks very similar to Chrome os here [and] here’s the Network Choose my network and then put in my password After putting in the password for your wi-Fi network. I’m going to click on Connect And then I say continue And this does look called whole bunch like Chrome os Okay, now I’m going to enter in my gmail account and click next hang in your password click on next And here it says thanks for using Cloud Ready home edition Okay now What we wanna do to install this [onto] the hard drive Click down here on your iPod or chrome icon and right here. [it] [says] install click on install now It says install plow already So what is cloud radio? S it’s a full operating system built and maintained by neverwhere Based on Google’s open source Chromium os It says the installation is in progress. [don’t] turn off the machine. So [you] take no longer than 20 minutes The machine will automatically shut down after it’s solid This is [a] great option to revive older laptops which I’m sure many of us have laying around the house There are two versions There’s the free [home] version and the [enterprise] version which has a small charge to it and that would be used for schools Now the operating system can be stalled in one of two ways one as a standalone where it’s the only operating system on the machine or [as] a dual boot system We have both windows or the cloud [radio] [s] to choose from on each time you boot up the machine Now here in the video what I’ve done is I remove the uSb thumb drive, and I press the power button to [turn] on the machine. So here. We’re watching it turn on and The look of it looks just like you would expect from a chromebook This is the chrome os is now on the hard drive. So I’m going to choose the network And you [put] [in] your network password and press continue And type in your email address for gmail press next then your password then click next There you go And there’s notes there, but if I go [down] here, then I click on start So I just clicked on this button start, and there’s the applications. I was using my other Chromebook earlier today With all apps and those apps are now installing from my Google account so [like] my Microsoft office Microsoft word excel All that would be coming down as well as my google drive. Google docs Google sheets as you see here. They’re installing right now And it does feel very fast compared to what them shooting was before [well], it works Now have a really fast machine with all the applications [they] go apps again There’s like my offline solitaire. I have microsoft Powerpoint there’s Microsoft word and other applications here so if I go into apps here and go to drive There’s all of my books my files my pictures everything my music everything is stored here They are I haven’t lost anything Even my Microsoft word documents are here In one command that you can use if you go to new Tab you go to chrome colon slash slash and then system system like this hit enter and this loans the about system app where you can [actually] see all the Detailed information about the hardware and software that’s running in this computer Another way as we’re doing this. It’s still installing more of my apps which is my video editing apps and other apps down here If I go down the list, we’ll just go control app so I can find something I can type in the word storage you Here it is their storage info just click on expand in this particular dale As a 60 gig hard drive [I] go with memory Go over here [two] men info click on Expand and this computer has two gigs of Ram and here are saying using Google release version [56] point three point eighty to develop a bill never wear less [release] still type Hey there, you have it. You now know how to download the operating system from the neverwhere Website onto a jump drive and install it on a Older Laptop now what I did with it last night was I ran some benchmarking [tests] And I also took other chromebooks, and I ran the exact [tank] test. Did the exact same things I then put into a chart Let’s look at the chart and look at all the machines now. I Use Peacekeeper to Benchmark each of the [machines] started with the acer [GB] five five seven [one] this is the one that actually used to do all my Video editing, it’s a very fast Chromebook, and it gets a very high score and when we look at the Dell latitude the D630 Notice that score is about [two-thirds] that of the faster a search [TV] five five seven one I did play videos and was able to do all the other work on the D630 but it is slower then the newer chromebooks, but still acceptable when I go in to my Google account and look at all the devices it sees the [dell] 630 [a] [day] chrome os there at the top Well, thank you for watching the video and as always please rate Comment and [subscribe] to my channel [if] you haven’t [done], so already Thank you again, and bye. Bye you

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  1. Hey I have unfortunately used 64 GB Pendrive to install Chrome OS and now it has only 1.1 GB free space even afer formatting my Pendrive. Sandisk Pendrive. Do you have any idea?

