100 thoughts on “Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

  1. I was waiting for something like that from Windows. Finally… this one is beautiful laptop!!!! I love

  2. Awesome laptop. This could be the one for me to switch from my Macbook. Never liked the fabric texture glad Microsoft added these new additions

  3. I will probably by the 15", but I am still disappointed that is doesn't come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    Question: why isn't the Swedish site updated with the new products?

  4. "Coming holiday 2020" – Christmas just say it's coming for Christmas. Stop trying to not offend irrelevant people.

  5. Microsoft was my chose from the beginning of my life and it will always be. Thanks, Microsoft …

  6. Why guys you are not understanding simple thing about laptop body design, in this laptop everything is good except one thing that is its slient thin at the front laptop should be uniform horizontal either it thick or thin it should be all side like mac book pro. It is very small thing which change look of laptop

  7. Microsoft, as proud shareholder I'm glad you went to a modular, repairable, upgradeable design for the laptop. It was a no go for the previous, locked down version. This will be my 1st option when my kid's laptop is ready for a major upgrade for her University years. Kudos!

  8. As a photographer, I don't like this laptop due to not having a sd card slot and I don't want to spend money on a adapter for this laptop

  9. Really hate it that it's looking more like the MacBook Pro. A full black body with a colorful chassis and grey keyboard would've made these unique. Now they look like Mac but don't function nothing like Mac.

  10. Nice piece of machinery BUT still no thunderbolt 3, no hdmi port and no sd-card slot on that 15 inch model, thats ridiculous due to that pricetag… just my 2 cents

  11. Is the cpu ice lake that is made for desktops and has iris plus igpu or comet lake that has last gen igpu and 14nm

  12. Sweet now that you've made an exact video replica of what all MacBook reveals have looked like since forever, Apple can move on and make something else for you to copy.

  13. It is good to see Microsoft crafting their hardware with ecstatic dan beauty design.. Microsoft just need to polish Windows 10 UI to be more consistent and elegant

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