Intel Proposes Possible Graphic Cards in 2035, But WHY?

100 thoughts on “Intel Proposes Possible Graphic Cards in 2035, But WHY?

  1. At Computex 2019 Intel released some information regarding what cards would look like in 2035, but why I wonder. Are they really that desperate now?

  2. kind of pointless? i think it is absolutely pointless for them to have shown this, i personally doubt the discrete gpu will be a thing in 2035

  3. I agree with the CHIP gpu, except i don't think it will be that way in the future exactly. I think computers and all the components will be printed out in one piece, possible optical tech and it won't be X86. It might look like a slab of glass

  4. most likely most gpus will be fully integrated or rather just be another socket on a motherboard that u slot in the gpu like a cpu and both sharing system ram. AMD will lead this too since they do CPU and GPU, 15 years is a long time especially in the hardware market

  5. what if…. what if intel is throwing a load of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, looking for that wow reaction to one of these designs and then making it. what if all these designs could be done today and intel is looking for some sneaky feedback.

  6. 2035 will be cloud gaming for a monthly fee and global internet will be over 10gbps.

    Heck I get 1gbps in Western Maine in the small town of Chesterville.

    It's been offered for a premium 35k to run ftth from the fttn.

    I'm thinking on it as I'd have to get a loan.

  7. If the future is like that then I don't want it :P. It should be more advanced than what we have now.

  8. intel doing anything except making some fucking 10nm desktop CPUs, they keep talking about future meanwhile AMD wiping the floor with their entire lineup
    GPUs will cease to Exist altogether by then, APUs will takeover eventually, it's the dream of tech to merge everything in one chip

  9. Only reason this would make sense is if the cards are about to be launched in 2019. To render concepts for the year 2035 depicting the same long PCIe interface and same elongated bulky card size makes absolutely no sense. What would make sense from a marketing point of view is to have already created a line of futuristic GPUs… pretend they are 2035 concepts and then announce they are imminent.

  10. Agreed. Kinda feel like GPUs will be SSD sized in the future and maybe connect to the mobo like an m.2.

  11. 28 years ago I was playing the original Duke Nukem on an IBM PS1 386 with a PC speaker no SB16 but the computer did make use of the Cirrus Logic CL-GD5422 ! the OG budget graphics card of the late 80s early 90s

  12. they were so desperate , they called in artists to draw non existent gpus , to save their ass. So that we can atleast say they have an idea.

  13. I feel Gpu and Cpu will merge together by then due to IGPUs improvements.(looking at mobile), and how graphic needs have been going.(nvidia)
    It's like bringing a drawing to a science fair… what is the point & what is the excuse?

  14. Loved you 20 years ago when you were "Motherboards", love you still Elric. Glad to see you've got most of your subscriber base back. Hope you stay healthy, watch those carbs. lol

  15. They would buy a company with graphics cards, maybe for other branch of tech and turning it into a gaming card.

  16. The pcb for a gpu is almost entirely for power delivery. If not on a gpu pcb, it'd have to be on a motherboard. So you'd just be shifting cost elsewhere.. also gpu vrm is extremely hot and would require active cooling. Which would be more awkward on a mobo.. As far as beyond silicon, maybe in enterprise in a 15 year range. Not consumer by any means. The science is theoretical and hardware prototypical. The tooling and manufacturing process will require maturation for global scale production, which will take a good chunk of time when switching to an entirely new process. On an entirely, fundamentally different technology that is.. So in 15 years we might see those things happening but not in a typical home.

  17. 2035 year Man so many people be so old by then. Many Intel CEO be in the 100's Serious this must be a joke!

  18. 2035 year Man so many people be so old by then. Many Intel CEO be in the 100's Serious this must be a joke!

  19. It really is pointless as in the future hard drives and USBs will be in the form of a crystal and Cpu's will switch over to quantum computing. All GPUs will have to be in a form of on the fly hot swapping. For better performance just add more GPUs to the GPU extension bar.

  20. It looks…Overdesigned? Is that even a word? I don't know. And i don't see this becoming a real thing. And i hope Intel does not use the same cooling solutions that they use on their CPU stock coolers.

