Install Nvidia Driver on Ubuntu 16.04 (GUI Method for Beginners)

Hey guys, Penguin Recordings here. Now, if you’ve just done a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install with a 1000 series NVIDIA graphics card, you’ll notice that the interface doesn’t look correct. This is because nouveau doesn’t support the 1000 series cards properly. So first make sure you have an internet connection and second make sure that you run the Ubuntu software updater at least once. Now you’ll want to head to the Ubuntu dash and search for ‘Additional Drivers’. Open up that and you’ll see that in here it shows that the nouveau driver is the one that’s currently in use. This is why the interface does not look correct. You’ll want to select the proprietary driver here and go ahead and click apply changes. It will ask for your password here. So, go ahead and type that in and then hit authenticate. Now it will download and install the driver for you. Once that’s done we’re going to go ahead and close this window right here and we’re going to want to restart Ubuntu. So, I’m going to speed up my restart process here. So, if all has gone according to plan you will see a properly sized interface. I’m going to go ahead and login just to make sure everything is working. What we want to search for is we’re going to go ahead and go to the Ubuntu dash. We’re going to search for the NVIDIA X Server Settings program. So, if you see this program here that means the driver has successfully installed itself. So, we can see the video driver version is correct and most importantly is that it recognizes my GTX 1070. That’s it for this video! I hope you found it useful in one way or another, and thank you for watching!

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  1. Hi pinguin recordings!! see this!!! and,117588.0.html and and,117459.msg646837.html#msg646837 a Material for a new video !! overclock in the nvidia cards !!

  2. hey penguin if not too much ask, did you know how to make playonlinux with gallium nine, I know you don' t have anymore your 390, but can you make a video of that???

  3. If under Additional Drivers, I only have:
    – Use Processer Microcode firmware for AMD CPUs from amd64-microcode (Proprietary)
    – Do not use the device

    Can I safely install NVIDIA driver and use it instead?

    My monitor is an HD TV with VGA port. Trying to get 16:9 resolution. I only have 4:3

  4. How do I upgrade to a newer driver version when I already have one installed? Do you I have to remove it and if so how? I installed through the ppa.

  5. even after adding the "graphics-driver" ppa and updating. additional drivers still shows version 340 for my gt620m. any ideas as to why that is

  6. Hey, i'm using archlinux, and he is using the dedicated gpu (gtx 1060) but i would like him to use the gpu from intel, how can i do it?

  7. My machine heats up a lot after installing the Nvidia card drivers. Tried different driver versions from Nvidia, finally just removed the Nvidia card from the Laptop and now, my processor does not heat up anymore.

  8. Very, very useful tutorial! Good for Linux noobs such as myself. I just got done dual booting and my resolution was REALLY bad. Thanks dude.

  9. Once I install the driver I can't get back to the desktop? It asks for password but it just won't go on to desktop

  10. After rebooting I am unable to login. It says your machine is working in lower driver mode…something like this. Any help?

  11. Does Nvidia driver automatically installs Vulkan on Linux Mint/Ubuntu like it does on Windows? If not, how to install Vulkan? I have Vulkan-utils, mesa-vulkan-drivers and Libvulkan1 installed from Software Manager. Is that all needed to do to get Vulkan API running?

  12. will this same process work for a gtx 760? games ran on ultra on windows but wont go past low on ubuntu… help! lol

  13. nvidia 960m
    my fans are running at full speed and battery charge standing for just 1 hour and in windows it stands for 3.5 hours

  14. Hi I got a different issue though, mine is nog showing the Nvidia Corporation. How do I get this option to be visible at additional drivers?

  15. I cannot login anymore … After I enter the password for login it just shows the login windows again even though the password is correct .

  16. Amazing you're the only one I've found that actually works without fiddling with Grub and custom boot parameters.
    I love using linux machines and playing around with them and testing all kinds of things on them. But the constant messing with drivers and other settings is frustrating to no end. Thanks again!

  17. I reinstalled the operating system and followed these steps. The desktop screen is black and problematic, again, but this time with the 64-bit OS.

  18. Unable to control brightness is one of the major problem in almost all linux distros. If we mess up anything display will be broken. It's been years now. Still there are no good solutions. It will work only if you are lucky.

  19. OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    PC: Dell precision tower
    This will happen when you change to NVIDIA driver. It is "Loop-login". your system will login and logout within a microsecond. Better go with the default driver. Do not try. I suffered a lot.

  20. This isn't the whole story, if the secure boot in your system is not disabled, your graphics driver can be unclaimed by the system. You can check it, if you run "sudo lshw" and search "nvidia". So, disabling secure boot in BIOS makes everything work.

  21. i first installed nfsmw , via wine and POL.
    and then installed graphic card,, is that ok

    I am I can run NFS but don't see much change

  22. I solved the login-loop issue by disabling the secure boot in BIOS before the first time I enter the driver-changed Ubuntu. Disabling secure boot allows third-party drivers like NVIDIA

  23. Login loop on ubuntu 16.04
    1. Ctrl + Alt + F1
    2. User
    3. Password
    4. Sudo apt-get install ubuntu -desktop
    5. Reboot

  24. In my experience, I have always suffered problems installing nvidia propietary drivers in ubuntu (regardless the version). Sometimes X just wont load, others it generates random artifacts, others the driver won't run properly and my screen switches to 800×600… since I don't play 3D games, I gave up it, it is not worth it the husstle (for me)

  25. Thank You!!! I first try ZonrinOS and I dont know how to install from the .run file, but this woking! 🙂

  26. Thank you this worked but one thing the additional drivers you mention doesn't search. You now have to go to the software & updates and move over to the right. for the drivers.

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