iPad Pro Bend Test! – Be gentle with Apples new iPad…

The all new iPad Pro. Plenty of new design changes, thinner bezels,
and no home button or headphone jack. It’s time to see if this massive tablet is
durable. The iPad Pro is basically the same price as
the iPhone XR, and appears to actually be one of the more reasonably priced Apple products. It even comes with a standard USB-C charging
port. Apple’s moving in the right direction. Let’s get started. [Intro] This is the smaller of the two iPads – the
11 inch version. Perfect size for a backpack or book bag. Apple has also released an updated version
of the Apple pencil, which is good. Last year’s design included plenty of stupid…poking
out the bottom of the iPad while charging, like an elephant trunk just waiting to snap
off. This year it’s held onto the side of the iPad
with magnets and charges wirelessly. Not quite as smooth as the integrated Note
9 s-pen which charges internally in seconds with a super capacitor. Apple doesn’t include this pencil in the box…probably
out of respect to Steve Jobs. [Steve] Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away, and
you lose them. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus. [Zack] But let’s be honest, they mostly just
want you to pay extra for it. The tip of the pristine clean white pencil
does not appear to be replaceable like they are on Samsung’s s-pen. So if you want a finer tip, you’ll just have
to sharpen it manually. We all know it’s what’s inside the Apple pencil
that matters most though. Dead center is the weakest point. Probably a tad stronger than your average
wooden pencil This immediately gives us unrepairable access to the wireless charging component. These copper coils absorb energy wirelessly
through the induction field on the side of the iPad. I’ll skin the rest of the pencil. It has a pressure sensitive tip and a row
of strong magnets along the flat side of the writing utensil. The upper half is a bit harder to get inside. The super white plastic coating is not meant
to come off. Inside of the upper half of the stiff metal
frame is where the battery resides. I tried opening up the metal to get a better
look at the battery size and information, but after it squirted battery acid at me,
I decided it was not a fun activity. Let’s start with the scratch test. We know glass is glass at this point, but
we still got to check and make sure Apple isn’t pulling a fast one on anyone and using
less durable materials than what we’re used to. It is interesting to see how thin the glass
is though. Each scratch of my picks leaves major temporary
impressions on the pixels. We get the standard scratching at level 6,
with deeper grooves at a level 7. So the screen is still made from glass and
not plastic, but it’s super thin. There is a front facing camera. It does the whole face ID thing now that the
home button is gone. The volume buttons up in the right hand corner
are made from metal, along with the whole right side of the iPad. Except for this little patch of plastic in
the middle for the wireless charging. Induction can happen through metal, so Apple
cut out the metal and added this little plastic layer that allows the power to flow through
to the pencil Hopefully the plastic doesn’t compromise any structural integrity later
on. Down at the bottom we get our two large speaker
grilles. We’ll have to see if these are decoration
or not during the teardown video. And we also have our USB-C port which can
be used to charge other devices. Pretty cool. Hopefully Apple makes this port the standard
across all their devices in the future. That would be an awesomely beneficial move
for the customer. The left side of the iPad is blank except
for one little microphone hole right smack dab in the center. You know how easy it is to rip your jeans
after a hole has already been started? The same thing applies to metal. That hole is a weak point and I can see this
probably being a problem in the future. There are 2 more microphone holes up at the
top of the iPad in between the two ginormous speaker grilles. There’s also the power button – all metal. The back of the iPad Pro is also metal. Apple focused quite a bit on how well people
can draw on the iPad Pro, but they never really specified on which side of the iPad the drawings
need to occur. This is the biggest Art Class with Jerry canvas
I’ve ever had. And the anodized aluminum makes a perfect
surface. As an artist, I definitely have to agree with
that on this one. The iPad is really good for drawing. Yeah, the front has liquid retina with a 120
Hertz touch sensitivity. But the back has a 120 hurts-your-ears sensitivity. And you can’t beat that. If you guessed I was drawing Spider Man, I’m
impressed with your creative thinking, or maybe the iPad Pro just makes me look better
at drawing than I actually am. Hopefully Stan Lee approves. The Apple logo does kind of distract from
the overall appearance though, so it’s good to know if you ever want to get rid of the
Apple logo, or hide any accidental scratches, dbrand has you covered – quite literally. This textured Black Matrix feels more professional
than just the bare aluminum. But the best news is that with dbrand, the
Apple pencil now looks like an actual pencil, and still connects and charges wirelessly. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ll leave a link down in the video description
if you want to customize your own phone or iPad, and thanks to dbrand for sponsoring
this video. We already know the result of our next test. Apple is once again touting sapphire camera
lens covers on their iPad Pro. And as we know, sapphire should scratch at
a level 8, making it a very premium, durable, scratch resistant product, more so than glass. Glass scratches at a level 6. But Apple’s sapphire is not the same quality
we’ve seen in other places, like HTC’s or Tissots. Apple’s sapphire scratches like glass at a
level 6. Super annoying when Apple is bragging about
premium materials that don’t actually perform like they should. It makes real sapphire look bad. You would think Apple would be able to afford
real sapphire, but maybe next time. The massive 11 inch display is using Apple’s
liquid retina technology, which is just an LCD, and lasted 10 seconds under the heat
from my lighter before turning off. I’m still impressed that I can buy this whole
iPad Pro for basically the same price as a XR…which is probably just another example
of that phone being incredibly over priced. Like always with my durability test, it’s
time for the bend test. I doubt this tablet will ever end up in a
back pocket, but it will be in backpacks and book bags. Or laying around unnoticed on a couch cushion,
chair or bed, before someone sits down. Structural integrity is still important, and
the iPad Pro just doesn’t have any of that structural integrity stuff. A tablet the size of a piece of paper, folds
like a piece of paper. I do feel bad for Spider Man though. I’ll try to straighten him out. Perfect. It looks like the 2 weakest points are right
dead center on either side of the iPad Pro. The cracked frame happened right at the poorly
placed microphone hole. And again over here on the poorly supported
wireless charging dock for the pencil. The thin glass screen isn’t helping out structurally. And neither are the loose uncompartmentalized
pouch style lithium ion batteries. The iPad Pro is a thin, ridge-less aluminum
sack with no structure holding things together. Like tin foil wrapped around mashed potatoes. There are 4 massive speakers inside, which
is pretty impressive. At least now I don’t have to make a teardown
video. Apple focused on making the thinnest iPad
they could without putting much thought into structure or weak points in the frame. So make sure if it’s ever in a backpack, you
don’t lean up against a chair or a wall and make sure grandma doesn’t accidentally sit
on it because it won’t survive. Poor Spider Man. Customize your own phone or protect your tablet
with the dbrand link in the description. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. And let me know what else you want to see
constructively durability tested in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPad Pro Bend Test! – Be gentle with Apples new iPad…

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