  2. I have a MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) MacBook7,1 and when I installed CloudReady(clean, I had it delete the original Mac OS) it will not automatically boot CloudReady from the HardDrive now. It will however boot if I hit the option key and specifically choose the drive. Why is it not booting automatically? Anyone know? Mike in LA, Calif, USA

  3. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I have a 15 inch Dell Studio laptop that I purchased in 2008. It has very nice hardware, very nice backlit keyboard, and I always loved using it. It was my main computer from 2008 until about 2013, when it became very slow and no longer usable. It would take 20 minutes just to turn on. I have always kept it around, just in case I ever found a way to get it going fast again. Using your tutorial, I just converted it to Chrome OS, and it is like I have a brand new Chromebook. It is now my daily driver once again, after 5 years of being on the shelf. Thank you!

  4. The students from my A+ class took a Dell Latitude D630 and these are the results:
    Bootup time within Windows 10 is 2 minutes and 10 seconds – SLOW!
    Bootup time after installing Crome OS is 51 seconds! Much faster.
    Benchmark scores from Peacekeeper FutureMark – the only one that runs on both OSes:
    Windows 10: 420
    Chrome OS: 510
    This was a fun experiment to show how installing the CloudReady Chrome OS causes your old PC to run faster.

  5. Hi Daniel Berry. You are a good teacher you explain very good. I wonder??? Can we can download all the sofware ON the cp or laptop and install directly from the cp or laptop? Or have to be with the USB.

  6. The OS I use is called Neverware's Cloud Ready, It is a REAL OS. It is not compatible with 100% of the laptops out there, so please check their list before trying to install. I know that it does not work with laptops that have AMD cpus. I always try to help others make the most of their technology. If it did not work, then please check for compatibility. The steps given do work. I am a technology teacher for two school districts and my students and been able to get this to work on their older Dell 630 and 620 laptops.

  7. Excellent video on this process I'll be doing this on the exact same dell this week my question is I was under the impression that Microsoft products don't work on chrome or at least the version you get on a real chrome book and also how did you get word and PowerPoint to download was it via google cloud ? I'm sorry that part did not seem clear to my old mind thanks again for your time and effort Patrick

  8. When it installs and the computer shuts down, I remove the USB stick, turn on the computer, but it tries to load to windows that is no longer there. I am confused. Shouldn't it load to the new Chrome OS? I followed your video and the online tutorial to the letter. Any help is greatly appreciated. My HP ProBook 4520s is on the approved list.

  9. hi can u help i did what you said in your vidio put on pendrive everything ok but then i put it in my old fujitsu siemans desktop boot up it just stays on the screen cloud ready thats it just stay like it nothing else hapends can you help thanks

  10. thank you man i was searching on youtube for a a good os and hot to instal it and this actullay works
    Sorry for my english

  11. is the chrome image the file from the neverware site? when i go to the recovery and click on image i get nothing and if i find it does it need to be on the usb stick before i install the usb maker? do you need 2 thumb drives to do this? also how doe this handle security. my chrome books now are at end of life with this happen to the pc's? converted over to chrome books?

  12. say i got it seems it did not need the chrome recovery but i did not get my drive in the tray. so how do i find my drive? i have a 250gb drive that i can't use now. plus do files and pictures and stuff go to my drive on the machine of still to google? also did you show where when in the app store is will show your machine like it does phones? if so my pc laptop is not there. but i did not install the recovery because i could not get it on the pc.

  13. Hey Daniel,

    A very good tutorial.

    A question though. Why didn’t you try any Linux distro? Just a matter of preference or any serious downsides.

    Just curious…


  14. Update: Windows Users, just go to this page :
    and choose the "windows user" USB maker.

  15. Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 L:aptop. I have had luck downloading the Chrome recovery utility. Can you help. Thanks.

  16. Brendan Choi
    Hi Mr. Berry,
    I have a very old Samsung X05 (Microsoft XP) laptop. It still works with an outdated (unsupported) XP OS. I try to install NeverWareś (standalone CloudReady OS) into this laptop, but get nowhere. No warning, no action. I have to restore the XP OS from my original Samsung Recovery disc. Is my failure to install CloudReady due to an obsolete CPU, etc. I own an Acer 14 Chromebook, which runs beautifully. I am trying to rescue my old Samsung X05 (which is still functioning nicely as an XP machine), so that I can use it as a secondary chromebook.

  17. Snapchat stopped working on all the android emulators like bluestacks, nox, memu and windroy I beleive through windows 10. Snapchat still works on my tablet or any mobile device but just not on an android emulator through windows 10. Also I tried with aptoide but I heard it's a peice of crap because it contains malware. Does anybody know a way of how I can check all of my apps through Windows 10 android emulator including Snapchat just like how I would through a mobile device? When I'm on the computer, I prefer not to switch devices to check certain sites and accounts.