  21. I'd say low to mid year GPUs would just be a swappable chip but high end GPUs will probably be a card much like what we have now, low end shit could be just a chip no problem but a full powered gpu… I think it might be a stretch.

  22. Elric i don't know if i will be still alive in 2035, so i am sorry but i don't give a s h i t about intel plans for the far future… honestly i don't care even much for the next months, all i care is AMD

  23. By 2035 SkyNet will be operational, and Sarah, and John Conner will be busy saving the world.

  24. Yeah no… This is just stupidity from a child sitting in the corner screaming so someone should notice them

  25. Intel is desperate…. nothing new to show us, and now this to sell in 2035?? In this Year Nvidia and AMD will be light years away!!!!

  26. If I had to make a prediction I would say all processing whether it's graphics or anything else will be done through a combination of integrated chiplets and some kind of cloud interface that is seamless and pretty much invisible to the end user.

  27. This is not going to come out technologie is already pass these old style cards wont stand up to quantum tech, its ready today they just want more money from old part

  28. Unfortunately, Intel doesn't care about the desk top or the gaming market. It's less than 1% of their total sales. Intel makes more money in one day than AMD does in a month so i doubt that they are going anywhere soon.

  29. Oh my god, I lol so loud on "PCI express on 2035" xD
    WTF they show?
    The exterior? We want SPECS, we don't care about exterior, for that Modding is the way!

  30. Yeh man that's really weird activity.. How about some better processors instead of stupid competitions haha pathetic

  31. By 2035 ( probably way sooner) i believe we will have sufficient internet speed and cloud gaming will dominate the gaming industry.

  32. I dont know about your prediction that we dont need seperate cards for GPUs in the future.

    If we look at storage we went from SATA to PCIe / M.2 because the sata connector was the bottleneck on the speed of storage. It has become more directly connected to the GPU, and with PCIe gen 4, in the near future at least, there is still a long way to go before the connector is a bottleneck to storage again.

    GPUs can run 1×8 just fine – even run SLI or Xfire with 2×8 PCIe lanes…

    Upgradability might also be an issue. A GPU requires a little different power delivery than a CPU. And most people upgrade their GPU a few times before upgrading mobo and CPU, right? It takes a long time for a CPU to bottleneck a GPU, if you buy a good CPU to last you several years.

    On the cooling side it might have serious benefits, as you install one large plate of an AIO with a large covering all hot components, thick rad, and you are done with cooling. Cases can become very thing and mobos will be your largest showpiece behind the window.

    No, i think the RGB rage will die out, and the rainbow will look old and tacky. As a result, cases will be more minimalistic and smaller – run towards performance in smaller and smaller cases as components become more power efficient (more instructions per clock), and more things get integrated with each other.
    The next big jump will be connectivity. Why put the PC in the same environment as you sit? Its currently a show piece, but what if… connections between your desk and the PC become so fast, reliable and high end, you rather put your PC in a server rack in the basement, blast it at full power and full fans, with a big overclock. And in that rack sit all the other PCs of the house hold?
    Heck, maybe it becomes normal to build PCs into furniture, and perhaps ikea will have desks for that.
    Consider the 'speaker'. You can now buy a speaker with a phone assistent in it. Things get reinvented and joined together. The PC will get more and more functions, and ultimately a different location in your house.

  33. What the hell Intel, by 2035 there is a strong chance a whole high-end desktop be the size of a video card of today. . .

  34. In 15 years all the teenagers from today, growing up with their precious cellphones will most likely be in their late 20's. They won't have a clue what a desktop pc is, let alone a pci-e graphics card, lul.

  35. 2035: all games are in the cloud and all games are run on quantum computers: games are… indistinguishable from reality, vr will connect directly to your brain… the vr world will be exactly like real life with no lag, sex games will be more popular then …adventure or other types of games, famous i.g. models will be purchasable as a add on for your sexable vr games

  36. lol intel just had nothing to say tbh , in 2035 gpu will be integrated in motherboards and u wont need to buy cpu aswell all come in motherboards haha

  37. I agree with you Elric 15 years from now is a long long time for graphics card to change so i dont think they will look like regular cards from this gen.

