Introduction to Networking Solutions on GIGABYTE Motherboards

Hello and welcome back to the GIGABYTE
motherboard and BRIX YouTube channel My name is Sam today we’ll look at some of the network solutions offered on our motherboards The first solution we are going to look at is from Killer Networking, and it’s found on our Gaming G1 series of boards It has some great features. The first feature is Double Shot Pro X3 this allows you to have low latency on
your games while still having bandwidth available for background downloads. So
how this works is it will route the app over the connection that gives it the lowest latency. For example, a game which requires low latency and also low
bandwidth will go over your wired connection where as a background
download from say a torrent site for Windows update which require is high
bandwidth, latency not so much, will go over your WiFi. The next a great feature
has is something called Game Detect Game Detect will scan your computer for
exe files of games for example Counter-Strike, or Dota and will make sure that when these are
running they will get priority. This means that you can easily run a background
download and enjoy low latency with your game. The next feature is something
called Stream Detect. Stream Detect will make sure
that streams from YouTube or from Twitch will get high priority. So the worst
thing in the world is having you know a YouTube video loads halfway and then
have to buffer more or if you’re watching your favorites game caster
stream over Twitch you don’t want to miss anything and having it have to buffer all the time is just terrible so this app will allow you to have these things have the
highest priority as well as having your background downloads run at the full potential Our next solution comes from Intel you
can find this on our value-based boards our Ultra Durable based boards as well as some of our OC Series boards like I have right here this solution has Gigabit connectivity
as well as something called cFOS Speed software package from cFos.
Now this software package allows you to have great connectivity and ping times even in a very crowded network environment. So for example if you take
your PC to a LAN party you’ll have also bandwidth however all the other
computers on the same network create lots of congestion that means this software
package can fight through the congestion to make sure you have great pain times when gaming. Alright thanks for watching this video
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7 thoughts on “Introduction to Networking Solutions on GIGABYTE Motherboards

  1. Does the GA-AB350 gaming 3 have built in wi-fi capabilities? If not, does that make this software and technology useless unless you get a wi-fi card?

  2. Hey there!
    I am looking for a solution to a frustrating problem of my Gigabyte Motherboard.
    Can you assist me with?

  3. While gaming. My internet (I use wired connection) disconnects randomly making online gaming really annoying as the connection is lost during missions or intense moments. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

    Thank you

  4. where i can see a video of cfos working with this stability feature? i just bought a pc with a msi mobo and i installed myself the os and found i have this cfos software which i don't remember installing it unless it was windows update, initally though it was scam software when i spotted it

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