  18. it didn't worked for my case, i downloaded the 32 bit version from neverware and made it bootable by recovery utility.
    it dsnt boot up on a hp laptop.
    the bootable usb size was also jst 30 MB

  19. When I do follow the same process, my pendrive shows 2 drives one says g drive and other says EFI system. Why is it not becoming the way it is shown in the video ?? Why is my pendrive not becoming the bootable one ? Please help

  20. Thank you for this.

    I have seen a few comments in various videos which echo your comment: You can bring an old machine back to life with this OS instead of the original one.

    I have seen a lot of Chromebook and Chromebox videos lately and I find this idea of making an old PC into one of those a curious but somewhat 'grey area' idea….

    Is the still relevant in summer 2018?

    Is the 'relationship' (for want of a better word) between Google and Neverware and other such companies amicable?
    In other words, will my use of Google's web-based services and its offline sync functions be seamless and no more limited that than of a 'legitimate' Chrome OS user?
    Are you convinced that doing this is always a better option than just refreshing your old machine by re-installing its original software?

    Sorry if the questions sound argumentative (as many do on YT).

    I wonder if that old NEC Pentium 4 desktop sitting in the corner of my lounge would do this?
    If it did, it sure would be a new lease of life and with much, much more functionality and less virus vulnerability on the web.
    For that matter, the 2007 Macbook Core 2 Duo I am using right now…

    Thanks again.

  21. This is well worth trying on an older Asus until I order a Chromebook next time Social Insecurity comes around. Thanks in advance.

  22. When I do the google recover and it is done, I get a msg to format the pen drives which I have done with many pen drives and they don't work. Do you have a solution for this behavior ?

  23. Thank you for this great video. I actually did the same thing for another HP stream 11 and everything works awesome except for when you plug it via HDMI to a tv, the sound does not work. Have you encountered this by any chance? Any ideas how to fix? Please note I have done quite a bit of digging around including on the cloudready forums but have not gotten the hdmi to work permanently after reboot.

  24. Google is doing great things by making old laptops usable again! You made a very great and thorough tutorial! Thank you!

  25. NO. NO. NO.
    dont install chrome OS…… Don't listen to this guy
    Install Any Linux/BSD distro. but for fucks sake dont install chrome OS…..

  26. I appreciate the tutorial. Very easy to follow 👏

    One advantage Chrome OS has is users never worrying about security updates, ever. Is this similar despite a different developer? Curious.

  27. old pc … great joke i'm using chromium on ubuntu since 8 years without having any problem with a pc having less than yours in specs (i respect what you say about chrome os but , still saying old for a pc running windows 7 and having 2 Go it's a joke if that is old how about my pc pentium 2 running 98 and is still working )

  28. This isn't for Chrome OS. As said at the start of the video, it's for Chromium OS, which is more limited.

  29. Just to let you all know, you can run Linux apps in this CloudReady OS. To do this, go to settings, do a search for "Linux" Within the Linux (Beta) setting, click it to enable it. Once it is enabled, the laptop will have the Linux Terminal. Run the Terminal commands (same as Ubuntu) to install the programs that you want. In this way you can get Steam on a CloudReady OS or any newer Chromebook.

  30. Wish I had seen this video about three months ago. Finally got rid of an old Laptop, when they had a trash electronics pick up.
    I also have an older Android phone, from when I switched to an Apple six.
    I did check it out and still works, no phone company connection of course.
    Was hoping to download a couple of Apps, mainly Audiobooks and Kindle.
    Even tried syncing up with my ChromeBook.
    Not as if I needed it, but thought why not try. Rather than let in lay around. I do get time and weather and can download apps.
    But when trying to sign in on my gmail or others, I was blocked.
    I don’t suppose there is any way to use it with Google. It to rejected my sign in.
    Could I replace it with my house VOIP phone.? Which I never use.

  31. went through process, but the Chrome Recovery Utility can't unzip the os file to make the usb file. any ideas?

  32. its now 2019 and i found chromebook recovery utility in the store plus other tutorials did not mention using the recovery tool. Is this a necessary step or was it eliminated?

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