  38. Since my 24 year lifetime, the internet was born, computers smaller than rooms existed, MS DOS, color pixels, color TV (now I’m rocking triple 4k), and multi-core processors were invented, CUDA was invented… X86 and x64 were developed, I mean, does my computer look like my dads first DOS machine?

    My great great aunt was born and rode out of the hospital on a horse and buggy and lived to see man step foot on the moon (which had a computer about that of a $1 calculator, slide rulers were used by NASA, so not quite an abacus but realistically similar…). She lived to the point YouTube and the Internet existed, coming from a freaken horse and buggy!

    Is this how slow Intel plans to progress? I can see it now, the $10,000 8 core 589900k at 5.8 GHz and just now fixing Spectre, but it lost hyperthreading… that’s must be the actual plan at this point, I sure hope we don’t have PCIe, let me just use my PCI card, oh wait… how bout my APG card? Oh wait… how bout… (I can’t even use the keyboard from my dads DOS machine, it’s older than PS2 interface! Also mice were not a thing other than rodents back then, why would you need one for navigating a text based menu?). This is at least a funny joke Intel, good one! We all thought you were incompetent for a second… oh wait, it’s June not April first!

  39. Futurists are literally predicting the artificial intelligence singularity by 2035, meanwhile intel is predicting that we'll have slightly better RGB on our graphics cards.. What a joke, they can't really be this dumb..

  40. They all just look like normal current GPUs that have been modded for, as you mentioned, for specific modded case builds.

  41. in 2035,we all gonna have a probe implant in the brain which will get a Bluetooth signal straight from the gpu and the graphics will be like being in the middle of the action.

  42. Perhaps in 15 years I predict everyone would be wearing Google Glass type devices for general work and Holo-Lens type devices for gaming, the Personal Computer would of course oonly be used by enthusiasts like how record players are today.

  43. There wont be any competition in 2035.. Just like op amps, radical video card speed will be on an 8 pin chip.

  44. Mainstreaming.. 2035. There will be no competition. Or at least. The competitive field will NOT be video cards, nor processors..

  45. Intel blowing Smoke, 9900K SFDASDASDSFSD ++++++++++++ ultimate edition is all they have to offer until 2020 or maybe even 2021.

  46. Seems rather pointless. So is a concept of what a card can look like? Why not just make the card? I mean I am sure someone in the computer build community can actually build something as nice or even better looking today. I am one of those weirdos that do not show off the internal of my computer so for me it does not really matter. In fact I would be likely even more happy with having old school green coloured circuit board rather then something flashy with RGB. That is not to say I do not like a good looking case. But meh. For me the case it self is enough.

  47. That certainly looks like today's tech and 15 years from now we might be able to have this high compute power in our pockets, and more. Just look at how far phones have gotten in a couple of years. Gaming and work station should be aimed at a more mobile market. Not a huge laptop, but a pocket pc with top of the line specs. That's what I expect 15 years from now.

  48. To be fair, what has their PR bunch got to do right now? What have they got to hype? Just because they did this, is not proof that they are not working hard on their GPU. If you are not ready to hype a new product, that would be a way to remind people that you are still there.

  49. They need something now. If they cant innovate before 2035 if there that behind there investors are going to start investing in amd products. Not looking good to the investors. Amd stocks looking good .

  50. What about cloud gaming , it should become more spread and affordable
    So we don't need powerful expensive hardware .

  51. Andromeda looks like some anime space battle ships tail pipe and yep I thought of tron as well for the Sirius

  52. I felt sorry for Elric on this one. Because he had to report on this garbage. What is going on over at Intel?…

  53. Cards be like ram sticks but smaller (probably half the size of current laptop ram) with display inputs handled wirelessly through 5/6G. Add a compute "stick" and a gaming "stick" and auto detect what is needed for what project. 50GB GDDR (or more modern) 10 entering the Ghz range with CPU's on average running between 3 and 20 cores and 6 and 40 threads all clock controlled to work at optimum efficiency in the 6Ghz range (or lower if Q-computing)

    It won't be silicon thats for sure.

  54. If we still use PCI-E in 2035 im going out of buissnes
    And the Prometheus card would defenetly be a Gigabyte Card! It features the X from Aorus gtx 10XX Xtreme and the RGB Fans from gtx 9XX Xtreme

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